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Like A Flowing River S2 大江大河2 Episode 22 Recap

Yang Xun returned to the market in the middle of the night and found that Xun Jianxiang was also there. Yang Xun didn’t go home for the New Year because he didn’t want to upset Yang’s mother. He was also upset about the market, so Xun Jianxiang dragged him to drink. Yang Xun asked for the account or didn’t come back, but he and the head of the Chu township made a military order to recover the two hundred thousand arrears.

There are still 16 households in the market that have not signed the contract renewal. Xun Jianxiang said that Zhao Xiaobo had been here several times. He spread rumors outside that the county was going to put the market into public ownership. Yang Xun was so angry that he just heard something outside. The movement, it was Zhao Xiaobo’s people who were making trouble again, and Yang Xun got up and chased him, but he didn’t catch anything. On the night of the New Year’s Eve, the fireworks were loud, but Xun Yang squatted aggrievedly on the street and said that he couldn’t walk anymore, Lei Dongbao could not get out, and the merchants didn’t believe him.

This market is no longer his. Yang Xun said with a bitter face, he was looking forward to a market where he could grow up like a child, but it was on a scale. The robbers came and the thieves came. He wanted to make money and live a good life at home. How could it be so difficult? . Xun Jianxiang sat next to Yang Xun, and the two looked at the fireworks in the distance. Lei Dongbao saw the splendid fireworks inside, and for a moment he was in a trance.

There was a farewell party in the factory, Song Yunhui was not in the mood to go and was busy working in the laboratory. Today, Han Zegang and Japanese suppliers have concluded negotiations. Some people want to find out the situation for Song Yunhui. Song Yunhui has already made a plan to let Han Zegang make a report. The factory must have its own reasons for choosing equipment. Han Zegang sent away the Japanese bosses. He didn’t invite Song Yunhui at all.

Ma Baoping shook his head and said that he was a rough man. Song Yunhui didn’t want this set of equipment, but Han Zegang felt that it didn’t matter. After all, the ministry documents have been down, so Ma Baoping Come in charge of equipment procurement. But Ma Baoping knew that if Song Yunhui did not approve of Song Yunhui, he would not be able to report to the ministry. Before he bypassed the ministry to report items and challenged Director Lu, it was enough to show how courage Song Yunhui was. Ma Baoping asked Han Zegang to stop conflicting with Song Yunhui. As long as he could agree to the purchase, he could offer any conditions.

Song Yunhui was busy working all night and stayed up all night. At the eight o’clock factory meeting, Ma Baoping first gave everyone a reward for Song Yunhui. This small test was successful. Song Yunhui wanted to apply for a grant, and Ma Baoping readily agreed. The second topic is the procurement plan. Song Yunhui put forward his own opinions, thinking that there is still a gap between the mainframe and the international leading level, and it is recommended to temporarily postpone contracting with Japanese companies and contact with manufacturers from other countries to find new breakthroughs.

Everyone obviously didn’t approve it, and Han Zegang couldn’t help but speak. This is now the most advanced equipment in China. Song Yunhui still insisted on his own opinions, and Ma Baoping believed that no more time should be wasted. After all, the second phase of the East China Sea would be launched in 1993. In the face of everyone’s opposition, Song Yunhui still said that he could not sign such a procurement plan, and everyone broke up again.

Yang Xun went to see Xiao Ran and was told that he was on a business trip, so he met another boss. Yang Xun said that he had a new idea and wanted to build a more comprehensive market than general merchandise, so the land might not be enough. The other party is very concerned about the market affiliated company. Before leaving the country, Xiao Ran said that they could help if he wanted to retreat. Guorong will not hold Yang Xun liable for termination of the contract, but Guorong is not obliged to refund the deposit. Yang Xun could only force a smile to express that he would not retreat, but he had to pay half a million before March 30, and Yang Xun had a headache.

Wei Chunhong found out that Zhao Xiaobo was behind the scenes and called Yang Xun over. Yang Xun didn’t want to find Song Yunhui and didn’t know what to do. However, Wei Chunhong didn’t want them to find Song Yunhui. What’s more, there are some things he can’t solve. Hell is good to see, and the kid is hard to deal with. Wei Chunhong felt that being barefoot was not afraid of wearing shoes. She wanted Zhao Xiaobo to know that Lei Dongbao had finally gotten rid of his felony, and she would never let him get better if his life was cut off again.

Zhao Xiaobo bypassed Yang Xun and went to talk to the county. He hadn’t talked about the price. Yang Xun knew that if he had negotiated with the county, he would not get a penny, so he decided to sell the market to him. A little blood can protect Lei Dongbao’s peace. Wei Chunhong accompanied Yang Xun to find Zhao Xiaobo. Yang Xun said that he would sell the market to him. He could make 10% of the money given to him by the county. Zhao Xiaobo refused, claiming that the market had nothing to do with him. The tour was in a hurry.

The Japanese equipment manufacturer came to urge again. Han Zegang came to Ma Baoping to complain. Donghai could not wait any longer. He felt that Song Yunhui’s purpose was impure. He felt that he could not get in the hands of Donghai Phase II and wanted to drag the Phase II out . Ma Baoping hurriedly stopped Han Zegang’s words, which could not be said casually, as they would affect unity. Song Yunhui did cross the line this time. Ma Baoping decided to give him one month. If he couldn’t find other foreign manufacturers, he would report it. Otherwise, he would report Song Yunhui’s deliberate obstruction of equipment procurement to the department.

There are a lot of people asking for leave in the first branch recently. Song Yunhui understood that they wanted to make trouble, so they didn’t approve any leave, and they were not allowed to ask for leave for three months. Ding Zhaocheng was late as the deputy director of the first branch, and Song Yunhui handled it on the spot. The recent focus on asking for leave was not groundless. Song Yunhui knew that he had stopped the second phase and everyone was war-weary. Ma Baoping also thought he wanted to fight for the control of the second phase, but he always looked right and wrong.

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