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Dear Missy 了不起的女孩 Episode 25 Recap

Lu Ke and Zhang Mang sat on the sofa and watched TV. She told him who the murderer might be, but Zhang Mang by her side was gone. She was a little afraid of a snowflake on the TV at this time. Shen Siyi suddenly appeared inside and asked Lu Ke to hide from her. When did he hide, Lu Ke woke up, it turned out to be a dream. Zhang Mang brought her a glass of water. Hearing that she had dreamed of Siyi again, she couldn’t help but joking about who was her boyfriend. Why she always dreamed that Siyi had never dreamed of him.

While they were chatting, they heard the doorbell ring, opened the door, the courier handed a box to Lu Ke, and then took out the card and read aloud the famous sentence about friendship. Lu Ke hurriedly stopped him from asking him what he was doing. He said it was the customer’s request. Zhang Mang took the card and saw that it was Siyi’s masterpiece and couldn’t help laughing. After that, Lu Ke kept receiving gifts, and the courier read the cards aloud as usual.

This day, Lu Ke came to Si Yi’s office with a big bear doll and other gifts. She came to return these things to her. Lu Ke told Siyi that they weren’t children anymore, and they couldn’t turn the story over by giving a gift after a fight. Siyi said she couldn’t treat her well yet, and Lu Ke told her not to bother her again. Siyi, who looked at Lu Ke’s back and left, felt very depressed.

In the evening, Siyi returned home with a few couriers. She took out an envelope containing two tickets for the male version of Swan Lake. She knew that the male version of Swan Lake had always been something Lu Ke wanted to see. She tore one of the tickets in half and took a photo and sent it to Lu Ke. Then she sent a message saying that Lu Keding’s male version of Swan Lake could be delivered to her when the ticket arrived. Siyi said she would not go because her one was already Torn.

Yao Yuan didn’t work well with the band, and then he practiced guitar alone in the bar. Xinxin came and happily told him that Lei Ge liked his modified plan, but Yao Yuan was very unhappy and said that it should be forgotten, Xinxin advised him to be a designer If there is no change in the plan, Yao Yuan feels upset and asks her to go back first. Siyi waited for Lu Ke at the entrance of the theater holding the ticket for Swan Lake, but after waiting for a long time Lu Ke did not come, Siyi put the ticket on a table at the entrance and left.

Then Siyi came to the bar. Old Huang gave her a glass of beer and she drank it. Yao Yuan asked her if she was in a bad mood. Siyi borrowed his phone to see Lu Ke’s circle of friends. Yao Yuan felt very strange and said that Lu Ke took her. Is it blocked? Siyi said that Lu Ke moved away. After reading Lu Ke’s circle of friends, she knew that she did not appear on purpose. She asked Yao Yuannan how to apologize to friends in general. Yao Yuan said that men generally do not apologize.

After drinking, Yao Yuan waited with Siyi for the bus. Siyi asked him how things were going on at the homestay. Yao Yuan complained that the investor changed the plan and changed Feng Shui. He asked what she would do when the change was made. Siyi was refreshed. Said substitutions. She told him that good things always have a chance, and if they are vacillating, they will be taken advantage of. Then Xinxin told Yao Yuan Lei that she had refused, and she apologized to him because she was too anxious and wanted him to do it. Yao Yuan saw that she was so warm for him, so she hugged her in his arms. .

Guan Yue was working while studying in Japan. The girl who worked together asked her what happened during the Spring Festival. She said she was alone. She felt that she was not alone. Because she video with Ye Zhou every day, the girl felt that long-distance relationship was unreliable.

Guan Yue said they It has been divided once and cannot be divided. In the evening she and Ye Zhou video. He saw that her living environment was very poor and unsafe, so she moved quickly. Guan Yue wanted to talk about it after a few days. The next day Guan Yue was on three consecutive shifts in the theater. Tired, she returned home but found that the house was in a mess.

After dawn, she used her mobile phone and Ye Zhou video to annoyed that her money and Apple computers were lost, and Ye Zhou let her Don’t worry about staying at a friend’s house first. He turned around and gave her money to find a safer house. Ye Zhou’s father promised to give him money, but there is a condition that he must return to the company to work. His father said that if Guan Yue encounters this kind of thing in the future, he can keep asking the family for money.

Yao Yuan’s homestay has found investment, and he and Xin Xin went to the restaurant to celebrate. When he went to pick the wine, Xinxin accidentally saw Siyi’s text message on his mobile phone to express her congratulations. It turns out that Yao Yuan also told Siyi about it and said that thanks to her reminder, Xinxin felt very upset about them. Happy. Guan Yue was very happy to move to her new home. She didn’t know that Ye Zhou had already returned to her father’s company to work for her.

Siyi went to see the investor that day and ran into Song Yan at the elevator entrance. Song Yan said that Yanchuan only invested one family in the new media track this year. Siyi told the proud Song Yan that she might be running with her. Mr. Chen from Yanchuan was very full of Yi’s ideas and plans, but he heard that Lu Ke, the editor-in-chief of the Life Family, was resigning. Siyi said that there was no such thing as Lu Ke, as long as the Life Family was still there.

Then Siyi went to the coffee shop to find Lu Ke. She was waiting for someone to talk about her new job. Siyi said that the people she was waiting for would no longer come because she had already turned her down. Lu Ke was very annoyed to say how she could help her without authorization. Siyi said that she had already won the opportunity to make due diligence. As long as she succeeded in making the diligence, Lu Ke could leave, let her cooperate with her as the editor-in-chief, and said that this was her home for life. The last thing to do.

Xinxin asked Yao Yuan and Siyi why they didn’t tell her when they met. Yao Yuan said he was afraid of her misunderstanding. Xinxin said that it is normal for him to drink and chat with his friends, but he can’t keep her from telling her what he has to do in the future. In the evening, Lu Ke returned home, and after serious consideration, she gave Si Yi a voice to say that she would cooperate fully.

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