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You Complete Me 小風暴之時間的玫瑰 Episode 39 Recap

Tang Xiaoyun discussed the progress of things with Gao Shan and Lin Wo. Zhang Cheng had a bad relationship with his boss Leon. Lin Wo asked Tang Xiaoyun to help Zhang Cheng conceal his job change, and Tang Xiaoyun agreed. Lin Wo sent Gao Shan and Tang Xiaoyun to see Lu Man. Before leaving the company, Zhang Cheng came to the company to make trouble.

Zhang Cheng blamed Lin Wo for not protecting the rights and interests of the candidates, but Lin Wo didn’t know what happened. Zhang Cheng explained, Lin Wo investigated his information without authorization, and also deliberately revealed his intention to leave. Now Lyon knew that he wanted to fire him. Zhang Cheng accepted an interview and smeared Baibo, which led to a crisis for Baibo.

Lin Wo approached Zhang Cheng’s friend Dawei to understand Zhang Cheng’s situation. The reporter surrounded Lin Wo at the door. Gao Gao came to rescue Lin Wo and drove her away. Bei Xiaorong called Lin Wo, but Lin Wo did not answer him. In order to thank Takayama, she cooked delicious food for Takayama. Takayama was very happy.

Su Yuan prepared a meal and waited for Gao Gao, but waited for Wu Dongna. Wu Dongna angrily entered Gaoshan’s house and took out a document for Su Yuan to read. Su Yuan suspected it was a divorce agreement, but did not read it. Wu Dongna took the document to Su Yuan. , Is a document for annual leave. She wanted to take a vacation and raise her baby with peace of mind. Su Yuan was very happy when she knew the truth.

Bei Xiaorong came to Gaoshan’s home and asked Su Yuan to find out about Gaoshan’s whereabouts. Wu Dongna pushed Bei Xiaorong away and asked what had happened. Bei Xiaorong said that he could not contact Linwo, but Su Yuan and Wu Dongna didn’t know about Gaoshan’s When he was whereabouts, Bei Xiaorong was driven away. Wu Dongna learned from Su Yuan that the letter that reported Qin Shengsheng back then was sent by Lin Wo himself.

Lin Wo saw Gao Shan find the contract and watch hidden by her, so he had to reveal his heart. Gao Shan asked Lin Wo to give him another chance to reform. Lin Wo felt that Gao Shan did not come when she was most sad. Now she doesn’t need a mountain either. As Lin Wo shut the mountain outside the door, she cried loudly in the room, and the mountain outside the door was ten thousand times sadder than Lin Wo.

The next day, Gao Shan woke up and found that Lin Wo was missing. He quickly called Su Yuan and asked Su Yuan to contact Wu Dongna to find Lin Wo. Su Yuan sent a video to Gao Shan. Lin Wo in the video explained to everyone the misunderstanding with Zhang Cheng. As soon as the video was released, the public directed the spearhead to Zhang Cheng, saying that Zhang Cheng directed and acted in a play.

Lin Wo wanted to give herself a long vacation and rest, so he handed Baibo to Sun Miao. Gao Shan went to Lin Wo’s house and knocked on the door, but there was no response. He was worried that Lin Wo might have an accident, so he rushed to Baibo, but Deng Li and Sun Miao didn’t know where Lin Wo was. Gao Shan was very disappointed. Su Yuan asked Gao Shan to go home to rest and let him take care of Lin Wo’s affairs.

Bei Xiaorong arranged Lin Wo in a house funded by Shengchuang. Lin Wo thanked Bei Xiaorong for his help. Gao Shan could not find Lin Wo, so he had to chat with Lin Wo as a book fan on the Lin Wo Publishing Fiction Forum webpage. .

Su Yuan followed Bei Xiaorong and discovered that Bei Xiaorong was related to the recent disturbances of Baibo Company. Su Yuan came to Gaoshan’s home and told Gaoshan that Linwo’s pitfall was related to Bei Xiaorong, and Bei Xiaorong did not want Tang Xiaoyun’s company to proceed smoothly. , So I found someone to poach Zhang Cheng away, accidentally harmed Lin Wo and deceived Lin Wo.

Just after Bei Xiaorong had talked with Chen Hongyu’s wife, Gao Gao came, and he asked Bei Xiaorong to meet downstairs at home ten minutes later. Gao Gao asked Zhang Cheng if Bei Xiaorong did the things. Bei Xiaorong pretended to be stupid, Gao Gao took out. The photo of Bei Xiaorong meeting with Zhou Xing, saying that Zhou Xing was a headhunter who contacted Zhang Cheng, Bei Xiaorong called to catch the thief, saying that Gao Shan had caused him to be expelled from Mr. Luo, Su Yuan received the document that Bei Xiaorong was expelled, and immediately Call Takayama.

When Bei Xiaorong saw Lin Wo running, he deliberately said that the mountain had harmed him and let Lin Wo hear. Lin Wo felt that Zhang Cheng’s matter had nothing to do with Bei Xiaorong. Gao Shan could not accept Lin Wo’s distrust of him, but Lin Wo said that Bei Xiao Before seeing Zhou Xing, Rong had already told her that the person behind the ghost was Tang Xiaoyun, Gao Shan was very sad, and Su Yuan was so angry that he wanted to find Bei Xiaorong to settle the account.

At this moment, Gao Shan remembered on the way to find Bei Xiaorong and saw a woman in her forties, who seemed to be Chen Hongyu’s wife, and Bei Xiaorong seemed to be threatened by Chen Hongyu. Su Yuan guessed that it might be related to Lin Wo. Bei Xiaorong invited Lin Wo to go to Germany with him, but Lin Wo refused.

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