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You Complete Me 小風暴之時間的玫瑰 Episode 38 Recap

Bei Xiaorong argued with Gao Shan for the right to Lin Wo, Gao Shan fought with him, Lin Wo rushed in to protect Bei Xiaorong, Gao Shan was disappointed, Lin Wo and Bei Xiaorong left the dessert shop together, Gao Shan sent Lu Man away Su Yuan saw the close relationship between Gao Shan and Lu Man and suspected that they had a problem, so he went to confront Gao Shan. Gao Shan said that Lu Man was Han Siyang’s fiancée. The two had a conflict. Lu Man asked him about the whereabouts of Han Siyang, but let him Lin Wo misunderstood that he and Lu Man were boyfriend and girlfriend.

Bei Xiaorong drove Lin Wo to the high-speed railway station. Lin Wo apologized to Bei Xiaorong. Just now in front of Gaoshan, he used him. Bei Xiaorong said that he didn’t care. At this time, Chen Hongyu called Bei Xiaorong and Lin Wo replaced Bei. Xiaorong answered the phone, and Bei Xiaorong hurriedly snatched the phone from Lin Wo, falsely claiming to be a customer.

Bei Xiaorong went to the prison to visit Chen Hongyu. Chen Hongyu told Bei Xiaorong that two years ago, he saw Bei Xiaorong following Gaoshan, secretly called the courier company, and threw away the phone card, and he picked up the phone card, Chen Hongyu He wanted to use this to threaten Bei Xiaorong, saying that his daughter was ill and needed money and a doctor. As long as Bei Xiaorong could help save her daughter, he would help Bei Xiaorong conceal the courier, otherwise he would tell Lin Wo the truth.

Wu Dongna was drinking with her leader, her stomach suddenly became uncomfortable and she passed out in the bathroom. Her colleague immediately called Su Yuan. Su Yuan was drinking with Gaoshan and did not hear the call.

When Lin Wo came home, he saw the drunk mountain. He rushed in and kissed Lin Wo. Lin Wo saw that he was drunk and couldn’t bear to drive the mountain away. The next day, Gao Gao woke up and found himself sleeping in the garbage dump at Lin Wo’s door. , The white shirt still had a lipstick mark, Lin Wo was about to go out and was stopped by Gao Shan, but Lin Wo didn’t want to talk to Gao Shan, Gao Shan chased Lin Wo to press the elevator, saying that he lived upstairs.

Wu Dongna woke up from the hospital and learned that she was two months pregnant. In order to be able to sit in Jason’s position, Wu Dongna decided to conceal her pregnancy from Su Yuan. Wu Dongna had just returned home. Su Yuan explained to Wu Dongna that she was not there last night. Reasons for answering the call in time.

Bei Xiaorong and Gaoshan were holding a bunch of flowers at the same time, and they went to Baibo to look for Linwo. Linwo received Bei Xiaorong’s flowers, Gaoshan felt a little sad. Deng Li had a crush on Sun Miao, but he didn’t dare to say it. He saw Sun Miao dressed up to go on a blind date, and he wanted to find Xiaobao’s father. He felt very sad.

Lin Wo heard Deng Li say that someone was looking for an investor and found that this person was actually Tang Xiaoyun. Gao Shan was very surprised when he saw Tang Xiaoyun. Tang Xiaoyun did not expect that the accident had something to do with Skyscrapers. Lin Wo brought Bei Xiaorong. Going out and not letting him participate in the matter, Tang Xiaoyun said that he had asked Gao Shan to help find investors, and Lin Wo obeyed the client’s decision. Tang Xiaoyun’s initiative is not in the hands of Tang Xiaoyun. In the hands of Skyscraper, Tang Xiaoyun wants to find more investment in technology research and development, but Skyscraper wants to make money.

The difference between him and Skyscraper is that things have developed to the point where Tang Xiaoyun wants to sell. Yunshi shares used new ideas to attract investors. Tang Xiaoyun told Gaoshan that he fell in love with Fengshen Technology Zhang Cheng. Lin Wo asked Tang Xiaoyun for more commissions. Gaoshan took the initiative to help Tang Xiaoyun contact investor Lu Man. Tang Xiaoyun thanked Gaoshan very much. help.

Gao Shan invited Lin Wo to eat, but Lin Wo refused. Bei Xiaorong told Lin Wo that President Luo had handed him the Yun Shi case, including Tang Xiaoyun, and Gao Shan wanted to compete with Bei Xiaorong.

Lin Wo and Bei Xiaorong ate together. Bei Xiaorong didn’t want Lin Wo to contact Gao Shan because of Tang Xiaoyun’s affairs, and let Lin Wo let go, but Lin Wo remained silent. Seeing that the atmosphere was a bit embarrassing, Bei Xiaorong said that he was just joking. .

Su Yuan received Wu Dongna’s medical report and learned that Wu Dongna was pregnant, but Wu Dongna still did not tell him, he was very angry, and he followed Wu Dongna to the hospital.

Gao Shan called Lu Man, and Lu Man agreed to cooperate with Tang Xiaoyun. Gao Shan was very happy.

Su Yuan carried the suitcase and moved to Gao Shan’s house. Gao Shan learned that Su Yuan was having conflicts with Wu Dongna. Wu Dongna called Gao Shan and asked Su Yuan to go home within one day. drink.

Bei Xiaorong met with Chen Hongyu’s wife and said that he had contacted the hospital to treat Chen Hongyu’s daughter. Chen Hongyu’s wife was very happy, but Bei Xiaorong warned Chen Hongyu’s wife not to tell anyone about their affairs.

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