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Ultimate Note 终极笔记 Episode 27 Recap

The recovery and identification of ancient books is boring and time-consuming, and the members of the expedition team rarely communicate with each other. If it were not for Huo Xiangu, Jin Wantang would have collapsed. Until the Dragon Boat Festival in the third year, no ancient books were delivered. He felt very strange, so he secretly followed a team of Xiangu to the mountainside.

I was surprised to find that the cliffs are densely packed with excavated caves, and many ropes and cable devices have been artificially constructed. Those ancient books should have been transported out of the cave, and part of the cable had been removed, indicating that the operation should be about to end.

But I didn’t expect that on the third day after the Dragon Boat Festival, an accident happened. A dozen stretchers were carried out from the mountain. The people were covered in blood. Then, a large volume of silk books almost soaked in blood was sent to the tent of Jin Wantang. He could tell at a glance that it was Luhuang silk. For these silk books, he didn’t know how many people died. During the whole process of deciphering the books, Xiangu had been there. It seemed that this was what they were looking for.

There are many kinds of Luhuangbo, one of which is extremely rare and very difficult to decipher. The one sent this time happens to be this. But Jin Wantang can only translate the words, these words are only the superficial password, and he can’t solve the deep meaning at all. In the process of deciphering and translating it into rubbings, he had greed in his heart and secretly hid a few pieces of Luhuang silk, thinking that Luhuang silk was incomplete, even if it was missing a small part, no one would find it. But unexpectedly, something happened the next day.

Jin Wantang was taken to a tent. There were a dozen people in it. The leader was a strange man who looked very majestic. The other party opened his mouth and asked the whereabouts of the silk book. He refused to lie. The man slowly stretched out the middle finger of his right index finger, and just pressed it lightly on his head. Jin Mantang’s entire head seemed to be split in general pain. He begged for mercy. He would die in the hands of this person, but she didn’t expect Xiangu to protect him.

I thought it was the love of the past three years, but Huo Xiangu never entered the shop of Jin Wantang since then. After returning from Sichuan, he was hungry and full, and his life was very miserable. Suddenly, a foreigner came to the door and asked Lu Huangbo with his mouth open, and he offered a price that he could not refuse. Jin Wantang relied on his memory to draw Luhuang Silk and sold it to that person.

Since he did not follow to the end, Jin Mantang did not know the outcome of the final action.

Wu Xie took the drawing of Xing Lei and found Father Zheng. Under the prompt of the other party, Wu Xie was surprised to find that the drawing turned out to be a Yizhuang, that is, the building where the dead were parked. Many of the drawings of the style thunder on the market are royal garden palaces and the like. Father Zheng is very interested in this special style thunder. Wu Xie took the opportunity to suggest that if he could find out something among the knowledgeable population, he would give it to him. , The other party readily agreed.

After coming out of Jin Wantang, Huo Xiuxiu Jie Yuchen analyzed and found that Jiu Sect did not get what he wanted in that operation, so Chen Wenjin and his second generation of Nine Sects will continue to explore. At this moment, Xie Yuchen suddenly thought of “it”. Perhaps, from the moment the old nine gates were born, no matter which way they chose, everyone in the nine gates would be affected by it.

Father Zheng made an appointment with Wu Xie and brought a friend called Ruan Ye. The other party was very interested in the drawings and wanted to buy it at a high price, but Wu Xie was unmoved. When he learned that the real customer was someone else, He became interested in the person behind this.

In Banai, Guangxi, the drones and instruments used by Jude Kao’s scanning were finally brought over. The fat man also received a call from Wu Xie, and then decided to go back to Beijing with the younger brother and accompany Wu Xie to the Crescent Hotel to meet people. . Before leaving, I deliberately found a tattooed man in the village, enduring the screams of killing a pig and tattooed the name of a cloud on his back.

The next day, Wu Xie and the three finally met in Beijing, and Wu Xie also saw the two characters as big as a mung bean on Fatty’s body, and couldn’t help laughing. Because he was going to the famous Crescent Hotel, Fatty specifically proposed to buy a outfit. This is no ordinary place. They are big restaurants with auction business licenses, and they all play big items. But as soon as he arrived at the door, he was stopped by the security guard. Fortunately, there was a black card with a small flower that the fat man found in Guangxi, which fooled him.

When swiping the card to authorize, Xiaohua naturally got the news, knowing that Wu Xie and the others had gone to the Crescent Hotel, and it seemed that it was going to be lively today.

After the three people came to the hotel lobby and sat down, they looked around and couldn’t see which buyer of the style thunder was. At this moment, Xie Yuchen rushed over, without saying a few words, a middle-aged looking extremely arrogant. The man walked in. This person was named Liuli Sun, and he was very domineering, so he opened his mouth and asked if Wu Sanxing was dead. Wu Xie was so angry that he wanted to reason with him.

At the same time, the waiter came over and reminded the three people in a low voice that someone asked them to go upstairs. The important thing was important. Wu Xie and the others went to the private room upstairs with the staff. Unexpectedly, the buyer of the style thunder was actually Mrs. Huo. As soon as they met, the other party gritted his teeth and mentioned Wu Xie’s grandfather, Old Dog Wu. He also claimed that he wanted to know the secret of Xing Lei, so he asked his grandmother to ask him in person.

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