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Ultimate Note 终极笔记 Episode 26 Recap

Fatty hated the death of his beloved by “collapsing his shoulders”. He firmly believed that as long as he could find the entrance to the Zhang family ancient building, he could vent his hatred and revenge to a certain extent.

But on one side, Jude Kao’s staff kept taking pictures, claiming that the manual excavation was too slow. They had to send the pictures back to the headquarters and use technology to find the entrance. The fat man satirized him for taking pictures of himself as “shattered shoulders.” The speaker was unintentional and the listener intentionally, Wu Xie immediately took the camera, as expected.

Since they came to Banao, they have been followed. After they found the iron box, they “smashed their shoulders” came out to grab them. This man guarded Banao’s secrets and opposed them everywhere. But why did Chu Bald head take photos so easily at the beginning? Is the photo meaningless, or is there something wrong with Chu Bald head? Wu Xie decided to look for Chu bald again, while the little brother stayed to take care of the fat man.

On Huo Xiuxiu’s side, she and Jie Yuchen wrote a few letters imitating Granny Huo’s tone, falsely claiming that her old friend was reminiscing about the past and wanted to tell something from the previous generation.

Wu Xie found Chu’s bald head, and the other party readily admitted that the third uncle had indeed asked him to give Wu Xie and the others, and also said that if Wu Xie came again, he would hand over one more thing—the 1976 expedition allowance sheet. After seeing this, Wu Xie immediately called his fellow Wang Meng to Changsha. It was supposed to be a planned economy in 1976.

At that time, there was a record of buying things and paying wages. Is Sanshu trying to tell himself that the information of the members of the expedition team is still there? The first group is dead, and the second group is still alive for them. If you can find the name of the first group, then you can know the identity of the second group. The goal now is to find those who are dead but still alive.

Without further ado, Wu Xie and Wang Meng immediately came to the relevant department to check the archaeological team’s information, but whether it was Chen Wenjin or Xie Lianhuan, no such person was found. The two were not discouraged, and went to the old address of the Changsha Archaeological Research Institute. Sure enough, there seemed to be some secrets hidden here. The security guards always followed them quietly, so they did not find any opportunity to view the information. In order to deal with the security, Wu Xie also combined a picture with the seal on the door.

After I went back, I found that the words on the seal were exactly the same as what I had written, but it was 1990. How could it be possible? At this moment, Wu Xie suddenly thought of a person—the same person in the video tape…

Before they left the institute, they left entry and exit records at the request of the security guard. Wu Xie’s thin gold body also attracted the attention of a person.

Wu Xie couldn’t get rid of the doubts in his mind, so he pulled Wang Meng back secretly to check, most of the materials in the archives were moldy because of dampness, but the giant painting on the wall next to it was quite normal. The two felt different. After moving away, they found that there was a secret room behind, and the 1976 portfolio was also hidden in the secret room. Wu Xie looked forward to opening the file, but found that it was written by herself that day.

Obviously, the other party did not want to check the entry and exit records. Wu Xie was frustrated and sat on the ground, but Wang Meng was surprised to find the piles of materials randomly placed on the ground, and all the details should be exactly the same as Wu Xie. Except for Wang Meng and Wu Xie, only the third uncle knows about his habits. Isn’t the purpose of the third uncle to check the 1976 data, but to come to this archive?

Afterwards, Wu Xie successfully discovered the clue left by his third uncle—Brother Xiaoman. It turned out that Xiaoman was a wolf dog, and his third uncle hid what he wanted to give Wu Xie in the doghouse. This thing is exactly the drawing of Xing Lei, this is a family responsible for the royal architecture in the Qing Dynasty, the degree of glory is beyond surpassing, but for some reason, abandoning officialdom overnight and giving up a great future.

Huo Xiuxiu also received a reply here-don’t repeat the old thing, she was very happy, and asked Xie Yuchen to come to a shop on Liulichang East Street. It turned out that the rubbing of the silk book was sold to Jude Kao by the owner Jin Wantang. Xie Yuchen knew that this person was slippery, so he came straight to the point and was so scared that Jin Wantang recruited them all. It turned out that when he was young, he knew the old lady Huo, who was nicknamed Huo Xiangu at the time. At that time, Jin Wantang was well-known for her ability to appraise treasures.

One day, Huo Xiangu came to Jin Wantang and asked him to be a consultant for an action. Huo Xiangu is beautiful like a god, and coupled with a generous reward, Jin Wantang agreed without even thinking about it. According to his account, it was early 1963 when nine people with unique skills entered the Siguniang Mountain in Sichuan with him. According to his observations, the entire team has more than two hundred people, including those who collect information and buy equipment, there must be thousands of people, and the equipment is all Soviet goods. Jin Wantang’s mission is very simple.

It is to stay in the camp and analyze the things they brought back. The documents sent to him are all documents and books, which are rich in content. According to him, there should be only a huge group of ruins in the mountain. What they are looking for, It should be in these ancient books. In addition, the wounded were often sent back to the camp, and the number of the team was declining. The entire operation seemed extremely dangerous. During this long expedition, he and Xiangu Huo spent three years together.

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