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The Penalty Zone 黑白禁区 Episode 32 Recap

Ercheng. Tan Po and Mr. Wu met. They thought it was weird. Cherries might be a trap to decorate the villa, but Tan Po thinks it might be an empty city. After all, this is not Caesar’s home stadium. Tan Po feels that there is no time. They want to speed up. Tomorrow is the day to settle the remnant party with Caesar. Gan Xiaonuan received a call from Che Lizi and asked her to come to Erhu.

Everything she wanted to know was here, Gan Xiaonuan hurriedly left. Xiong Guoliang, Ma Lie, and Yang Xiaolei found nothing in the villa. Although Xiong Guoliang felt something was wrong with the basement, he didn’t have time to investigate. The people from the Tan family also came, and Xiong Guoliang calculated that the people from the Tan family should also be there.

Che Lizi burned some books and paper money for the golden chain. If there is an afterlife, don’t go this way and be a good man. The villa suddenly sounded an alarm, and everyone hurried out of the room. It turned out that the smell of cherries burning paper caused the smoke alarm. The photos sent by Gan Tianlei couldn’t tell what it was, so they could only be put in the appraisal department. Gan Tianlei asked Che Lizi what his relationship with Gan Xiao Nuan was.

Che Lizi said that he would know when he saw Gan Xiao Nuan. When the horse team heard about it, they quickly told Tai Yongfeng that Che Lizi and Gan Xiao Nuan seemed to have an agreement. Tai Yongfeng incorporated their monitoring team into the war room and worked hard. Gan Xiao Nuan has already gone to Huacheng, and the people of the Tan family are also ready to act. Tai Yongfeng did not intercept the Tan family’s car, but let someone follow him.

Gan Tianlei was worried about Gan Xiaonuan’s safety, and Tai Yongfeng told him that Li Ke was protecting her, and that the netting operation had begun. Gan Xiao Nuan’s phone was turned off, and Li Ke could only continue to look for her address. When the people from Che Lizi arrived, Gan Tianlei, Xiong Guoliang and others found out, and they quickly reported to the combat command room.

Gan Xiao Nuan had landed at Huacheng Airport, and when he got off the plane, he found a car and went to Erhu Lake. Team Zhao acted immediately, but it was too late and could only report with Tai Yongfeng. There are many levels on the periphery of Ercheng. Mr. Wu hopes that Tan Po will reconsider, but Tan Po has already decided.

Gan Xiao Nuan asked the driver to follow the positioning given by Che Lizi, not to Erhu Lake, but Riyue Mountain. Gan Tianlei has been in contact with Tai Yongfeng, and now he has played a clear card. Gan Tianlei is very concerned about Gan Xiaonuan’s situation. Tai Yongfeng lowered her head to express that she is safe. The police are ready to take action.

Yang Xiaolei, Gan Tianlei, and Dao Yuhan put on body armor. Third Sister She found that she was surrounded and did not rush to leave. There are Cherries and Gan Tianlei here, and they cannot be taken by the Tan family. dead. A Bao and Sister She came to look for Che Lizi, and Che Lizi turned on the music when he knew Gan Tianlei was listening. Che Lizi said that he would guarantee their safety.

All the actions of the Tan family are under his control, and he will give her a big gift after the incident, Fuchun will meet. Fuchun Club holds all the gray deals and has twelve seats. The Tan family has snatched one seat from Caesar, and they want to take it back. The geographical location here is complicated, and there are pipelines underground. The master craftsman made a secret device underneath that year. After turning on the ignition device, the Tan family has no return, and they can evacuate from the safe house.

Tan Po has arrived, and Gan Xiao Nuan has also gone to the place Che Lizi said. After Sister She left from Che Lizi’s room, Che Lizi called Gan Tianlei and said that it was time to tell him how Su Ling died. Che Lizi took Gan Tianlei to the basement. He knew he had been here, but he didn’t know what it was for. At the same time, Lao Yu also acted according to Che Lizi’s words. Che Lizi told Gan Tianlei that he killed Su Ling by himself, and Gan Tianlei expressed his disbelief.

Abao took people to go shopping with the Tan family outside the villa. The two sides fought, and Tan Po calmly picked up the gun. Tai Yongfeng ordered the start of the net closing operation, and the police swarmed in. Che Lizi said that Gan Tianlei remembered many things, but he didn’t think about it, because this was the source of his inner terror. Che Lizi rang the valve. Third Sister She told them that the Tan family had come in and told them to leave. Gan Tianlei hurriedly yelled to tell Tai Yongfeng that there was a bomb and withdraw!

Che Lizi was anxious and tried to tell Gan Tianlei that he was Caesar’s son-in-law and his heir. Gan Tianlei fought with them regardless of the three seven twenty one, and Tan Po found that the police had arrived and evacuated quickly. In two scuffles inside and outside the villa, Gan Tianlei went shopping with Sanjie She, Abao, and Cherie on her own, but Sanjie She pulled the valve down regardless of others, and was finally knocked out by Gan Tianlei. When the cherry ran away, Gan Tianlei informed Tai Yongfeng to come to the control room.

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