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The Penalty Zone 黑白禁区 Episode 31 Recap

Yang Xiaolei said Xiong Guoliang would be here soon, and Song Yunhui couldn’t wait to change his clothes. Gan Xiaonuan was busy with work and asked Chen Xiaofeng to help find Lisa Su’s paper. She needed it now. Although Chen Xiaofeng didn’t know what she was going to do, she had no choice but to pick up the computer. Xiong Guoliang and Ma Lie came to the rice noodle shop and saw Yang Xiaolei and Dao Yuhan. Dao Yuhan stared at Xiong Guoliang and couldn’t move his eyes. Yang Xiaolei put together a meal, and then went to care about Ma Lie. Ma Lie took the rice noodles and gobbled it down, not forgetting to report Gan Xiaonuan’s situation.

She is now focused on work, and Yang Xiaolei is relieved. Yang Xiaolei asked Xiaoyi again, and Ma Lie said that those who didn’t have a mission were going to take her for the last time. The weather was also good that day. Li Ke was carving the gift he promised to Xiaoyi. After the carving was finished, Xiaoyi couldn’t come back. Li Ke wanted to complete her unfinished business for Xiaoyi. She was full of enthusiasm for the police career. From now on he will guard With the police, there will always be half of Xiaoyi’s commendation.

Dao Yuhan and Xiong Guoliang talked about the situation. Everyone didn’t understand why they wanted to decorate. At this time, trucks came to deliver goods. Xiong Guoliang felt that they had to take the initiative, otherwise they would be too passive. At Nanhai Huacheng Airport, the Zheng Bureau received a manager Wu, and they decided to go to Erhu Lake to discuss the construction of a tourist resort. Che Lizi convened the decoration team to speak, and said that it was a pre-war mobilization. Gan Tianlei was puzzled when he watched his speech below, and quickly called Zhongcheng Decoration Company. The other party said that the villa was indeed built by them.

Che Lizi was still giving an impassioned speech, and Third Sister She was watching, not knowing what he was doing. The monitoring police also felt that Cherie was a lunatic, so much nonsense. Outside the southwest border, Tan Xiaosi came to send Tan Po. He knew they were going to find Gan Tianlei for revenge, so he had to go together, but Tan Po did not allow him. He was the only seedling of the Tan family. Tan Xiaosi could not have any. It was dangerous, so Tan Po just asked Tan Xiaosi to manage the Tan Mansion. Although Tan Xiaosi was reluctant, he could only agree.

Gan Xiaonuan went to send documents to Lu Mingsong and asked some questions. Please help Lu Mingsong to interpret it. One of them was Lu Mingsong’s paper. Lu Mingsong knew Gan Xiaonuan must have spent a lot of effort. This paper was completed under the guidance of a friend. Gan Xiaonuan keenly sensed that the person Lu Mingsong was talking about might be Su Ling. Lu Mingsong knew that she suspected that she had copied Su Ling’s academic achievements, but the academic paper was not signed by Su Ling. Ling’s name is what she meant by herself. She wanted to return her a favor. When Su Ling fainted in the laboratory with her pregnant belly, it was Lu Mingsong who sent her to the hospital, which means that he was also there when Gan Xiaonuan was born.

Xiong Guoliang, Dao Yuhan, and Yang Xiaolei decided to disguise themselves into the decoration team, and they separated to monitor the villa. Mr. Wu received a call, saying that Che Lizi has been busy decorating these days, and he is obviously from the Tan family. Tai Yongfeng asked the Cavaliers if there were three sets of codes in their hands. The Cavaliers believed that they were true. She was even more worried about Gan Tianlei.

He recovered his memory but did not report to them. Tai Yongfeng said that he believed in Gan Tianlei, the horse team also told Tai Yongfeng about the situation on Xiong Guoliang’s side, and Tai Yongfeng asked them to continue to monitor. Xiong Guoliang, Yang Xiaolei, and Ma Lie mixed into the villa pretending to be air-conditioning workers. At the same time, Gan Tianlei was also looking for something in the basement.

Che Lizi and others were all upstairs, and Xiong Guoliang asked Yang Xiaolei to keep an eye on the first floor to continue his investigation. Yang Xiaolei took advantage of others not paying attention to go up to the second floor, Gan Tianlei fumbled in the basement, Xiong Guoliang also entered the basement. Gan Tianlei opened a room, took photos of everything in it, and signaled the horse team. The horse team was puzzled when he received the photo from Gan Tianlei.

Xiong Guoliang made a noise in the basement and attracted Lao Yu’s attention. Lao Yu quickly went down to check, Xiong Guoliang hid, and Gan Tianlei appeared to help him out. Yang Xiaolei and Ma Lie both went to the second floor, but found nothing. Cherries appeared suddenly, and Xiong Guoliang and others became alert.

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