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The Penalty Zone 黑白禁区 Episode 30 Recap

Tan Xiaosi sent Chen Sidong to the pet hospital. Chen Sidong guessed that Tan Lao San should be dead, and Chen Sidong was already dead, so he called a mysterious person and told Tan Xiaosi that he was his. Dear elder brother, Tan Xiaosi will only have this eldest brother in the future. Chen Sidong asked Wu Qingfeng not to hate Tan Xiaosi. Although he changed the Wu family’s surname, the blood of the Tan family was on his body. Wu Qingfeng finally agreed to Chen Sidong. Chen Sidong looked at Tan Xiaosi again, asking him to listen to Wu Qingfeng’s words, and then died.

Tan Xiaosi was in grief and yelled to call Tan Po, and Wu Qingfeng asked him to turn on the speakerphone. Tan Po was worried when she received a call from Tan Xiaosi. Tan Xiaosi said that both Chen Sidong and Tan Laosan had been killed. Tan Po hurriedly wanted to pick him up, but Wu Qingfeng asked him to hang up. Tan Xiao Si hurriedly said that he was safe and hung up the phone. Tan Laosan died. Xiong Guoliang showed Tan Xiaoshuai the photos. As a family member, he has the right to know.

Yang Xiaolei knew that Yi’s death was a bit sad and calm. She was still in Ercheng and couldn’t go back, so Xiong Guoliang took her heart. Dao Yuhan comforted her the impermanence of life and death, especially their profession. At Xiaoyi’s memorial service, Xiong Guoliang took out a letter from Xiaoyi’s parents to them. This is the letter written by Xiaoyi after she joined the police team for the first time when she witnessed injuries to her teammates. When Xiaoyi wrote this letter, she understood that it means she was dead when it was read. She hoped that everyone would not cry for herself. She just started a new journey. She was very happy with them and hoped to have it in her next life. Being an ordinary people’s policeman, Xiaoyi will always be with everyone.

Xiaoyi’s death made everyone sad, and Li Ke collapsed because of this. Xiong Guoliang knew he wanted to vent and came to accompany him to punch him, punching his face again and again, all they had to face were desperadoes! Li Ke still blames himself very much. If he can get Xiaoyi faster, he will not die. Xiong Guoliang pulls him to tell him that there is no if, Xiaoyi is dead.

The reason why he transferred Li Ke to the anti-drug detachment is because he needs this pair of eagles. Eyes, a drug dealer was found among the crowd, but now his eyes are blinded by tears. Xiong Guoliang asked Li Ke to return to the patrol team, just as he misunderstood him, and Xiaoyi misunderstood him. Li Ke was finally woken up, determined not to let Xiaoyi die in vain.

Gan Tianlei asked Che Lizi if the finger was really Caesar’s. Che Lizi said it was fake. Gan Tianlei said with emotion that he had changed, and there was no truth in his mouth. Che Lizi said that it was Gan Tianlei that had changed, and that he wanted to open the skylight to speak brightly, so that the two people would relax, and they would also relax. The monitoring police realized that what they might be saying was that they reported it quickly. Che Lizi mentioned the God of Wealth.

Gan Tianlei’s reaction made him understand that he remembered everything. Gan Tianlei directly picked out the three sets of codes. Che Lizi wants Gan Tianlei to think about the last set of passwords before they can have a good conversation. Yang Xiaolei and Dao Yuhan found the villa, but they did not act rashly to avoid starting the scene, so Dao Yuhan decided to investigate it slowly.

Abao found that Che Lizi had killed Tan Biao and quickly told Sister She that he was worried that Che Lizi was not reliable, and she also felt that something was wrong. Instead of arriving, Che Lizi was busy decorating the house. Tai Yongfeng told Xiong Guoliang that the Tan family and Caesar had assembled at Erhu Lake and asked him to set off to find Yang Xiaolei immediately. The monitoring team found that Che Lizi had three sets of codes and quickly reported. Chen Xiaofeng sent Gan Xiao Nuan some of Lu Mingsong’s previous papers, but Gan Xiao Nuan was puzzled because his papers were very strange. Yang Xiaolei and Dao Yuhan are lurking in the rice noodle shop, Abao.

When they came to buy rice noodles, the two took the opportunity to inquire about the news. Abao was very dissatisfied with the cherries, and the two of them found it strange that the cherries were doing their best to renovate the villa. Dao Yuhan decided to find a way to look at the decoration drawing of the villa and let Yang Xiaolei stare here. Third Sister She asked when the Chelizi people would arrive. The Tan family would not swallow their anger. They couldn’t beat the Tan family. Che Lizi said that people will arrive soon and everything is under his control.

Dao Yuhan and Yang Xiaolei had been busy cleaning the rice noodle shop for a day. Yang Xiaolei said that Dao Yuhan and Xiong Guoliang would protect the matchmaker. Dao Yuhan was naturally willing. Someone came to eat rice noodles, the rice noodles were sold out, and Yang Xiaolei and Dao Yuhan sold instant noodles. The other party asked them about the villa, and the two realized that he was sent by the Tan family to inquire about the news.

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