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The Penalty Zone 黑白禁区 Episode 29 Recap

Che Lizi wants to start a company here in Laoyu, and asks sister-in-law to buy a lot of food and find some cleaning. Gan Tianlei becomes more alert. Xiaoyi suddenly asked Li Ke if she liked her. It was a joke, but Li Ke firmly said that he just liked her. Xiaoyi suddenly panicked. Li Ke took the initiative to shook her hand and asked her if she liked herself. A colleague came to report that the trial had come out. Seeing their situation was a bit embarrassing, Xiaoyi said Li Ke was a fool and ran away. Li Ke smiled instead. Lao Yu took Gan Tianlei to look at the room, and everything in the room remained the same, except for the original poster on the wall. Old Yu asked Gan Tianlei if it was a big deal to mobilize the people so much, Gan Tianlei ignored it.

Che Lizi kidnapped Tan Biao. Tan Biao was so angry that he yelled at him. Che Lizi screamed at Tan Biao and went crazy. Che Lizi said that he had saved Tan Biao’s life. When Tan Po and Lao Bai had an affair, he killed the head of the Tan family, otherwise Tan Biao would not be born. Gan Tianlei ran to the old place to revisit and found the poster that year in the basement. Tan Biao’s shout suddenly came from nearby, and Gan Tianlei hurried away. Che Lizi sat down and talked to Tan Biao calmly.

The reason why he was able to gain a foothold in the Tan family was because Tan Po gave him face, but once Tan Po left the Tan family, those people would kill him, and Che Lizi could Help him as long as he promises to cooperate with himself. Gan Tianlei lay at the door to eavesdrop, and turned on the monitor on his belt. Che Lizi asked Tan Biao to give him the phone.

Tan Po was very worried about Tan Biao and couldn’t eat enough. Suddenly she received a video from Che Lizi using Tan Biao’s phone. Seeing that Tan Biao was kidnapped, Po Tan was anxious, saying that Che Lizi could agree to whatever conditions were offered. Che Lizi suggested that the two families should be turned into jade silk. The second condition is the Fuchun meeting. Before Tan Po spoke Tan Biao, Tan Po denied that Fuchun would be the supreme glory of the Tan family.

Che Lizi shot Tan Biao on the spot in a rage. Gan Tianlei hurried in and saw Tan Biao’s body yelling that Che Lizi was mentally ill. The database did not have information about the Fuchun Club, so the police had to write it down first. Che Lizi told him to pay attention to Gan Tianlei when he talks to him later, he is no longer the Gan Tianlei of the year.

Lu Mingsong scolded Sister Wang and dealt with it in accordance with the company’s regulations. Gan Xiao Nuan also seriously violated the rules and regulations. Although Gan Xiao Nuan is Su Ling’s heir to know everything about CR Group, she must be punished as an employee. Lu Mingsong asked Gan Xiaonuan to use the key he gave him if he wanted to know.

The group had no secrets from her, but the review still had to be written. Gan Tianlei and Tai Yongfeng reported on the contradiction between Che Lizi and the Tan family, and suggested closing the net. It must be a fierce battle at that time, and he has also aroused Che Lizi’s suspicion, but as long as he still wants to use himself, he is still safe. . Tan Po was killed because of Tan Biao, and she wanted to take the Tan family to avenge him, and set off tomorrow.

Hong Wu appeared in the place where Chen Si made an appointment. Xiong Guoliang and others were watching in the dark. When Hong Wu saw a person running up suddenly, Xiong Guoliang told him to ignore it, and even threw the monitor on the ground. When the police found Hong Wu, Hong Wu was already injured, and the bald head yelled that he did not kill. Shang’er realized that the murderer was the garbage collector Chen Sidong and immediately notified Xiong Guoliang.

Gunshots rang out in the amusement park. Chen Sidong held a baby in terror. In order to protect the child, the police could only watch him run away. When Chen Sidong ran away, his arm was injured. This point was exposed. Chen Sidong planned to change places with Tan Lao San. The auto repair shop was discovered by the police. There were only four or five people inside. There were no guns but knives and sticks. Team Zhao took Xiaoyi and Li Ke to prepare to take the auto repair shop.

Team Zhao asked the driver to slowly drive in the car to pick up the goods. The police hid in the car to take the opportunity to take action and tied them up in one fell swoop. One of them saw something wrong and quickly asked Chen Sidong to pack his things and leave. Team Zhao, Li Ke, and Xiaoyi heard gunshots and quickly notified Xiong Guoliang that the situation had changed. Tan Laosan asked Chen Sidong to lead Tan Xiaosi away. After Tan Laosan met Xiaoyi and killed her with a knife, Li Ke hurriedly killed Tan Laosan and called an ambulance. Xiaoyi was dying, and Li Ke was very scared.

Xiong Guoliang knew that Chen Sidong and Tan Xiaosi had escaped and set up a card interception by the dignitaries. Chen Sidong was wounded, so Tan Xiaosi must live, and Tan Xiaosi burst into tears. Outside the hospital, Xiong Guoliang and Li Ke waited anxiously, but they didn’t expect news of Xiaoyi’s death. Xiong Guoliang and Team Zhao blamed themselves. Li Ke looked at Xiaoyi’s body and gradually collapsed.

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