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The Penalty Zone 黑白禁区 Episode 28 Recap

Che Lizi said that Gan Xiao Nuan once had a fever in the middle of the night due to heatstroke. Gan Tianlei was puzzled, and Che Lizi realized that he had said something wrong. Gan Tianlei went out to breathe. Che Lizi asked him to buy a bottle of Huoxiang Zhengqi water. Che Lizi put on a raincoat and followed, Gan Tianlei naturally noticed it. After meeting with Yang Xiaolei, Gan Tianlei told her that she felt that their purpose of coming to Ercheng was not that simple, and that something big would happen to Ercheng, so Xiong Guoliang was ready. Yang Xiaolei took medicine for Gan Tianlei and also talked about Gan Xiaonuan’s situation.

Che Lizi had a heat stroke, and Gan Tianlei told Yang Xiaolei and Gan Xiaonuan to pay attention to heat stroke. Yang Xiaolei accidentally mentioned that she had always paid attention, as if she had suffered a lot when she was a child. Gan Tianlei turned his head and found Che Lizi. Che Lizi said he wanted to say that he couldn’t drink Huoxiang Zhengqi Water. Gan Tianlei took out the Huoxiang Zhengqi capsule in his pocket. Gan Xiao Nuan secretly used Sister Wang’s account to log on to the intranet to check Su Ling’s information. Sister Wang found out that she was very angry and said that she would let Lu Mingsong handle it.

Li Ke inspected the vehicle and found a suspicious vehicle. Although the car was okay, there must be something wrong with the person. However, because there was no evidence, Li Ke decided to take the car apart. The next day, Gan Tianlei and Che Lizi’s group proceeded. Gan Tianlei had some impressions of this place. In 2011, Caesar checked Gan Tianlei’s identity. Tai Yongfeng was very worried and asked him to pay attention to safety.

When the two met, Lao She’s car came, and Gan Tianlei quickly got out of the car to say hello, saying that he had met a friend. Lao She didn’t say anything, but immediately after Lao Bai came, there were gunshots. To protect Gan Tianlei from being shot, Lao She told Gan Tianlei that he was not doing this before he died. If the person just gave He will go ashore when he points to something.

Gan Tianlei woke up from the memory, Lao She was killed here, Che Lizi satirized him for not knowing whether it was true or false amnesia. Moustache has been sending location information to the Tan family. Soon they met someone from the Tan family. Moustache volunteered to get out of the car to check the situation.

Che Lizi and Gan Tianlei realized that he was going to do something. The person who came was Tan Biao. A few people took their moustaches and walked towards Gan Tian Leifang when they got off the car. Third Sister She was not surprised, but Che Lizi got out of the car and came to an inconsistency. Tan Biao furiously stabbed her moustache on the spot. Dead, the two sides started a melee.

In the eastern suburbs farm, Hong Wu waited for Chen Sidong, and Xiong Guoliang and others received a call from the horse team saying that Yang Xiaolei could not be contacted and Gan Tianlei was in danger now! This is the Tan family’s drug-making den. Ma Lie didn’t understand why the other party made an appointment to meet here. Yang Xiaolei’s signal is not good, and Xiong Guo is good and it is not easy to get on the phone and ask her to hurry up to rescue Gan Tianlei. Chen Sidong did not show up, but instead called Hong Wu to explain that he would meet tomorrow. Xiong Guoliang sensed that they might have noticed that they quickly told Hong Wu not to come over and leave normally.

Che Lizi and Gan Tianlei were still fighting with the Tan family. Tony was injured to protect Dr. Niu, and Dr. Niu was scared to death. Tan Biao hijacked Third Sister She to settle accounts with Gan Tianlei. Che Lizi knew he was the illegitimate son of Tan Po and Lao Bai. Tony is dead, and Dr. Niu kidnapped Tan Biao in order to avenge him, and finally he died. Che Lizi left with Tan Biao, and the police arrived and found only the bodies of Dr. Niu and Tony.

Third Sister She asked someone to take a doctor to see her injuries. Che Lizi said that he was going to Erhu Lake, and it was convenient to advance and retreat on the border. They broke out there. Che Lizi wanted to revive Caesar, and she was obviously unwilling. Che Lizi took out a map and told Sister She that the support troops would arrive soon.

The horse team was puzzled, and quickly tuned back the latest recording and listened to it again. Wu Yixiong, the steward of the Tan Group, came to give Tan Po a cup. Tan Po said that Tan Biao was more interested than her. It was his birthday in a few days and she wanted to give him a birthday present. Just then Tan Po got the news that Tan Biao was tied up. Tan Po was very angry and worried about his safety. After she calmed down, she quickly asked Wu Yixiong to check the locations of Che Lizi and Gan Tianlei.

Gandu. Xiaoyi and Li Ke were busy checking the car, and finally found time to eat. Li Ke had promised that Xiaoyi had not finished carving wood carving before, but Xiaoyi unnaturally asked him to do it slowly. Li Ke found something in the car and quickly notified Team Zhao. On the southwest border, Erhu, Chelizi and Gantianlei met Lao Yu, and they wanted to camp here. Lao Yu was surprised to see Gan Tianlei and quickly arranged for everyone to go in. Che Lizi wanted to live in the same place with Gan Tianlei and told Lao Yu that there were a hundred and eighty people coming. Gan Tianlei was shocked and the monitoring police quickly reported.

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