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The Message 风声 Episode 15 Recap

Jin Shenghuo told them that the last round of devil voting was one person, one vote, and this time Longchuan designed to let them all vote for one person. This way is the only way for the four of them to get out of this hell on earth alive. Now Li Ningyu has bitten Wu Zhiguo, they only need to use Li Ningyu’s hand to push Wu Zhiguo out. Gu Xiaomeng felt that it was too cruel to turn love into fierceness. Jin Shenghuo reminded her that the life-saving straw of Gu Chuanwang was no longer useful. She was coaxed into Qiuzhuang by Longchuan. It was Chairman Wang’s order. Her father is now more than happy. Insufficient, the introduction of Wu Zhiguo is risky but it is also the best policy.

Gu Xiaomeng proposed that Jin Shenghuo said that he wanted to push Li Ningyu on the code boat last time. Later, the five of them all retreated. Jin Shenghuo emphasized that her life-saving straw was too thin this time and could not sustain the lives of the five. Gu Xiaomeng took Jin Shenghuo’s wine, but Bai Xiaonian refused to take it, saying that he was afraid of Chief Jin’s methods. Chief Jin is now pushing Wu Zhiguo as an old ghost to Longchuan as a substitute for the dead ghost.

If Wu Zhiguo goes crazy, he will definitely He will push another dead ghost. This person will not be Li Ningyu, nor will it be Gu Xiaomeng. He also counts on the ship king to lead his love. After all, the dead ghost is only himself. Jin Shenghuo reminded Bai Xiaonian that even King Gu Chuan could not count on him now, let alone count on Commander Zhang. In fact, he knew very well that Commander Zhang was also suspected. Once he was suspected, he was the first to be killed. It was Bai Xiaonian. After Jin Shenghuo finished talking, he went upstairs.

At this moment, Li Ningyu recalled Long Chuan’s interrogation just now in the room. She knew very well that when she was talking to Wu Zhiguo, there was a bug hidden in the book on the table.

Gu Xiaomeng secretly gave the chef 20 dollars and asked him to call his father to send some clothes. Wang Tianxiang immediately appeared and fired the chef. Gu Xiaomeng put the money back into Wang Tianxiang’s hands and asked him to give it to himself. When doing business, if he says he can’t believe it, you can check the items on the note one by one.

Unexpectedly, Wang Tianxiang just agreed, and Jin Shenghuo walked down from the second floor with a laugh, and satirized Wang Tianxiang’s guard for stealing. Wang Tianxiang said the items on the note would be true Submit it to Longchuan Dazuo for review.

Wang Tianxiang reported this to Longchuan. He believed that Gu Xiaomeng’s father, Gu Minzhang, raised half of the Jiming Temple, so Gu Xiaomeng could not be an old ghost. Longchuan felt that it was impossible for an agent of the level of Old Ghost to pass on information by himself, and must be cooperating with someone close to him.

He instructed Wang Tianxiang: In the name of Commander Zhang, invite the relatives of the five people to come to Qiuzhuang for a dinner together. Because under house arrest, normal people most want to see their relatives, and only the old ghost eagerly wants to pass on information and is afraid of his accomplices being trapped, so he dare not act rashly. Longchuan stipulates that each person can only appoint one relative.

Jin Shenghuo assigned her own daughter. Li Ningyu said she could let her husband come, but Wu Zhiguo was also there and she had to ensure her safety. Wu Zhiguo had no one to invite, and Gu Xiaomeng asked them to invite his father in person.

Wang Tianxiang came to invite Pan Hanqing with an invitation card, but Old Pan opened his mouth to borrow money from him for home use. Wang Tianxiang took out his pocket money and gave it to Old Pan, asking him to be there on time at night. The second person is Jin Ruoxian, the daughter of Jin Ruoshui. After receiving a few words of her taunt, Wang Tianxiang also brought the invitation. The third one went to Bai Xiaonian’s house.

There was a foul smell in his uncle’s house, and Wang Tian Xiang was soaked in his nose, he put down the invitation and left. The fourth went to Gu Minzhang’s house. Gu Minzhang did not go downstairs, but only asked the housekeeper, Miss Zhao, to accept the invitation. He immediately sent a telegram on the second floor: Butterfly was trapped in Qiuzhuang for two days.

Wang Tianxiang finally invited Commander Zhang to a banquet in the evening and conveyed Longchuan Hihara’s words: First, he asked Commander Zhang to appease his colleagues, and secondly, to confuse the old ghost and the party. After Zhang commanded a fire on him, he finally agreed, but he Remind Wang Tianxiang: In the final analysis, they are all members of the headquarters. Although he is dedicated to his work, saving others is also saving himself.

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