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llustrated Book of Beauty in Martial Art 武林秘案之美人圖鑑 Episode 5 Recap

Chu Yunxiao discovered that a group of people were coming menacingly, unlike those who had come to participate in the martial arts conference. The three of them talked about Qixia Mountain Villa, the old owner of the Nangong Family and Yongcui Villa Li Guanyu, whose wife and children were both kidnapped. Hu Wanhua interrupted what he was going to say, just when Ji Xuanyuan saw Gao Yue downstairs, he shut his mouth and stared at Gao Yue.

Seeing her being entangled by yesterday’s defeated general Liu Qingyuan, Ji Xuanyuan came forward to help her, but Hu Wanhua left Ji Xuanyuan to fight, and took Gao Yue away. After Ji Xuanyuan caught up, he just said a few words to Gao Yue and left. Gao Yue still had important things to do, so he bid farewell to Hu Wanhua and left.

Because Mrs. Jin persisted in using the prescription Leng Xingchen gave, and finally made Young Master Jin get better. Master Jin’s attitude towards Leng Xingchen has changed a lot. He apologized to Leng Xingchen for the previous rudeness and welcomed her into the house to treat his son. Young Master Jin’s condition tended to stabilize, Master Jin gave out a bunch of white silver, Leng Xingchen declined, and only took one.

A girl named Shangguan Qianqian had a stubborn temper and ran under Chu Yunxiao’s wine table to hide. Later, she came out and went back obediently, and she became attached to Chu Yunxiao. Hu Wanhua demon went to see the martial arts conference, and happened to be following Leng Xingchen’s Kuner also wanted to go, Leng Xingchen entrusted him to Hu Wanhua.

Leng Xingchen had just entered the Yipin Building, and behind him was a beggar gang bullying another beggar gang. Leng Xingchen protected him behind him, and Chu Yunxiao also came forward to help her. After explaining it clearly, they learned that the Beggars were handling the affairs of the Beggars, and they were inconvenient to intervene. At this time, Hu Wanhua, who was watching the rising of the martial arts conference, suddenly found that the child Kun’er was missing, and hurriedly searched everywhere.

Chu Yunxiao took Leng Xingchen for a walk by the river, halfway through the sudden weather trapped in the ruined temple. Hu Wanhua returned to the Luofu Inn and told Ji Xuanyuan that he had lost Kuner. In the ruined temple, Leng Xingchen talked to Chu Yunxiao about his childhood. Chu Yunxiao didn’t understand why Leng Xingchen wanted to show others in a man’s costume. Leng Xingchen said that women cannot practice medicine to save people, but his father wants her to inherit the mantle, so Leng Xingchen basically wears men’s clothing.

Ji Xuanyuan and Hu Wanhua found the ruined temple and told Leng Xingchen and Chu Yunxiao about Kun’s loss. Since Songjiang Mansion is so big, Chu Yunxiao intends to find Master Jin for help. At the same time, Ji Xuanyuan and Hu Wanhua are also looking for Kuner everywhere on the street. Young Master Jin helped them find Kun’er’s whereabouts. He told them not to worry, and believed that Kun’er’s whereabouts would be found soon. Hu Wanhua and Ji Xuanyuan met Zhao Lingzhu, a member of the Emei sect. They said that Baiyunzi had been killed, and Master Tianhu asked them to rush to Wanshou Garden. Zhao Lingzhu told them about the legend of the headless general, which surprised Hu Wanhua and Ji Xuanyuan.

Hu Wanhua and Ji Xuanyuan returned empty-handed. Chu Yunxiao remembered what happened today and guessed that Kuner might be the leader of the Beggar Gang. Sure enough, Young Master Jin then got news that confirmed that Qiao Kun was the leader of the Beggar Gang. Qiao Kun’s father has secured the position of the leader of the Beggar Gang, and Qiao Kun is also safe and sound. Seeing Qiao Kun’s token, Leng Xingchen was finally relieved.

The next day, they met Qiao Kun and his father Qiao Rui on the street. Qiao Rui thanked Leng Xingchen for taking care of Kun’er before. He did not get back the token of the Beggar Gang, Yubanzhi, and both parties said goodbye. In the dark and windy night, a man in black sneaked into the woman’s room and killed her.

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