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llustrated Book of Beauty in Martial Art 武林秘案之美人圖鑑 Episode 4 Recap

Hu Wanhua blocked the man in black’s darts and injured his butt. Leng Xingchen took out medicine to Ji Xuanyuan and asked him to apply medicine to Hu Wanhua. The four continued to move forward and parted ways with the children in the town. The three men in black who had just assassinated Leng Xingchen came back to plead guilty and were killed by the masked master.

He sent three men in black to hunt down Leng Xingchen. The three of Chu Yunxiao ate at the restaurant. He said that he had made a major discovery last night. The Jin family in Songjiang Prefecture is a well-known decent, rich and powerful, and has always been one of the organizers of the martial arts conference, but the only son of the Jin family, Jin Shaoye, is a dude, and he wants to take the beauty picture as a prize in the martial arts conference.

Chu Yunxiao also said that in Chonghuan Pavilion last time, there was a person who was very similar to the young master Jin mentioned by the shopkeeper. He suspected that the mysterious buyer behind the beauty picture was Young Master Jin. Leng Xingchen is very strange, why Young Master Jin takes the beauty picture as a prize for the martial arts conference. Chu Yunxiao also didn’t know what he meant, and decided to visit Master Jin the next day. That night, Leng Xingchen thought about his mother’s affairs. He didn’t even hear Chu Yunxiao’s knock on the door. He enlightened Leng Xingchen and said that her mother might have left this necklace with ulterior motives. Chu Yunxiao came to visit and moved out of his father’s name, General Chu Tiankuo, and Master Jin agreed to meet him.

Master Jin welcomed them to the martial arts conference, but he refused to show them the beauty picture. Chu Yunxiao no longer insisted. Before he left, he gave the doctor who had just entered thoughtfully. The martial arts tournament began. The first game was Liu Qingyuan of the Western Regions vs. Lin Shan of the Huashan faction. The latter was defeated. When Shangguan Rufeng received the news, the Jin family concealed the secret of the death and decapitation of the major disciple Lin Song of the Kongtong School.

Hu Wanhua and Ji Xuanyuan were talking about the martial arts competition just now, and saw a female hero resisting the falling plaque and saving a little girl. Hu Wanhua happened to help her again, and the two met and reported each other’s names. This woman said that she was Gao Yue of the Huashan School, which reminded Ji Xuanyuan of an older sister she met when she was a child.

Chu Yunxiao found out that Young Master Jin was indeed sick, and he didn’t know whether Young Master Jin’s illness was related to Beauty Picture. It was rumored in the arena that the headless general was at work. The steward suggested that Mr. Jin should report to the government, but Mr. Jin refused. Chu Yunxiao told Leng Xingchen about Young Master Jin’s illness, and she said that maybe she could help.

Chu Yunxiao and Hu Wanhua pretended to be members of the Jin family, and learned of Young Master Jin’s illness from Dr. Li, a ruyi doctor, and he returned to tell Leng Xingchen. Leng Xingchen remembered hearing his father talk about similar cases when she was a child, but she still needs to see the patient to determine whether it can be cured. They then wrote a letter of visit to the Jin family. Leng Xingchen put on men’s clothes and was brought into the Jin family by Chu Yunxiao.

Leng Xingchen took the pulse for Young Master Jin and said that he was a rare and strange poison, but according to the prescription she gave, Young Master Jin could be cured. Mrs. Jin cried with joy. He didn’t expect Master Jin to discover that Leng Xingchen was the woman Chu Yunxiao had brought last time. He understood that they were deceiving herself and said that he did not agree to let Leng Xingchen treat her son. Later, Mrs. Jin came to the door and told them about Young Master Jin and rumors in the house. Chu Yunxiao took Leng Xingchen, who was in a bad mood, onto the roof, and plucked up the courage to confess to her.

In the martial arts conference the next day, Gao Yue defeated Liu Qingyuan, and Hu Wanhua laughed when he saw Ji Xuanyuan, who had a straight face all the time. Because of Chu Yunxiao’s confession, Leng Xingchen has been unable to sleep. Chu Yunxiao came to her, and the two fell in love with each other, and there was even a sweet smell in the air.

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