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llustrated Book of Beauty in Martial Art 武林秘案之美人圖鑑 Episode 3 Recap

Leng Xingchen bowed down to his father’s tablet. Chu Yunxiao noticed that the tablet with no lettering was strange, so he picked it up, unexpectedly touching the mechanism and opening the bamboo door. It was a room that Leng Xingchen had never set foot in. She found the necklace. In the box there was only a letter she wrote to Leng Xingchen’s father Leng Yuzhu.

The letter said her mother was a princess from the previous dynasty and secretly established the Shenshui Palace, and the court sent Tie Zhongtang to go. To destroy Shenshui Palace, she is going to save her mother. Fearing that he would be implicated, she left a letter without saying goodbye. Leng Xingchen was very sad. She had never seen her mother in her life, and her father had never mentioned her mother. Chu Yunxiao comforted her and said that her mother did it for her good.

The two left the Leng Mansion, and a man in black appeared behind them. After accidentally finding the gemstone necklace and seeing Leng Xingchen’s mother’s letter, they decided to continue to investigate the beauty picture. Because Leng Xingchen was involved in this matter, Chu Yunxiao was very worried that she would be in danger. The two returned to Luofu Town, and Hu Wanhua found out that the beauty picture would appear at the Martial Arts Conference in Songjiang Prefecture.

This martial arts conference in Songjiang Prefecture is held every three years, with the purpose of giving disciples of various factions the opportunity to learn martial arts. The Jin family got the beauty picture and used it as a prize for the martial arts conference. This is even more confusing. Chu Yunxiao thought that the beauty picture was related to the ghost son, but never wanted to jump out of the Jin family again.

Leng Xingchen guessed that the Jin family is related to the ghost son, and perhaps in the Chonghuan Pavilion, the mysterious buyer behind the beauty picture is the Jin family. Chu Yunxiao also wanted to go to the martial arts conference to find out, but Ji Xuanyuan and Leng Xingchen disagreed. Chu Yunxiao asked how Ji Xuanyuan escaped from the martial arts people that day. He said that Shangguan Rufeng, the owner of the Shangguan Villa in Qixia Villa, helped him midway. Ji Xuanyuan wanted to persuade him to return to the mansion, but Beauty Tu was related to Leng Xingchen’s safety, and he would not give up easily.

Ji Xuanyuan turned to find Leng Xingchen, wanting her to persuade Chu Yunxiao to return home. And Hu Wanhua was also thinking about whether to get drunk Ji Xuanyuan, lest he always wanted to take Chu Yunxiao back home. After not seeing him for a while, Chu Yunxiao missed Leng Xingchen very much. He came over and hugged her, and then said that no matter what, he would not let her be alone in the danger.

Hu Wanhua asked Ji Xuanyuan to come out for a drink. After getting him drunk, he wanted him to allow Chu Yunxiao to go to the martial arts conference with himself, but even if Ji Xuanyuan was drunk, he would not let go. He was overwhelmed with alcohol and drank unconsciously. Hu Wanhua quickly carried him back. Leng Xingchen found that he was poisoned by drinking.

Leng Xingchen took medicine for him, and he was all right now. Leng Xingchen finally agreed to Chu Yunxiao to go to the martial arts conference, but only if he must ensure his safety. The next day, Ji Xuanyuan woke up without a serious problem. Hu Wanhua told him not to hate his behavior when he was drunk yesterday, because he didn’t mean it.

Shangguan Rufeng sent Leng Xingchen the best Ganoderma lucidum, and apologized to her for the last time he lost his attitude after drinking. Shangguan Rufeng also knew Master Ghost, he was going to the martial arts convention, and Chu Yunxiao agreed with him to see him at the martial arts convention. Leng Xingchen packed her things and prepared to leave. She deliberately asked Chu Yunxiao to drink Hu Wanhua tea with You Hua Gong San, and then asked Ji Xuanyuan to take them back to Chu Mansion.

As a result, Chu Yunxiao persuaded him, and Ji Xuanyuan decided to give him the antidote. Leng Xingchen rescued a child on the way to the martial arts conference. This unkempt child also wanted to go to the martial arts conference with her. They encountered a man in black who was robbed and killed on the way. Fortunately, Chu Yunxiao and others rushed to rescue her.

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