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Legend of Fei 电视剧版有匪 Episode 34 Recap

Wu Chuchu explored Li Sheng’s footsteps all the way, and finally came to the foot of Qi Men. After being molested in a tea house, Yin Pei who secretly sent someone to protect him, cut off all the tongues of those people and fed the dogs. After that, Yin Pei heard that Wu Chuchu was walking with a strange and suspicious man, and even went there in person.

Feng Wuyan has been unable to remember how to completely pass through the dense forest of formations, so he had to stand at the foot of the mountain and wait for the rabbits. Only then did Wu Chuchu come to the Qimen formation together. Naturally, Wu Chuchu didn’t know how to pass the method, and was so angry that Feng was speechless and turned away, leaving her here alone.

Wu Chuchu worried that Li Sheng was eager, and rammed into the woods and got lost, but only entered Qimen under the guidance of Yin Pei. Yin Pei deliberately pretended to be ordinary, wearing a hat, and pretending to be an ordinary woodcutter that Wu Chuchu did not recognize. As soon as he walked out of the woods, he met Feng Wuyan and went up the mountain to ask for help. Yin Pei learned that the other party’s purpose was to kill Li Sheng, and he was naturally willing to lead the way.

Li Sheng is not Feng Wuyan’s opponent, but the world is so big, and the only person who knows Qimen Dunjia and gossip is Li Sheng, so Feng Wuyan did not dare to really kill. The two were in a stalemate, and Li Sheng simply committed suicide. At that time, he was Feng Wuwen’s ancestor of Qimen.

Hearing the word ancestor seemed to expose Feng Wuyan’s weakness in his heart. Why didn’t he regret it, because he was young and vigorous, and disdainful of Qi Men’s art, which caused his father to attach importance to rushing into the sky and left him in the cold. Now that Qi Men has been destroyed, as the son of the head, he is unable to pass on the martial art, Feng Wuyan is both regretful and unwilling to admit.

Seeing Feng Wushen’s pitifulness, Li Sheng wrote the Qi Men’s Art for him to learn. Feng Wuyan discarded the whiskers he had taken at will, accidentally, let Li Sheng discover the ripples of water hidden in the whiskers. At this moment, Wu Chuchu, who was supposed to leave, left a note along the way, causing Tong Tianyang to follow him up.

Seeing that Tong Tianyang wanted to snatch the head of the dust, Feng Wuyan wrestled with him. The two fight, and the whisk falls to the ground. Li Sheng picked up the whisk and dragged Wu Chuchu out of the gymnasium, fell down the stone gate, and locked everyone in the gym. During the period, Wu Chuchu was seriously injured. Li Sheng took her back to Lingling Guest House and met Zhu Chen by chance. Only then was she able to have a carriage rushed to Hengyang to seek the help of Mrs. Nishang.

Zhou Fei, who was still trapped in the snow cave, made a deal with Mu Xiaoqiao. Since this time it was not for fame and fortune, nor for chasing the sea and the sky, Mu Xiaoqiao played a role in helping Zhou Fei obtain the fire lotus. Return Shen Duyin to Mu Xiaoqiao. Zhou Fei pretended not to beat Mu Xiaoqiao and suddenly threw “Shen Duyin” out of the mountain, unwilling to let the other party take advantage.

Lu Tiankuang was indeed fooled. After he chased down the mountain, he realized that the so-called “Shen Duyin” was nothing more than a stone. At this moment, it was useless for him to look back. Zhou Fei also took the opportunity to pluck the fire lotus, and went to the foot of the snow-capped mountain with Mu Xiaoqiao, and agreed to meet at Lingling Guest House tomorrow. Mu Xiaoqiao is accustomed to seeing the sinister world, this is the last time he believes in others.

Zhou Fei rushed to Penglai Island with the fire lotus, and fell asleep completely. Xie Yun drank the second medicine and was awakened, but he had to retreat and cultivate before he could not meet Zhou Fei. On the contrary, Zhou Fei didn’t care. She just wanted to go to the hot places in southern Xinjiang, looking for the last one.

In the evil courtyard, Yu Wenzhi came to find Hu Tianying himself. Right now, although Liu Youliang burned the map, Tong Tianyang had seen it once, and the pattern reveals that the whisk of Chongxiaozi is one of them. Shen Tianshu ordered Gu Tianxian to go to the vicinity of the Great Medicine Valley to inquire, but he didn’t know that someone had quietly encouraged Hu Tianying to agree to go out of the mountain.

Whether it is Hu Tianying’s body or Shen Tianshu’s current situation, they can no longer forcefully fight with others, which is why they did not come out personally this time. Hu Tianying healed Shen Tianshu while recalling their past.

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