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Legend of Fei 电视剧版有匪 Episode 33 Recap

Yang Jin’s knife and the snake that should follow him scared everyone including Tong Tianyang away from the inn, and the three of them led Liu Youliang to leave the place of right and wrong. The three of Li Yan fled all the way to an abandoned ruined temple. Liu Youliang didn’t trust the person in front of him, but when he heard that Li Yan was Li Zheng’s granddaughter, he immediately hid him secretly.

It turns out that this Liu Youliang is the guardian of the tomb who guards the sea and the sky. Twenty years have passed and the world has long changed hands. He is the only one who is kept in the dark. He came out because he was afraid that he could not bear the loneliness. Chong Xiaozi had written correspondence with him before, but the news broke recently, and Liu Youliang could not bear the endless loneliness and quietness, and chose to go out to inquire about the situation.

After going down the mountain, Liu Youliang heard that Huojiabao was holding a World Conference and publicly putting the secrets hidden by his predecessors in front of everyone for discussion. As a result, Chu Tianyu found his traces and was hunted down in front of him. Although Liu Youliang has guarded the sea and the sky for 20 years, even he does not know what the sea and the sky are.

The sound of horseshoes not far away is getting closer, and there are children wandering here in the ruined temple. If the three of Li Yan escape, Tong Tianyang will not let these children go. Since he couldn’t escape, and he couldn’t fight against him, there was only one way to go. Liu Youliang forced Li Yan to memorize the poems suggesting where the sea and the sky are.

Everyone confronted the chasing Tong Tianyang head-on. Liu Youliang threw the map to the opponent, but saw that the map spontaneously ignited the moment it was opened. Liu Youliang hugged Tong Tianyang’s thigh tightly and gave Li Yan a chance to escape. He also died tragically under each other’s hands. Liu Youliang has been in a muddle-headed manner for twenty years, and he can’t tell whether he is a man or a ghost. Before he dies, he entrusts the secrets of the sea and the sky to future generations.

At the same time, Lu Tiankuang deliberately asked the vendors to sell the cold-resistant horses to Zhou Fei, and then followed all the way to the extremely cold northwestern region. The place was icy and snowy, and the wind was roaring, but Zhou Fei didn’t have the intention of retreating. She would climb to the top of the snowy mountain even with her legs. Unexpectedly, Mu Xiaoqiao also came here to regain Shen Duyin for the Huo family.

Lu Tiankuang went to the pedestrians on the road to inquire about Zhou Fei’s whereabouts, but was recognized by the local residents. He was a child who had grown up with a wolf in this snow-capped mountain. That’s why there is a snow wolf. Seeing the man yelling like a ghost, Lu Tiankuang smiled ironically and ignored it.

Zhou Fei climbed to the top of the mountain with her own strength, but Mu Xiaoqiao first stopped her action. The Fire Lotus was right in front of her, but she could not take it off. Following that, Lu Tiankuang also came for Shen Duyin. Mu Xiaoqiao was already disgusted with the people of Earth Sha, and now he stopped pestering Zhou Fei and attacked Lu Tiankuang instead.

Just before Zhou Fei pulled out to pick the fire lotus, a sudden avalanche made her hand only a moment to achieve her wish. If it were not for Mu Xiaoqiao’s help, Zhou Fei would have been buried alive in the snow-capped mountains. In the dim, Zhou Fei seemed to see Xie Yun persuading her to give up, and then bid her farewell.

People who are concerned about each other seem to be sensitive. Although Xie Yun who is in Penglai hasn’t woken up yet, when Zhou Fei is in danger, he seems to be able to sense everything about the other party, and he keeps calling Zhou Fei’s name in his mouth.

Penglai Sanxian Chen Junfu did not approve of Xie Yun’s emergence, and every time he came back, he was only half-life, and now he is even more delirious. On the contrary, Master Tongming is more transparent, no matter what the result is, it is fate, and he can’t force it.

When Zhou Fei fully awake from her coma, she was found trapped in the snow cave, and Mu Xiaoqiao sat next to her. When he was alone, Mu Xiaoqiao found that Zhou Fei, like him, was just looking at himself for someone else, even if he did not hesitate to look at him. Mu Xiaoqiao was originally a man of temperament, but now the opportunity can be regarded as turning enemies into friends with Zhou Fei.

Li Sheng worried about the safety of Chongxiaozi, and returned to the abandoned Qimen alone, but he did not know that Feng Wuyan had already followed him. Although there is still formation protection outside Qi Men, how can this stop Feng Wushen.

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