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Legend of Fei 电视剧版有匪 Episode 32 Recap

As a child, Xie Yun was greedy for ordinary enjoyment and didn’t want to bear any heavy burdens. But since he deliberately hid from people, the official Wang Zhongguan mistakenly thought that he had lost his life to the sea, leaving a book to commit himself in shame. Xie Yun didn’t think about it, but just hide and seek, how could a person’s life be affected.

The death of Wang Zhongguan was firmly engraved in Xie Yun’s heart. Since then, he has been judged as two people, and he has been serious and hardworking in both civil and martial arts. Years later, Xie Yun left Penglai for the first time, and it was this time that he entered the battlefield. After being rescued by the teacher, he could no longer use force with others.

Mentioned in the past, the most important is the life-saving method. Touguqing is the first poison prepared by the Great Medicine Valley. It is recorded in the Medicine King Jing. Master Tong Ming guessed that the Medicine King Jing would have a detoxification method, but since the Great Medicine Valley collapsed , I have never seen this Medicine King Jing again.

For the present plan, only Master Tongming brought Xie Yun back to Penglai and tried his best to find the three-flavored soup. There are three potions of Sanwei Soup, which are holy relics scattered all over the world. Master Tongming only prepares the first flavor, which can temporarily protect the heart pulse from freezing.

The second medicine is the fire lotus, which was born in the extremely cold northwestern region. The lotus produces nine pedicles. The best time for picking is when the nine flowers grow. If you miss it, you need to wait another ten years. Sanwei Tang treats the symptoms but not the root cause, but it can save life temporarily, which is enough to make Zhou Fei go through fire and water.

Zhou Fei was eager to get the medicine, and she couldn’t even take a look at Xie Yun at the last glance. As for Nashen Duyin, she had no intention to fight for it and was unable to keep it, so she simply entrusted Master Tong Ming to keep it on her behalf. After Zhou Fei left, Ying He Cong, who had been hiding in the dark, sneaked into the boat tent and was caught by Master Tong Ming when he was about to steal Xie Yun’s body. I saw that should go directly out of the ship, hung on a tree branch, and passed out.

The night before, Wu Chuchu was talking to Li Sheng about Yin Pei. His rebirth is visible to the naked eye, but the surge in martial arts overnight will inevitably pay a painful price that others don’t know. Li Sheng didn’t envy Yin Pei at all. At this moment, in his heart, only slowly accumulating bit by bit is the right way to practice.

Wu Chuchu was consciously dragged down, and actually took out the recorded dry hands. Unexpectedly, Yin Pei suddenly arrived and found her trying to practice martial arts in Lingling Guest House. The trace of kindness made Yin Pei miss until now, and he has always wanted to repay Wu Chuchu one or two, but his appearance at the moment really made the other person afraid to approach.

Li Sheng didn’t know where he came from, only to discover that the whisk for Chong Xiaozi was in Yin Pei’s hands. The two struggled, Li Sheng was caught by Yin Pei’s neck with a whisk, but it was Wu Chuchu who asked to plead. Yin Pei originally came here to send Fuchen, and now he is the master of Sixiang Mountain. It is he who avenges himself. As for those things that are not his, he has never been rare.

Today, Li Yan and Yang Jin were out looking for Zhou Fei, but by chance they saved what should be done. He was reluctant to mention all the previous things. This made everyone mistakenly believe that Chu Tianyu was killed by Zhou Fei. Such news made Li Sheng silent. However, after turning around, Li Sheng didn’t know where to go. Wu Chuchu searched alone, causing Yin Pei to worry, and he wanted to chase after him.

The pity and evil Hu Tianying’s condition is dying, and Shen Tianshu has tried his best to find the sea and the sky, but it is only to find the medicine king Jing to save his life. Xie Yun’s Peculiar Green was ordered by Hu Tianying. She naturally knew that the fire lotus could save her life, so she asked Shen Tianshu to send Lu Tiankuang, known as the “Snow Wolf”, to go to the extremely cold northwest to intercept Zhou Fei.

Before Chu Tianyu’s death, he had contacted Liu Youliang of the Anping Army. He knew the secret of the sea and the sky, which the earth evil could not tolerate. Tong Tianyang chased Liu Youliang all the way to the Lingling guesthouse. Li Yan only regarded it as a good person who had an enemy with the earth, so she secretly sent Hongyu upstairs to ask for help, and she took the first step to protect Liu Youliang.

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