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Legend of Fei 电视剧版有匪 Episode 31 Recap

Huo Liantao ran away in a hurry and was blocked by Mu Xiaoqiao before his life. The two hadn’t spoken yet, but Huo Liantao suddenly broke his neck and died. Chu Tianyu intends to be cautious, killing Huo Liantao but it is easy, Mu Xiaoqiao would not give up the things of the Huo family, and then the two fought together. After a few tricks, Mu Xiaoqiao was defeated and had to flee.

Back then, Chu Tianyu was a small official next to Xie Yun’s father. After learning the skills secretly, he betrayed him, and then joined Disha and became the middle official of the dynasty. As soon as Zhou Fei and Xie Yun rescued Chen Zichen from the enemy, they met Chu Tianyu who came after them. The hatred of killing their father was not shared, and in an instant, it was a situation of endless death.

Explaining that it is more important than fate, Zhou Fei naturally understood that Xie Yun was determined to unlock the door of heaven for him, and the two worked together to attack Chu Tianyu. If Chu Tianyu had not entered the court as an official and disdained everything in the world, how could Shen Tianshu become the master of the evil with his skill? It is conceivable that Zhou Fei must not be Chu Tianyu’s opponent, and the Sabre should also be used for two moves.

In a critical moment, Xie Yun mobilized the internal strength of the whole body, with a palm down, he was going to Chu Tianyu to change his life, shaking the other party calmly, and his mind was disturbed. Xie Yun was also beaten back by the force of internal force, blood spurted out, and he was no longer able to continue. Just as the three of them were killing the red eyes, a thick white smoke suddenly drifted away, and both Chu Tianyu and Zhou Fei lost their feet and became weak.

The poison of the condensation, the deeper the internal strength, the faster the poison is released, that is, what should be made specifically to deal with Chu Tianyu, today I can finally see Chu Tianyu dying in front of him with his own eyes, so why should he be so happy in his heart? Although happy, it is clear what to do. If Zhou Fei and Xie Yun hadn’t hurt Chu Tianyu and disturbed his mind, this kind of poison would not be close to each other, otherwise they would not have the opportunity to use them for three years.

Ying He Cong was willing to come to Japan to repay, but unfortunately Zhou Fei wanted, but he couldn’t afford it. Since the traitor, Pity Mirage, came out of the Great Medicine Valley, and the sect was destroyed by the evil spirits, only Ying Ho Chong, a disciple who only knew about playfulness before, has not been inherited by the Great Medicine Valley. Ying He was unable to detoxify the poison of the bone green, and after leaving the antidote of the condensate, he left lonely.

There was no other way, Zhou Fei just wanted to carry Xie Yun to the temple and pray for God to worship the Buddha. If it were not desperate, who would place hope in such a vain thing. Xie Yun knew that the deadline was approaching, and just wanted to tell Zhou Fei his sincerity. If she could live with her in the Forty-Eight Village and be ordinary and happy, that would be Xie Yun’s greatest wish.

Zhou Fei missed Xie Yun in his heart, and he couldn’t even take the antidote given by Hecong. Now that he was dragging his heavily wounded and poisoned body, how far could he carry Xie Yun, soon, the two of them passed out in the woods.

During the period, Li Sheng and Mrs. Nishang wanted to find Ding Kui for the people, they saw that Ding Kui was thrown on the ground by a man in black and a mask covering his face, no more sound. Although Ding Kui is not a first-rate master, anyone who wants to kill him easily can never be the unknown person in the rivers and lakes. Madam Nishang didn’t know who this person was, but Wu Chuchu saw Yin Pei’s shadow on him.

When Zhou Fei woke up from the coma, she found herself in a flat boat, and the boat was an unknown monk. Zhou Fei thought that Xie Yun was dead, but she didn’t know where to go. Finally, under the monk’s order, she understood that the chivalry of the world was passed down from generation to generation and should not fall into love.

The monk saw that Zhou Fei’s heart was clear, and then let her go into the boat tent to check, only to see that Xie Yun was pale, but still breathing. The great grief and joy made Zhou Fei feel uncomfortable, and could not help lying in Xie Yun’s arms, feeling the heartbeat of the other party and the joy of recovery.

After Zhou Fei asked, it was discovered that this monk was Master Tongming of Penglai Sanxian and Xie Yun’s master. In the gossip, Master Tongming recalled that year, Xie Yun and his loathing of the suffering caused by the noble status, dreamed of becoming the most ordinary person, but did not know that the most ordinary person was struggling with livelihoods, and yearned to become a nobleman.

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