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Here Comes Fortune Star 廢財闖天關 Episode 52 Recap

Xia Xia Qin and Hushen looked everywhere for the good fortune tablet, and finally found them in a recycling yard. They waited for the tablet to be automatically repaired before they could connect with Yuelao, ask for a red line solution, and rescue Zhao Zimo who was trapped in the Netherworld. Zhang Liqian was afraid that the photos would make the Xu Group unhappy, so he paid a sum of money and asked the paparazzi to delete the photos on the spot.

Shao Zi was heartbroken. It turned out that he was just Zhang Liqian’s pawn. He believed that the two did not belong to the same world and hoped not to contact him again. Zhang Liqian tried to explain, but didn’t expect Zhang Qihong to run to the old street to arrest people. Zhang Qihong suppressed his anger and asked Zhang Liqian to execute the Zhang Xu Group marriage. Zhang Liqian told Zhang Qihong that he didn’t love Xu Tianai.

Zhang Qihong gave Zhang Liqian a slap in anger and immediately removed the post of chief executive officer. Shao Zi wanted to throw away all the memories with Zhang Liqian, but Zhang Liqian appeared in front of her embarrassed in the rain. Zhang Liqian told Shao Zi that he had nothing and wanted to be with Shao Zi. The plumber CP finally bravely welcomed the arrival of love at this moment.

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