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Here Comes Fortune Star 廢財闖天關 Episode 51 Recap

Zhang Liqian is facing increasing pressure. Shao Ma decided to help Zhang Liqian, but Aniu had never changed in her heart. Shao Ma ran away in private for several days, asking the villagers to agree to sign, and gave multiple consent forms to Zhang Liqian, but Dad Shao discovered that the two bosses had a quarrel, and Ma Shao ran away from home. Shao Zi’s attitude towards the renovation of the old street softened, the communication software was lifted, and Shao Qian was back online.

Shao Zi refused to let his parents quarrel, and conveyed Shao’s father’s feelings to Shao Ma. Then Shao Ma told Shao Zi that what he cared most was not the transformation of the old street but the happiness of his daughter. There was a turning point in the transformation of the old street, and the relationship between Shao Zi and Zhang Liqian was also turning around.

Shao Zi was very touched. Xu Tianai tried to persuade Zhang Zhenyu not to hold a shareholder meeting. Zhang Zhenyu shifted all the responsibility to Minzhu. Zhang Zhenyu encouraged Tianai to insist on the marriage and encouraged Tianai love to be won by himself. Heavenly love seems to be shaken. At the same time, Zhang Liqian asked Shao Zi to help lobby the shareholders of the Zhang Group.

In the process, Shao Zi couldn’t stand the face of the shareholders, and went straight away and choked back, frightening the other party, which made Zhang Liqian smile. The two returned to live in peace, interacting intimately and ambiguously, and all this was secretly photographed by paparazzi. Zhao Zimo’s abnormality made Xia Qin very worried. Tianqin made soup for Zimo (God of Plague) to drink. She didn’t know that Zimo was the God of Plague, but she was also puzzled by Zimo’s weird behavior.

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