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Forever Love 百岁之好,一言为定 Episode 28 End Recap

Two years later, Jiang Zhenghan looked at the empty room. He drew circles on the calendar every day, waiting for Xia Linxi to return home. In the industry, Jiang Zhenghan has been rated as one of the top ten outstanding figures and outstanding entrepreneurial youths. Hengxia Software has grown in scale and has become a leader in the industry. Mr. Xie also came to work for Hengxia Software.

Jiang Zhenghan gave a sharing session to the younger brothers and sisters of Beijing University and told about his experience in high school. He has relied on hard work all the way to the present day and encouraged everyone to have a good future as long as they work hard. When a junior sister asked him about the type of girls he liked, Jiang Zhenghan said that he did not like the type, only the person he liked. As long as that person returns to China, they will get married immediately.

Xia Linxi sent a message to Jiang Zhenghan and rushed to Hengxia Software as soon as he got off the plane. It happened to be holding campus recruitment here. Many juniors and sisters came here to apply for Jiang Zhenghan. They all regarded Jiang Zhenghan as a role model for counterattack. Xia Linxi pulled the suitcase and was considered the person who came for the interview. Jiang Zhenghan called Xia Linxi. The familiar ringtone made Jiang Zhenghan see Xia Linxi standing at the door. He excitedly ran to pick Xia Linxi and everyone around applauded them.

Jiang Zhenghan took Xia Linxi to visit the layout of the new company, and an office was specially prepared for her. Xia Linxi was particularly surprised to see that Hengxia now has many employees. Just as Shen Wenyue came over and saw Xia Linxi coming back, she was also happy for the two of them. Zhang Huaiwu told Xia Linxi that he fell in love with Shen Wenyue at first sight when he was in college, and it was because of his persistence that he won Shen Wenyue’s heart.

In the past two years, Chen Yichuan and Gu Xiaoman got married. Gu Xiaoman sat on the sofa with a serious face, Chen Yichuan thought he had made a mistake, and worried that Gu Xiaoman would say to him to break up. Gu Xiaoman told Chen Yichuan that he did make a mistake. Gu Xiaoman was pregnant, and Chen Yichuan was very happy that he could be a father. He said that he would tell Xia Linxi the news as soon as possible. He finally took the lead. Gu Xiaoman saw that Xia Linxi was back, and felt that he had a lot to say to Xia Linxi. Chen Yichuan was very proud and shouted a brother-in-law in front of Jiang Zhenghan, asking him to work hard.

Jiang Zhenghan handled the company’s affairs, and immediately drove Xia Linxi back to Jiang Ming, saying that he would formally come to propose a marriage and he also prepared many gifts. Xia Linxi was worried that Xia’s mother would embarrass Jiang Zhenghan and reminded him that she must pay attention to Xia’s mother who eats soft but not hard. Dad Xia was very happy to see Xia Linxi coming back.

Jiang Zhenghan also bought Dad Xia his favorite game console. Mother Xia looked solemn, Jiang Zhenghan said that she would bring happiness to Xia Linxi and would always love Xia Linxi alone. Mother Xia cuts tofu with a knife. If Xia Linxi comes back to her crying in the future, she will never let Jiang Zhenghan go. Jiang Zhenghan said that he would never fail Xia Linxi, and Xia’s mother gave him the household registration book.

Jiang Zhenghan took Xia Linxi to try on the wedding dress, but Xu Zhili did not expect this famous bridal shop to be opened. In order to save Chu Qiuyan, Xu Zhili voluntarily withdrew from the software industry and switched to a wedding again. The two also got married. Gu Xiaoman and Xia Linxi both blessed Chu Qiuyan, and Chu Qiuyan asked Xu Zhili to host Jiang Zhenghan’s wedding as a way to make up for the wrong things he had done before.

Xia Linxi saw that Gu Xiaoman was pregnant and Chu Qiuyan got married, and worried that she didn’t have a bridesmaid. Hearing that the best man was Qin Yue, Chu Qiuyan thought that it would be suitable to be alone. Xia Linxi invited Shi Ying, hoping she could be her bridesmaid, Shi Ying readily agreed and apologized to Xia Linxi. Xia Linxi didn’t take it to heart. She was also happy to see Shi Ying become herself again and become a jewelry designer.

On the day of the wedding, Jiang Zhenghan and Xia Linxi were going to Xia Jiajing’s elders. Father Xia said that he had always been optimistic about Jiang Zhenghan. Mother Xia wanted to cry. She knew that she was strong and worked hard to take care of her before Xia Linxi was eighteen. Thinking of Xia Linxi’s first collision with herself for Jiang Zhenghan, she realized that Xia Linxi had grown up. Jiang Zhenghan changed his mouth and called to his parents. Xia Linxi shed moving tears when he saw all this. It is the happiest thing to be blessed by his parents on the wedding day.

The wedding was held in Jiangming No. 1 Middle School, and Xu Zhili also helped. Zhang Huaiwu was in charge of the emcee, but Chen Yichuan received a call midway through the company’s software. Jiang Zhenghan and Xia Linxi went through the wedding process as soon as possible and directly tested the security data on the spot. Xu Zhili was fortunate to have quit the software industry early, and looked at Jiang Zhenghan and Xia Linxi very happy.

How happy it is for everyone to meet the right person at the right time, from high school to marriage, it is perfect and impeccable.

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