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Forever Love 百岁之好,一言为定 Episode 27 Recap

Chen Yichuan and Gu Xiaoman returned to the Beijing University for a walk. Gu Xiaoman felt that starting a business was like a pile of wood when he was a child, and he felt a sense of accomplishment. The two accidentally walked too close when they were chatting. Chen Yichuan’s first kiss was occupied by Gu Xiaoman for the first time. He felt that the hug felt great and the kissing felt very comfortable. Chen Yichuan likes to fall in love. He accidentally said that Xia Linxi was going abroad.

Gu Xiaoman was surprised. At that time, he raised money for the company. Xia Linxi asked Xia’s mother to borrow money on the condition that Xia Linxi went abroad. Gu Xiaoman wanted to tell Jiang Zhenghan immediately, but Chen Yichuan stopped him. Chen Yichuan vowed to Xia Linxi that this matter should not be told to Jiang Zhenghan.

Knowing that she was going abroad, Xia Linxi deliberately went to the supermarket to buy a lot of household goods, worried that Jiang Zhenghan could not take care of herself because of the company. Jiang Zhenghan felt that Xia Linxi was very strange, and said that these things are not necessary, as long as Xia Linxi is around. Xia Linxi almost wanted to cry, Jiang Zhenghan thought that he had given Xia Linxi life pressure, and hugged her tightly. Xia Linxi went to the Academic Affairs Office of Beijing University the next day to apply for a transfer abroad. She was reluctant to be here, let alone Jiang Zhenghan.

After returning to the dormitory, Xia Linxi heard Gu Xiaoman and Chu Qiuyan discuss her own affairs. Gu Xiaoman wanted to help Xia Linxi return the money to Xia’s mother. Chu Qiuyan felt it was not that simple. Xia Linxi can only agree to Xia’s mother’s terms. If she loses her trust, it will affect Jiang Zhenghan’s future difficulties in Xia’s eyes. Xia Linxi believes that Jiang Zhenghan, even if he and Jiang Zhenghan are in a foreign country, they will never affect their relationship. Chu Qiuyan thought of a way for Xia Linxi and asked her to show Jiang Zhenghan the shareholder distribution table, so that she could raise this matter appropriately so as not to hide Jiang Zhenghan.

Xia Linxi took the share report to Jiang Zhenghan, and wanted to tell him about going abroad, but Duan Ning suddenly came in and wanted to discuss work with Jiang Zhenghan. Xia Linxi had to give up telling Jiang Zhenghan for the time being, instead of telling him the truth, but said that she wanted to help him make a suit for him. Jiang Zhenghan felt that Xia Linxi lied to her, thinking that the 500,000 yuan was borrowed by Xia’s father and was discovered by Xia’s mother, saying that he would never fail her.

There are still three days before the fair. Everyone has their own division of labor. Zhang Huaiwu and Duan Ning are responsible for finding strangers on the street to test the data. Although there are always people who refuse, they still insist on doing a good job. Chu Qiuyan and Gu Xiaoman also did a good job in housekeeping, and Chen Yichuan was in charge of technical inspections. Everyone was confident in the fair. Xia Linxi saw the wish list left by everyone on the wall, and felt that it was not easy going along the way. She saw Jiang Zhenghan’s wish that she should marry Xia Linxi sooner.

On the day of the trade fair, Xia Linxi helped Jiang Zhenghan put on a suit. She knew that this day was also the time for her to go abroad. After Jiang Zhenghan left, Xia Linxi bid farewell to the Doraemon and showed reluctance, but she left with the suitcase. Xia Linxi did not go to the airport first, but came to the trade fair, saying that he would always look at Jiang Zhenghan in the audience and give him confidence.

Many software teams came to the fair. After a round of PK, Jiang Zhenghan and Xu Zhili were left behind. Xu Zhili watched Jiang Zhenghan speaking on stage, and deliberately stood up and told the scandal that Jiang Zhenghan had leaked at Eckvis, misleading everyone. The chairman of Huanbian Company helped Jiang Zhenghan speak. Jiang Zhenghan said that he could demonstrate his innocence on the spot, and asked Xu Zhili’s team to attack his software. The outcome was self-evident, Xu Zhili felt particularly embarrassed. Jiang Zhenghan successfully obtained a ten million investment from Huanbian Company and signed an investment contract on the spot.

After the contract was signed, Jiang Zhenghan never saw Xia Linxi, Chen Yichuan couldn’t help but tell him Xia Linxi was going abroad. Jiang Zhenghan hurried to the airport. He called to Xia Linxi and said that no matter how long Xia Linxi was going to study abroad, he would wait for him. He was worried that Xia Linxi would be separated from him. Xia Linxi was crying and would not follow Jiang Zhenghan. separate. Mother Xia suddenly appeared. After Xia Linxi got on the plane, she invited Jiang Zhenghan to eat at her own home. Xia Linxi and Jiang Zhenghan saw hope.

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