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Dear Missy 了不起的女孩 Episode 24 Recap

Lu Ke found in Shen Siyi’s computer that Guan Yue handed over the drawing to Jia Xiaoning’s video at the factory. She asked Siyi why she didn’t take it out. Siyi said she didn’t want Guan Yue to tell Jia Xiaoning. Guan Yue was a contracted design of Life Home Teacher, whether she can sue Jia Xiaoning or not, the living family will have something to do with plagiarism. Lu Ke felt that Guan Yue had done nothing wrong with the life home, and Siyi said that now searching for life home on the computer, all that came out was related to plagiarism.

Siyi told Lu Ke that her family’s budget for next year had been cut by 30%. She planned to find investment to separate the family from the headquarters, and that the family should not have any negative things in it. Lu Ke asked if this had anything to do with Guan Yue’s report to Jia Xiaoning. Siyi said that if the designer signed a plagiarism designer, who would invest in the fund. Lu Ke believes that Guan Yue has not plagiarized, and Siyi believes that capital only stands on the ground and does not care about right or wrong.

After that, Lu Ke went to Guan Yue and gave her a USB flash drive. She said that she found factory surveillance video at Siyi. She said that they had evidence to sue Jia Xiaoning, but Guan Yue felt that it was not important anymore. The next day Lu Ke wrote a resignation report to Siyi. Siyi disagreed and said that he could take Lu Ke a few days off, but Lu Ke said that he did not want to do it with her. Siyi persuaded Lu Ke to take a long-term view. When they find the money, they will have a lot of opportunities to uphold justice for designers like Guan Yue, but Lu Ke thinks that after that time Siyi will sacrifice others for new reasons to achieve his goals. .

At night, Zhang Mang took Lu Ke’s hand and walked on the street. As a boyfriend, he supported Lu Ke’s resignation, but as a colleague, he persuaded her to think again because the family cannot live without her. Early the next morning, Siyi intercepted Zhang Mang who was running and asked him to help her keep Lu Ke. Zhang Mang made an idea for her to do some tricks on the topic. Then Zhang Mang proposed a topic at the topic selection meeting, which was about exploring the true friendship of women.

After the meeting, Lu Ke told Siyi that she didn’t want to choose this topic, and she had decided to resign. Siyi asked Lu Ke to give her a month, where Lu Ke wanted to go in a month. Lu Ke asked why it was a month, and Siyi asked her to give her some time to find a new editor in chief. Lu Ke agreed to do this topic, and said that he would leave as soon as the time came.

In the evening, Lu Ke took Guan Yue to Jia Xiaoning’s poster. They took out paint and scribbled on it and wrote a word break. The security guard came over with a flashlight and asked them what they were doing. They ran away quickly, and the two ran hand in hand on the streets at night. , I feel very relieved. Seeing that the security guard did not chase them, they sat down on a bench by the roadside, and Lu Ke told Guan Yue that he had handed in his resignation letter and went to Japan to visit her after a while.

Guan Yue was surprised when she heard that. She felt that Siyi must have her own position as a publisher. Lu Ke has such affection for the acquaintances, and advised her not to give up for her affairs. Lu Ke listened to her and talked about herself. Think again.

This time the topic was chosen by Zhang Mang. Lu Ke complained that he was from Siyi’s side. Zhang Mang said that Lu Ke had just used this time to think about what he was going to do in the future. If she still had to leave a month later, He will also pack and go with her. In the evening, Siyi watched Lu Ke pack her things and went to Zhang Mang, so she teased Lu Ke forbearing her to leave her at home alone. Isn’t she afraid that she would look for other women? Lu Ke told her to look for whom. Siyi asked Lu Ke when he would not be angry, and Lu Ke pulled the box and said that she would not come back during this time.

Because Guan Yue is going to study in Japan, everyone at the bar party in the evening was very sentimental. Yao Yuan played the guitar and sang a soothing song. Guan Yue comforted the sad Lao Huang. Lu Ke gently wiped away the tears and leaned his head. On Zhang Mang’s shoulders.

After the party, Guan Yue returned home. She took her mobile phone to send a message to Ye Zhou that she was leaving tomorrow, but she hesitated and deleted the written message. The next day, Lu Ke, Yao Yuan and Lao Huang went to the airport to see Guan Yue off. Everyone told her to take care of herself when she arrived in Japan. Guan Yue and everyone said goodbye. She looked far away as if she was expecting someone, but she didn’t think it would When someone came, they took their luggage and walked to the waiting room.

Suddenly Ye Zhou’s voice sounded behind her. She stopped and her nose was sour and sad and joyful. Ye Zhou ran to her and told her that although she was immature and incapable Against the whole world, but as long as they are together, he can definitely figure out a way. He doesn’t want to break up with her. Guan Yue said with joy that he was not stupid, and Ye Zhou took her into his arms and said that he would wait for her to come back.

After that, Lu Ke went back to the place to pack his own things and left Siyi completely. Seeing that she was going to move Siyi, he felt very reluctant. Many things shared their memories. Siyi asked her what to do with the chameleon. Yes, does she have the heart to let him become a single child? Lu Ke said she was naive and left. Xinxin saw that Yao Yuan was worried about the lack of funds for Anji’s project, so she helped him contact Lei Ge, an investor. During the conversation, Yao Yuan saw Lei Ge’s superstition in Feng Shui made him feel unhappy. He went to the bar to find Lao Huang complaining about it, and played the guitar to relieve the depression in his heart.

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