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Dear Missy 了不起的女孩 Episode 23 Recap

Lao Huang saw that Cheng Nan was blindly burning money for investors, and he persuaded him that such a blind expansion and dilution of shares would cause problems, but Cheng Nan insisted on doing it his own way and couldn’t listen. As soon as Guan Yue walked out of the house where the exhibition was held, she saw the two girls looking at the exhibition promotion posted on the wall and talking about her. They said that she touched porcelain and heard that she had seduced Jia Xiaoning. Guan Yue joined them and echoed loudly saying that wanting to be famous, wanting to be crazy, shameless! They wondered why she was so excited. After hearing her say that she was Guan Yue, she quickly said she was embarrassed and left. Guan Yue turned in a gloomy mood and saw Ye Zhou standing not far away looking at her distressedly.

In order to get rid of Guan Yue’s unhappiness, Lu Ke, Zhang Mang, Yao Yuan and others helped Ye Zhou gather a table of ingredients in the bar for hot pot. After a while, Guan Yue came, and as soon as she sat down, she poured her beer and asked everyone if she saw her on the hot search. Everyone felt uncomfortable hearing what she said. Lu Ke persuaded her to drink less and don’t care that the comments on the Internet will pass.

Guan Yue knew that everyone was here to make her happy, so she said that she was very happy today, and she wiped away the tears that she shed. She couldn’t restrain her sad emotions and got up and left the bar. Ye Zhou chased out and hugged her from behind. For her, Guan Yue told him to let her go, Ye Zhou beat him if she made her feel uncomfortable, and Guan Yue said she was fine. Ye Zhou said that everyone was doing good for her. Guan Yue said emotionally that even if they beat her and scolded her, it was better than coaxing her. The more they coaxed her, the more they reminded her that she had done wrong and failed.

In the magazine, Lu Ke listened to her colleagues happily discussing the bonus issue, but she was not happy. Siyi knew why Lu Ke was unhappy, so she said that she was not so ruthless. After some time the public opinion passed, she would consider letting Guan Yue put on the shelves again. Lu Ke hurriedly told Guan Yue the news, but Guan Yue said frustratedly that it was not necessary. She asked Lu to leave her business alone.

The next day Cheng Nan came to the company but saw that only Lao Huang was there, so he asked where everyone had gone, Lao Huang said that the people who could not pay the salary were gone. Hearing that Cheng Nan went to talk to people about the unsuccessful investment, Lao Huang persuaded him not to go outside, and there might be a chance to do a good job honestly. Cheng Nan felt that what he was competing now was a concept, but Lao Huang said that he wouldn’t be empty if he didn’t make the technology well.

Guan Yue was sitting on the side of the road in a daze that day. An anchor held a mobile phone to interview her live, and asked her and Jia Xiaoning who copied whom, and asked some excessive questions. Guan Yue replied that he got bored and left. People chased her and continued to ask questions. Ye Zhou walked over to stop him when he saw this scene. The two of them were about to go forward, but they heard the anchor behind them saying that she was evasive, and who would believe that there was nothing wrong with Jia Xiaoning. Ye Zhou was very angry and turned back to fight him. Guan Yue hurried to pull Ye Zhou.

Ye Zhou was disqualified because of a fight, and the internship period was extended for half a year to see the aftereffects. The director gave him a training session, saying that during his internship, the matter of fighting and fighting was to be filed with him for the rest of his life, which would affect his conversion and rating in the future. Guan Yue couldn’t help crying in regret when he saw how hard he usually worked, but now he was ruined for her. She asked Ye Zhou to break up. Ye Zhou did not agree that she was not at fault, but Guan Yue’s mind was very confused and she told him to stop looking for her and ran away.

Cheng Nan sat in the empty office and threw the paper balls into the wastebasket not far away. Huang came over and said that he had also withdrawn. Cheng Nan asked Lao Huang to accompany him for another two months, and he promised to pull back the next investment. Lao Huang said that it was not enough to rely on concepts alone. They had to fix the core technology. Seeing Lao Huang said that Cheng Nan would no longer Keep him.

Lu Ke went to see Guan Yue that day. She said that after Guan Yue pulled Ye Zhou into black and broke up with him, he was in a bad mood and cried in front of her. Guan Yue knows that Ye Zhou wants to protect her, but he is a silly brother who can protect him. As far as Jia Xiaoning is concerned, he is more helpless than her. She feels that she has given him too much pressure and burden, and she does not want him in the future. So sad again.

After the old man traveled around the world, Huang took his bar, and Guan Yue worked hard to adjust his mood in preparation for studying in Japan. One day two months later, Ye Zhou and Guan Yue met at a wedding. She told him that she was going to study in Japan next week, and she asked the landlord to refund the remaining rent to him. Ye Zhou asked her what he owed him, and Guan Yue smiled and said that when she came back, she would double it back.

At this moment the music sounded and Ye Zhou invited her to dance. Guan Yue held his neck tightly and they swayed to the melody. Ye Zhou hoped that the music would never stop. They closed their eyes and enjoyed the beauty at this moment. At the end of the song, Guan Yue hurried away with tears. This day, Lu Ke helped a colleague find an important document on Siyi’s office computer. She was surprised to see the video of Guan Yue handing over the drawings to Jia Xiaoning at the factory.

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