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Brilliant Girls 爱的理想生活

Brilliant Girls (2020)
Other Title: 爱的理想生活, Ai De Li Xiang Sheng Huo, Brilliant Girls, 涩女郎 (Se Nv Lang), Astringent Girl

Genres: Romance, drama
Li Jiang Ming
Gu Xiao Bai, Jin Lu (金璐)
Hunan TV
Release Date:
Related Show:
Se Nv Lang (涩女郎) by Zhu De Yong (朱德庸)


  • Yin Tao as Wen Ruxue
  • Song Yi as Dai Xixi
  • Zhao Jin Mai as Wen Xiaoyang
  • Nita Lei as Ding Yunqiao
  • Hu Lian Xin as Qi Yue
  • Wei Da Xun as Duan Xu
  • Sun Yi Zhou as Li Wensen
  • Yang Shuo as Bai Xiangwen

Dai Xixi has always regarded “love, marriage, and childbirth” as the ultimate creed of a perfect life. However, he was separated on the eve of the wedding. Dai Xixi, who had nowhere to go for a while, lived in Dinghuiqiao’s home and lived a reborn life. , But became enemies with the wedding designer Wen Ruxue who originally rented here. Although when it comes to beauty, Ding Huiqiao is not inferior to Wen Ruxue or even better, but she is a career woman with high IQ and low EQ. She regards work as the most important goal in her life. Wen Xiaoyang came to Shanghai to pursue his comic dream and became a member of this “small family”. Four women with very different styles live under the same roof, with constant friction on the front, but each other’s backing behind them. On the road of uncompromising, they finally found what they wanted.

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