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A Love So Romantic 少爷与我的罗曼史 Episode 16 Recap

Xin Ziqian returned home and saw his mother become anxious. He thought it was because he sneaked out to find Su Xiaowan and was anxious. Naturally, he felt extremely guilty and promised his mother that he would be obedient. Xin Ziqian came out of the house but found that the rescued girl, Xiaoya, had been waiting outside the door. She was unaccompanied here, and Xiaoya didn’t know where to go, so she could only come to join Xin Ziqian. Xin Ziqian took her to the team and asked her to give the coach to the coach. She just didn’t have any salary, so Xiaoya accepted it.

Since Cheng Qianyu came to Gu’s family, his mother has written letters expressing her concern over three days, but Cheng Qianyu didn’t read it at all. She just let the maid put it on the shelf. Hearing that Gu Yanxi came back, Cheng Qianyu hurried to visit, but was caught Stopped outside and said that Gu Yanxi was busy. Cheng Qianyu didn’t want to leave, so he had to wait here. It turned out that Su Xiaowan came out of the room. Su Xiaowan lied that she was just helping Gu Yanxi to grind. Cheng Qianyu always thought that the two were siblings and did not suspect. Also concerned about Su Xiaowan’s dangerous things.

Xin Ziqian followed Su Xiaowan secretly. Su Xiaowan wanted to eat something and forgot to bring money. Xin Ziqian bought it and asked the boss to pretend to give it to Su Xiaowan. Su Xiaowan always felt that he was lucky today. When Su Xiaowan fancy a bracelet and had no money to leave, Xin Ziqian bought it and wanted to catch up and gave it to Su Xiaowan, only to see Gu Yanxi, who was already waiting there, took Su Xiaowan away. Xin Ziqian silently left. go away.

Su Xiaowan and Gu Yanxi secretly agreed on a location to go out shopping together, worrying about being discovered, and then acting separately. Su Xiaowan liked the feeling of being alone with Gu Yanxi, and wanted to reach out and hold Gu Yan several times. Xi’s hand, but it is still unsuccessful. Fortunately, someone juggling Gu Yanxi was worried about meeting Su Xiaowan, holding her by the hand and avoiding it.

Su Xiaowan was interested in a furnace and wanted to get the ring. In order to help Su Xiaowan get this small hand furnace, Gu Yanxi had to work hard and refused the gift from the boss. He just wanted to set the ring by herself. Give it to Su Xiaowan. It turned out to be what I wanted. A pattern engraved on the hand stove means romance. Gu Yanxi explained that romance means holding hands and growing old together. I thought Su Xiaowan didn’t understand, but I didn’t expect Su Xiaowan to know what it meant. , I also hope to have a romantic relationship with Gu Yanxi. Gu Yanxi promised to wait for his affairs to be done with Su Xiaowan, and Su Xiaowan willingly waited for Gu Yanxi.

Su Xiaowan and Gu Yanxi were walking in the back garden when they came back. Su Xiaowan looked around for fear that people might see rumors and rumors, but Gu Yanxi thought it was very good. Even if they were seen, they could be said to be brother-sister relationship. deep. Su Xiaowan deliberately frightened Gu Yanxi and lied that her grandma was coming, but Gu Yanxi didn’t believe it at all. Knowing that it was Su Xiaowan this naughty little thing who made trouble, Gu Yanxi couldn’t help but want to kiss Su Xiaowan.

Su Xiaowan just closed her eyes and waited for Gu Yanxi’s kiss. Suddenly, she heard her grandma’s yelling, and the two of them stood up quickly. Su Xiaowan lied that it was because her brother had worked so hard to design the phoenix crown. Take your brother here to watch the stars and relax. Grandma was very pleased that the brothers and sisters were in a good relationship, and suggested that the three of them walked around together. They put their arms around grandma’s waist, but they held their hands behind her.

Cheng Qianyu took the initiative to come to Ruying and saw that Ruying was drying herbs, which Ruying liked very much. Cheng Qianyu felt like a snowflake, and remembered what happened when he was a child. When Cheng Qianyu was a child, she dropped her shoes when she was playing in the snow. For fear of being punished by her mother, she hid her feet in the thick snow, but the feeling was uncomfortable. At this time, Gu Yanxi, wearing a red cloak, came, and covered Cheng Qianyu’s feet with shoes for her. Gu Yanxi treated her as a younger sister since she was a child, but she fell in love with Gu Yanxi. . Thinking of this, Cheng Qianyu couldn’t help but feel uncomfortable, Ru Ying grabbed the herbal medicine to fly, and gave Cheng Qianyu a unique smile that belonged to her. She also hoped that she could walk through the snow in Qianyu’s heart.

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