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A Love So Romantic 少爷与我的罗曼史 Episode 15 Recap

The girl Xin Ziqian rescued was called Xiaoya. Her adoptive father sent her to the brothel. She sneaked out and was chased by the brothel. Now she is also homeless. Although Xiaoya knows that Xin Ziqian is anxious to find a sister, it is because of herself. There was no shelter, and he was afraid that those people would catch up. He begged Xin Ziqian to take her to Lin’an City, and Xin Ziqian had to agree.

In order to fill his stomach, Su Xiaowan asked Gu Yanxi to run to the chicken coop of the farmhouse to catch chickens, but Gu Yanxi had never done such a thing before, and made a sound to attract the proprietress of the farmhouse, but when the proprietress came out No one was found, Gu Yanxi had already taken two eggs and left.

Gu Yanxi and Su Xiaowan slept in the wild, lit a bonfire, boiled the stolen eggs, and ate them. Su Xiaowan was already hungry. When they saw the eggs taken out, they would reach out and get them. . Su Xiaowan was dissatisfied that Gu Yanxi had robbed chicken legs and eggs. Gu Yanxi reminded Su Xiaowan that the eggs were still steaming.

Only then did Su Xiaowan realize that Gu Yanxi cares about her, for fear that she would be scalded by the egg, Gu Yanxi intimately took the egg and used his sleeve to padded the egg shell for Su Xiaowan. Su Xiaowan looked at Gu. Yan Xi looked serious, don’t mention how happy she was, this has always been what she wanted. I don’t know how many times I have dreamed of this kind of scene in my dreams. After looking for Gu Yanxi for so many years, I finally found it, and he was still a handsome guy.

Gu Yanxi apologized to Su Xiaowan and admitted that Ru Ying was right. He should not conceal his feelings. At the same time, he also explained that Su Xiaowan pretending to be Gu Xiaowan was also to find out the cause of his mother’s death.

Madam Ru came to Ma Liu, pretending to ask to leave here with Ma Liu, and later had the opportunity to notify Xin Ziqian to go with him, but in the middle of the way she deliberately offered to rest but hid the dagger in her hands. Ma Liu looked at Mrs. Ru affectionately, thinking about the days to come, before he buried Gu Xiaowan away for Mrs. Ru. As long as Mrs. Ru smiled at him, he would be happy for several days, and now he could finally be together. Ma Liu held Mrs. Ru excitedly, but felt the presence of the dagger.

Ma Liu suddenly snatched the dagger while holding Madam Ru, and hoped that Madam Ru said that he only wanted him to die, and he would definitely give his life to Madam Ru. at this time. Gu Yanxi brought people there, and Ma Liu used a dagger on Madam Ru’s nose to force Gu Yanxi to retreat, but he took Madam Ru and pushed him to the edge of the cliff step by step. Ma Liu pretended to slip and fell off the cliff, but actually just wanted to To save as a madam. Gu Yanxi apologized to Mrs. Ru and sent Mrs. Ru back, but in fact he was also secretly angry, and he did not catch the murderer after all.

Mrs. Ru was sitting in the carriage in tears, because Ma Liu had attached to Mrs. Ru before he died and told Mrs. Ru that he would arrange everything for Mrs. Ru, and his death was for Mrs. Ru. Gu Yanxi also took Su Xiaowan back.

Cheng Qianyu heard that Gu Yanxi was sick and lived in the hospital and hurried over to visit, but was stopped by Ru Ying. She lied that Gu Yanxi was recovering and could not visit. Actually, Gu Yanxi was not here at all. Cheng Qianyu just planned to leave. In the end, Su Xiaoan, who was returned, accidentally leaked his mouth. In order to block Su Xiaoan’s mouth, Cheng Qianyu accidentally pushed him down, and by coincidence, he kissed his mouth and Cheng Qianyu covered his eyes. Run away, accusing them of being unsightly.

Xin Ziqian came back with Xiaoya. I heard that Su Xiaowan had already returned. Xin Ziqian left Xiaoya to see Su Xiaowan. Su Xiaowan didn’t know where to go and just stood at the door of Gu’s house and waited. Grandma felt sorry for Su Xiaowan and came to visit after hearing the news.

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