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Ultimate Note 终极笔记 Episode 25 Recap

In the course of the survey, the archaeological team must have found some clues and thoughts. When these thoughts were generated, “it” appeared. The obstacles of the original exploration plan have also arisen, so what happened here may also be a part of the “it” plan.

Wu Erbai knew about this village a long time ago, and there are hidden secrets in this village. When the black glasses told him that Jude Kao’s team was coming, he immediately brought people here, because Wu Erbai knew that they wanted The place to go must be extremely dangerous.

The fat brother has gradually recovered after treatment. The former is still complaining while lying on the hospital bed. He must have not eaten for several days before he fell into a disadvantage in the fight with the jade figurines. Now that he knew that the entrance to the ancient building was in the mountains, he took advantage of the victory and pursued it. The little brother’s memory was also closely related to the ancient building. The fat man didn’t want to be delayed in the hospital anymore, and was discharged out loudly.

Although he came back with a whole body of injuries, the fat man was still so happy in his heart that he was able to be taken care of by Yunyun. At the same time, Jude Kao’s people came and brought Wu Xie and the others to the lake. Jude Kao showed Wu Xie a silk book. Although it was a reproduction, the source of the silk book was the most important. Come from Jiumen Xingqi-Huo Xiangu. It turned out that Mrs. Huo had found out the whereabouts of Silk Book long ago.

Seeing that the other party was so sincere, Wu Xie simply agreed to the cooperation. He took the opportunity to ask for a mountain. After Jude Kao hesitated, he still agreed. After getting out of the tent, Wu Xie immediately called Know Yuchen and told him the situation of the old lady Huo. Xie Yuchen immediately decided to ask Huo Xiuxiu for help.

Here, Wu Xie and the others led Jude Kao’s team into the mountain, using an axe and chisel near the jade figurine cave to try to find the entrance of the ancient building. During a break, Wu Xie took out the picture of the underwater Yaozhai he had drew before, and found that the layout of the Banai Village underneath from the mountainside was exactly the same. The fat man was surprised. Wu Xie’s analysis found that this lake is a dead-water lake with a bottom Along the mountain, the original village was built in the mountains, but someone deliberately used water to create a lake, hiding the entire village at the bottom of the lake.

A bold assumption emerged in Wu Xie’s heart: the old expedition team was erased, and a new team replaced it, just like the two Yao villages. Wu Xie remembered a word: Mirror Conspiracy. In other words, Agui’s village is fake, just to prevent people from discovering that the new village has disappeared. A Yaozhai exactly the same has been built deliberately. It must be to hide some huge secret behind it. The original villagers have disappeared. Now Yano Village is another group of people who pretend to be villagers after being built to live here and implement their plans. But what is their purpose? Time has passed for too long to find out.

Of course, all of this is speculation. Wu Xie took a sip of water and looked down at the mountain with great anxiety. At this moment, the fat man was suddenly surprised to find that this Yaozhai picture looked like something, and Wu Xie hurriedly took it. That picture, as expected, looked like the unicorn picture on my little brother.

The little brother may have forgotten it himself, but he and the Zhang Family Ancient Building must have a deep connection. The three of them had to study the picture attentively, but they didn’t know that “Shattered Shoulders” had quietly approached them.

Sure enough, when they went back, they found that the cloud had been taken away. The other party left a note to lead them to Shuiniutougou. It was very likely that they had done it by “collapsed shoulders.” That means they searched the mountain. The road may be right, even though they knew it was a trap, the three rushed to the mountains late at night.

Along the way, they found a few clouds of blood. The fat man became even more anxious. Or Wu Xie was out of the room and was not in a mess. He reminded his companion to wipe the anti-poisonous spider medicine. Sure enough, he heard the cloud as soon as he entered the Shuiniu Tougou Wu Xie grabbed the impulsive fat man.

Before he could say anything, he rushed out of the dark with “collapsed shoulders”. This was indeed his trap. The little brother dragged the “collapsed shoulders”, Fatty Only then did he free up his hand to save the cloud. In order to protect the cloud, he gave the cloud a coat with herbs, but he himself accidentally poisoned the poisonous spider.

Wu Xie told Yun to take good care of the fat man and find medicine to save others. After it was confirmed that Wu Xie had gone far, Yun Yun slowly drew the knife from her body, and slowly pointed it at the fat man on the ground. Xu Shi remembered her usual warmth, but she didn’t even start.

At this time, Wu Xie turned back halfway. It turned out that he had seen the abnormality of the cloud a long time ago. She, like Pan Ma, was a person with “shattered shoulders”. The cloud stayed by them for so long without any action. When they searched the mountain, they couldn’t sit still.

Under Wu Xie’s persuasion, Yun Yun said the person’s name—Zhang Qiling. As soon as these words came out, even the little brother next to him couldn’t help but get excited, but before they could think too much, the cloud vomited blood. It turned out that the “collapsed shoulder” gave her the medicine, and at this time she was already weak… …

After the fat man woke up, he saw the dying cloud and couldn’t believe his eyes. He painfully watched his beloved person die in his arms. Faced with the fat man’s questioning, Wu Xie didn’t tell him the truth, but blamed himself. Betrayed the fat man and didn’t take care of the clouds. The fat man was silent, picked up the corpse of the cloud neatly, and walked slowly alone in the Giethoorn Mountain in the middle of the night…

The most important thing now is to find out the identity of the “shoulder shoulder”. He is also called Zhang Qiling. Is this a coincidence? Would it be like the archaeological team and Yaozhai, the younger brother replaced Zhang Qiling?

The next day, Wu Xie and the others discovered that the fat man had disappeared. Sure enough, he went to Shuiniu Tougou alone and wanted to burn the mountain. Fortunately, Wu Xie and his younger brother arrived in time, even if he burned all the spiders, “Shoulder” will not come out.

Xie Yuchen found Huo Xiuxiu and mentioned the source of Lu Huangbo in Jude Kao’s hand. Huo Xiuxiu was distressed. She got out of the pacifier, but she couldn’t get anything out. But Xie Yuchen pretended to be mysterious, saying that he didn’t need to worry. He had a way. .

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