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The Message 风声 Episode 14 Recap

Bai Xiaonian jumped onto the dining table and said that the traitor in one of their houses was that Captain Wu was a man, but he was sold and he could only bear it. Wu Zhiguo took a knife and pressed Bai Xiaonian on the table while Li Ningyu stood. Get up and admit that the person who raised him is yourself. Her life is here. Don’t delay if you want to do it. Wu Zhiguo was so angry that he gritted his teeth but helplessly, he fell the tableware and went upstairs angrily. After listening to Wang Tianxiang’s report, Longchuan Feihara felt that Li Ningyu had reported his lover, which was too inexplicable. He had a foreboding that there would be a good show tonight.

Sure enough, Wu Zhiguo broke into Li Ningyu’s room at night, pinched her neck and asked: When did he inquire about the contents of the secret telegrams? Wang Tianxiang and Long Chuan rushed over after hearing them on the monitor and took them away. Wu Zhiguo told Longchuan: Li Ningyu’s first husband sent her to study abroad, but was abandoned by her after returning. The second husband was a close friend of Zhang Xueliang and died before the Xi’an Incident. The third husband was the former British ambassador to China. The senior translator of the museum, now it’s his turn to die again.

Long Chuan pointed out that Wu Zhiguo’s remarks were meant to describe the matter of the two as a fight between two lovers. He played back the monitoring content: Wu Zhiguo destroyed all the monitoring equipment in the room. Later, he was forced to ask Li Ningyu why he framed himself. Li Ningyu said that he did inquire about the content of the intelligence, and he thought it was suspicious, so he reported him, but he also told Longchuan Dazuo that he killed a lot of people. It could not be an old ghost, Wu Zhiguo.

He claimed that Li Ningyu wanted him to change his life because he knew that Li Ningyu killed Morita, so she reported herself. Long Chuan told Wu Zhiguo: If Li Ningyu assassinated Morita before and framed him, it means she is an old ghost. This is the best opportunity for Wu Zhiguo to get rid of herself. However, Wu Zhiguo was silent. Longchuan called and asked Wang Tianxiang to prepare for it. When Li Ningyu was tortured, Wu Zhiguo said he hadn’t seen it. Li Ningyu immediately pointed out: If Wu Zhiguo really saw it, he would have thoughts about himself.

He would have to hold this handle and report to Longchuan from the beginning, and he now said that he was only retaliating against the accusations against him. Wu Zhiguo sneered, and suddenly drew his gun at Li Ningyu. Long Chuan reminded him: If Li Ningyu dies, he has no chance to wash himself away! Wu Zhiguo slammed the trigger, but there was no bullet in the pistol. Wu Zhiguo said that Li Ningyu’s knife was not pulled out by himself. If you want to kill her, come on and leave.

Long Chuan asked Li Ningyu: A first-rate killer like Wu Zhiguo can feel that there is no bullet in the gun for a moment. Why is he so impulsive? Li Ningyu asked Long Chuan to take him to the interrogation room. Long Chuan said it was unnecessary. Li Ningyu had injured his right hand at the time, and it was impossible to hit with a single blow in that situation.

He supported Li Ningyu’s hand and observed it carefully and confirmed that it was a stab wound, and someone helped her treat it. Li Ningyu admitted that it was Wu Zhiguo. Long Chuan ordered Wang Tianxiang to change the door lock of Li Ningyu’s room. Before leaving, Li Ningyu said that she would rather believe that Wu Zhiguo was not an old ghost, and what he did tonight was just out of his nature: sighs must be reported.

After Li Ningyu left, Longchuan Hihara repeatedly listened to the recordings of the dialogue between Li Ningyu and Wu Zhiguo. He believed that Wu Zhiguo did have an affair with Li Ningyu, so he bluffed during the first interrogation. This was done to provoke anger.

Own, turn his attention to himself to protect Li Ningyu, and a senior CCP spy would not be so emotional, so Wu Zhiguo cannot be an old ghost. However, Wang Tianxiang felt that Wu Zhiguo from the Intelligence Department always knew earlier than Li Ningyu. At first, they thought he was climbing faster for meritorious service, but now they think he might be using beautiful male tactics.

At this time, the two heard from the monitor that Wu Zhiguo smashed the bug in the room, and Long Chuan thought that there was only one person most likely to leave the bug on the night Gu Xiaomeng screamed: Li Ningyu. Wang Tianxiang stubbornly believed that Wu Zhiguo was an old ghost. She was completely induced by Li Ningyu’s words. She said that Wu Zhiguo was a person who had revenge. So Wang Tianxiang began to collect all the evidence against Wu Zhiguo. In fact, he was suspected. The inference was that Li Ningyu was hypnotized.

From this, Longchuan Feihara believed that one of Wu Zhiguo and Li Ningyu must be lying, and that the one who lied was the old ghost. He instructed Wang Tianxiang to distribute the wiretap detector to each of their rooms so that they can completely remove the wiretapping equipment. Only by doing this can they work together to make the old ghost show up.

Bai Xiaonian spared no effort to dismantle the monitoring equipment with a detector, but Gu Xiaomeng felt that doing so was purely a secret. Jin Shenghuo said that Longchuan’s previous design was devil voting. Gu Xiaomeng understood that the person with the most or least votes would become suspects. Now only Li Ningyu has no votes. Jin Shenghuo lists Li Ningyu as a key suspect. Bai Xiaonian pointed out that Li Ningyu’s life style did not meet the requirements of the Communist Party. Her husband died at the hands of the Communist Party.

Moreover, she and Wu Zhiguo were still entangled with each other, so she could not be a Communist Party. Jin Shenghuo pointed out that they should be fortunate to have passed the first level. Longchuan allowed them to unplug the monitor by hand, which means that he is no longer interested in the devil voting. Then if they can’t find the old ghost, they may be dead later. Up.

After Longchuan checked Li Ningyu’s resume, he couldn’t see any flaws, but his suspicion of Li Ningyu was deepened.

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