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The Message 风声 Episode 13 Recap

Wang Tianxiang took five people to the room to rest. The room assigned to Gu Xiaomeng was originally occupied by Mrs. Qian Huyi. Gu Xiaomeng specially asked Wang Tianxiang for the key to the room.

Longchuan Feiyuan analyzed from the architectural structure of Qiuzhuang that the owner of Qiuzhuang was a man who loved power like fate, but he did not know why he died. Long Chuan and Wang Tianxiang watched the actions of the five people upstairs opposite with binoculars and monitoring equipment: Li Ningyu was reading the newspaper, and she asked Wang Tianxiang to bring her some newspapers when she left; Gu Xiaomeng hummed the spring dance music in the room.

When Morita died the night of the song, they heard Gu Xiaomeng’s room scream, and the two hurried over. Wang Tianxiang couldn’t open the door, so she had to take the key to open it. Unexpectedly, Gu Xiaomeng was wiping the hair that had just been showered unharmed. She just explained that it was just a mouse and ordered Wang Tianxiang to leave the spare key. Long Chuan agreed.

Back in the room, Long Chuan told Wang Tianxiang: The mouse’s death was very miserable. Since Gu Xiaomeng could calmly continue to take a bath after killing the mouse, why did she scream. Wang Tianxiang understood. She did this to tell everyone: the room has a spare key, and there is a monitoring device.

Jin Shenghuo, Wu Zhiguo and Bai Xiaonian on the other side looked at the spare key and felt relieved. Bai Xiaonian wondered why Li Ningyu didn’t hear Gu Xiaomeng’s loud voice. Jin Shenghuo reminded them to keep their keys secret and be careful not Let yourself be killed. After returning to the room, the five people thought about their own things: Gu Xiaomeng didn’t know who the old ghost was, and decided to take a risk; Wu Zhiguo wanted to rescue Li Ningyu to the death; Bai Xiaonian prepared to swear to keep the secret of Qiuzhuang; Jin Shenghuo planned to escape.

Out of this hell; Li Ningyu was thinking at this time: Who is lurking into the upper level of the intelligence line? She can’t just save herself, but also find out this oriole. Fortunately, he doesn’t know his true identity, only the code name: Old Ghost.

Early the next morning, Wang Tianxiang knocked on Gu Xiaomeng’s door early and told her that Long Chuan had ordered him to take her to the West Building in half an hour, and be interrogated by Longchuan Dazuo. At this time, Jin Shenghuo was in Longchuan’s room.

Jin Shenghuo accused Longchuan: Gu Xiaomeng is an old ghost. Since she came, there have been frequent incidents in the confidential department. Next, Bai Xiaonian was interrogated. What he reported was Jin Shenghuo, thinking that he came to the intelligence office to steal secrets, and it was not the legendary battle between the military and the Chinese. Gu Xiaomeng accused Bai Xiaonian of saying that he could judge who the person met last night and his relationship with this person based on the fragrance on the woman’s hair.

No matter when he got on the ship, he could find out the content of the intelligence. That night Everyone drank, but Bai Xiaonian was very sober and asked himself where the guard and lifesaving stand. When Li Ningyu was heard, Long Chuan told her that the three previous people had revealed that she was an old ghost. Li Ningyu believed but did not doubt other people. Under Longchuan’s repeated requests, she reluctantly pointed out what was suspicious about Wu Zhiguo.

After the deciphering was successful, he asked himself about the content of the secret telegram, but no one could prove that he came to his cabin alone, but Wu Zhiguo’s current position is piled up by human lives, and there are many members of the CCP, so He cannot be a CCP spy. The last person to be tried was Wu Zhiguo. He pushed the chessboard and only said one sentence: If Longchuan dared to wrong him, kill him and then leave.

After interrogating the five people, Long Chuan told Wang Tianxiang: They accuse each other on the surface, but they are actually worthless. Jin Shenghuo’s accusation against Gu Xiaomeng is completely catching up and does not meet the professional sensitivity of his top spy; Bai Xiaonian accused Jin Shenghuo of using The reason is that he said last night to make secret electricity. In fact, his doubts about the five people last night were just to make them suspicious of each other and destroy their alliance.

Only the one who was most anxious to launch the old ghost was the most suspicious. With Bai Xiaonian’s personality and ability meeting the requirements of an espionage officer, Li Ningyu’s accusation against Wu Zhiguo is also very interesting, and the logic is unassailable without any witnesses to prove it. Long Chuan instructed Wang Tianxiang to let go of what the five people said today.

At dinner time, Wang Tianxiang set up a Piano and Commentary record in the living room. After five people went downstairs, Wang Tianxiang announced that today’s dinner was a puffer fish. As soon as Jin Shenghuo caught fire, he quarreled with Bai Xiaonian first. Gu Xiaomeng knew to accuse him It was Jin Shenghuo who scolded him, even saying that Bai Xiaonian was a traitor, and Bai Xiaonian jumped onto the dining table to count Wu Zhiguo.

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