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My Best Friend’s Story 流金岁月 Episode 9 Recap

Since the recent stock market conditions are not good, Zhang Anren suggested that Jiang’s father can pay attention to real estate, but Jiang’s father disagreed and claimed to have made a full position. At the same time, the old grandmother complained a few words because of Jiang’s late return, especially when she saw that she often bought various gold ornaments, she became more and more dissatisfied.

Jiang Musi and Jiang’s father became more vigorous in stock trading, so privately handed over the bank card to Jiang Nansun, which contained her own private money. Jiang Nansun learned that his mother had saved the money by buying fake jewelry. Zhu Suosuo comforted Jiang’s mother and promised to take good care of Jiang Nansun, and Zhang Anren promised to make Jiang Nansun happy.

On the way home, Zhang Anren curiously asked about the relationship between Ye Jinyan and Dai Qian, and also learned about the early stage of the establishment of the Jingyan Group in Jiang Nansun’s account. It turns out that when Ye Jinyan founded the Jingyan Group, Dai Qian was his left and right hand, but later because other women made the first move, Dai Qian chose to leave the Jingyan Group, so in a sense, Ye Jinyan kept Dai Qian’s There is a debt.

Ye Jinyan asked Zhu Suosuo to drink coffee when he went to work. Zhu Suosuo was flattered and followed him into the elevator obediently. Because the atmosphere was very embarrassing, he could only take the opportunity to find a topic, but he was reminded by Ye Jinyan to pay attention to wearing problems in the future. Yang Ke discovered that there was some connection between Zhu Suosuo and Ye Jinyan, and simply joked to her Sister Zhu, and at the same time tested whether she was the undercover Ye Jinyan sent to him.

Professor Dong sent the invitation letter for the opening ceremony of the Songjiang Hotel to Jiang Nansun. Zhang Anren took the initiative to drive her, and then said that he would go to the station to pick up the junior high school classmates, so she let her have a meal together at night. Jiang Nansun didn’t mind if the other party was a female classmate, but Zhang Anren planned to let the female classmate stay at home for a few days.

After arriving at Songjiang Hotel, Jiang Nansun saw the decoration of the hotel very amazing, and he couldn’t help but remember how Wang Yongzheng was working hard before. Professor Dong said frankly that Wang Yongzheng had already been there last night, so Jiang Nansun decided to find him personally, but he was completely empty.

Originally, Wang Yongzheng had booked the flight ticket to go abroad, but when he received the news from his friend, he immediately changed the ticket and sang a song for Jiang Nansun in the bar. Wang Yongzheng on the stage has a different charm than before. Jiang Nansun listened to the song carefully with a smile on his mouth.

The performance ended smoothly, Jiang Nansun sent Wang Yongzheng away, and then went to the hotel to meet the rumored female classmate Yuan Yuan. She is Zhang Anren’s hometown, and also a childhood sweetheart. The so-called green plum is not against the sky, but no matter how deep the relationship is, the accumulation of time will fade away, and occasionally she will recall some young and ignorant ignorance.

Because Zhu Suosuo understood that men are generally like this, she was worried that Jiang Nansun could not deal with Yuan Yuan, so she went to the battle and found out that the relationship between Zhang Anren and Yuan Yuan was not simple. Zhu Suosuo ruthlessly ridiculed Yuan Yuan’s excessive tea taste in disguise, and decided to stay overnight and sleep with Jiang Nansun. Yuan Yuan acted so scheming that she began to show off her cooking the next morning, deliberately cooking Zhang Anren’s favorite food, and did not hide her knowledge of Zhang Anren.

Zhu Suosuo recognized Yang Ke’s ability and wanted to work hard with him, so he proposed the idea of ​​taking orders independently. Yang Ke had already planned to introduce customers to Zhu Suosuo, so she specifically asked her to learn golf first. Zhu Suosuo did not hesitate to practice golf skills in order to successfully obtain customer orders.

Because it was too boring, Zhu Suosuo called Jiang Nansun to meet. Jiang Nansun wondered why Yang Ke had so many confidantes, but Zhu Suosuo thought that Yang Ke was indeed very attractive, and even every girlfriend could think of his benefits. Zhu Suosuo made up his mind to make money to buy a house and suggested that Jiang Nansun go home to live. However, Jiang Nansun said that he would sit in Pudong and would never leave Zhang Anren and Yuan Yuan the opportunity to be alone.

Now Yuan Yuan has found a job as a waiter in a coffee shop and plans to stay in Shanghai. Zhu Suosuo first went to the coffee shop to remind Yuan Yuan to find herself in future encounters, and then took the initiative to hold a birthday party for Yang Ke under the guise of a socializing client, and expressed his gratitude to Yang Ke by applying the golden words on the Internet.

Fan Jingang gave Ye Jinyan the photos of Yang Ke’s birthday party, and criticized Yang Ke’s sloppy life. Ye Jinyan asked Fan Jingang to find Zhu Suosuo, telling the truth about the fact that the Jingyan Group is inseparable from Yang Ke and that competitors are digging a corner.

Ye Jinyan hoped that Zhu Suosuo could help him monitor Yang Ke’s job-hopping trend. Zhu Suosuo considered Yang Ke’s kindness to him, so he refused on the spot. Fan Jingang thought Zhu Suosuo didn’t know good or bad, but Ye Jinyan valued Yang Ke and Zhu Suosuo more. Yang Ke learned that Zhu Suosuo had not betrayed herself, and immediately took her to see the client.

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