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My Best Friend’s Story 流金岁月 Episode 8 Recap

Jiang Nansun found Zhu Suosuo to complain about Zhang Anren. Zhu Suosuo believed that Jiang Nansun was the princess who lived in the castle and didn’t know that the world was unfair. Jiang Nansun always believed that Zhang Anren’s approach was not authentic, and he was unwilling to go back and face him. Yang Ke happened to hear the conversation between the two, because he had to receive customers temporarily to take Zhu Suosuo away. He was not willing to go back when he saw Jiang Nansun, so he decided to take her with him.

In the car, Yang Ke relieved Jiang Nansun and asked her to apologize to Wang Yongzheng. After Jiang Nansun was relieved by him, Yang Ke thought that there would be no fish when the water was clear. The water of Zhu Suosuo was too mixed. It would be fine if the two little sisters neutralized.

Zhu Suosuo followed Yang Ke to entertain the clients. Yang Ke saw that the client took advantage of Zhu Suosuo and suggested that she learn Cantonese in the future. Zhu Suosuo thanked Yang Ke for his thoughtfulness.

Jiang Nansun was sitting in a bar drinking and slowly rushing home until late at night, but Zhang Anren had been waiting at her door. Jiang Nansun asked him about the school, but Zhang Anren put the car key and bank card on the table, thinking that he There is a big difference with her life. Jiang Nansun knew Zhang Anren was unwilling to apologize and decided to ask her to apologize.

Jiang Nansun took the initiative to apologize to Wang Yongzheng, but Wang Yongzheng was worried that Professor Dong would have an opinion on Zhang Anren, which would involve her in her doctoral examination, and decided to take her to see Professor Dong. It happened that Zhang Anren clarified the situation to Professor Dong, indicating that the reported incident has nothing to do with Jiang Nansun.

Wang Yongzheng finally felt relieved after hearing Zhang Anren’s words. Jiang Nansun took the initiative to apologize to him and hoped that he could give himself a chance to redeem his sins. Who knew that Wang Yongzheng asked to go to the dormitory at night.

Ye Jinyan met Zhu Suosuo and asked her about the company’s situation. Zhu Suosuo bluntly said that he likes the job in the sales department because it makes money faster. Ye Jinyan admired her frankness and asked her about her birth date. When she left, leaving a few words that were too coincidental was very meaningful. Zhu Suosuo wanted to continue to question her and was stopped by Fan Jingang.

Lilian finds Zhang Anren. Zhang Anren always thinks that she is not wrong. Lilian thinks that Zhang Anren always only thinks about herself. Her father thinks about how to keep two talents, not a life-and-death situation. These words happened to be heard by Jiang Nansun, and Zhang Anren always believed that the world had opinions on him.

Fan Jingang reminded Zhu Suosuo to stay away from Yang Ke, but when he saw Zhu Suosuo talking and laughing with Yang Ke, he was very upset, so he complained to Ye Jin. Ye Jinyan mentioned that Yang Ke is a very powerful sales talent. Recently, many headhunting companies have tapped him, and Fan Jingang must keep him in the company.

Jiang Nansun brought wine to Wang Yongzheng. Wang Yongzheng was playing music with his friends. Jiang Nansun felt very restrained and got up and left. Wang Yongzheng picked up the wine glass to catch up with Jiang Nansun, and promised that it would pass.

The next day, Jiang Nansun returned the book to Wang Yongzheng, but learned that Wang Yongzheng had left school. Lilian angered Jiang Nansun about Zhang Anren’s affairs.

Zhang Anren sat alone at home and admired the offer. At this moment, only her own sadness can be experienced. Jiang Nansun saw him sad and stepped forward to comfort him.

Jiang Nansun took Zhang Anren to see Jiang Pengfei’s mother and son. Zhang Anren submitted his letter of appointment, but did not win their favor. Instead, the seafood brought back by Zhu Suosuo was affirmed by their mother and son. Jiang Pengfei also put the seafood on the letter of appointment.

Jiang Nansun was angry. Jiang Pengfei’s attitude, although Zhang Anren was unhappy, he said he didn’t care. Upon seeing this, Zhu Suosuo took Jiang Nansun to the kitchen to wash his hands and mentioned Jiang Pengfei’s borrowing money for stocks.

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