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My Best Friend’s Story 流金岁月 Episode 10 Recap

Under Yang Ke’s recommendation, Zhu Suosuo saw the only son of air-conditioning tycoon Xie Jiayin, who was also the rumored “air-conditioning prince” Xie Hongzu. The first meeting was on a cruise ship on the North Bund of Hongkou, but Xie Hongzu was not interested in buying a house and only asked them to leave information.

Zhu Suosuo cherishes the client resources very much, so she strives to explain the designer’s ideas to Xie Hongzu in a very short time, not only to attract Xie Hongzu’s attention, but also to arrange a meeting time next Friday, and even win Yang Ke’s appreciation.

On the way back to the company, Yang Ke praised Zhu Suosuo’s on-the-spot adaptability, but Zhu Suosuo tried to find that Yang Ke had already planned to quit.

Subsequently, Fan Jingang took the initiative to invite Zhu Suosuo to dinner and asked her about Yang Ke’s intentions. Even though Zhu Suosuo knew the result, he still didn’t reveal a word, but Jiang’s father saw the gift from Fan Jingang and mistakenly thought he was pursuing Zhu Suosuo.

Since Yuan Yuan has already found a job in a cafe, Zhu Suosuo, in order to be able to monitor Yuan Yuan’s every move, prefers to stay close to drink coffee, with the purpose of standing guard for Jiang Nansun. At first, nothing was found wrong, until Zhu Suosuo saw Zhang Anren put down his heavy work and ran, just to give Yuan Yuan stomach medicine.

Yuan Yuan deliberately pretended to look like Chu Chu, and Zhu Suosuo saw through her tricks on the spot, and then told Jiang Nansun of the situation to make her vigilant.

Fan Jingang frequently sent valuable gifts to Jiang’s house in order to cheat on Zhusuo. After Zhu Suosuo dealt with Jiang’s father’s misunderstanding, he had to return the gift personally, indicating that he was incapable of doing anything. Based on Zhu Suosuo’s behavior, Fan Jingang concluded that Yang Ke had a job-hopping plan, and Ye Jinyan urged Fan Jingang to pay more attention to both Yang and Zhu.

Jiang Nansun accompanied Yuan Yuan on shopping and took the initiative to pay for her, but in the car he questioned her purpose of coming to Shanghai and the relationship with Zhang Anren. Yuan Yuan realized that she could not continue to conceal it, and simply admitted that she had been Zhang Anren’s ex-girlfriend. Later, Zhang Anren met Jiang Nansun in Shanghai and proactively broke up with Yuan Yuan on the condition that she helped her gain a foothold in Shanghai.

Knowing the causes and consequences of the incident, Jiang Nansun decided to fund Yuan Yuan to learn skills, including all living expenses, but Yuan Yuan must be moved from Zhang’s family. At the same time, Jiang’s father’s stock has been locked up, so he begged Zhu Suosuo to inquire about the internal news of Jingyan Group on his behalf, and told Zhu Suosuo not to tell Jiang Nansun.

Zhu Suosuo and Jiang Nansun vented their troubles in the game city, and then wondered how Jiang Nansun discovered Yuan Yuan’s identity, but when they learned that Jiang Nansun actually asked Zhang Anren for a close photo in the name of Yuan Yuan, I couldn’t help feeling that Princess Jiang, who was raised in the greenhouse at the time, was actually a pig. Eat tigers.

In the next few days, Jiang Nansun successively selected more suitable vocational schools for Yuan Yuan, and suggested that she can choose industries that are easy to make quick money. However, Yuan Yuan did not listen to Jiang Nansun’s opinion, instead she chose business English, which is more difficult to digest. According to her fantasy, she believes that it will not take long to become an urban white-collar worker, sitting in an office wearing beautiful clothes and flying to various parts of the country for business trips.

Zhu Suosuo obstructed Jiang’s father’s request and had to go to Fan Jingang to understand the stock issue. Originally, Fan Jingang didn’t want to agree, but because Jiang Nansun’s aunt and Ye Jinyan had a good relationship, he promised to pay attention to Jiang’s father’s investment list.

After the incident, Zhu Suosuo took Jiang’s father to an appointment with Fan Jingang, but he did not expect that the person was actually Ye Jinyan. Jiang’s father still had a glimmer of hope and tried to find useful information from Ye Jinyan, but was told to cut the meat as soon as possible.

On the way back, Zhu Suosuo was in the same car with Ye Jinyan and Fan Jingang. She confessed to Ye Jinyan that she forced Fan Jingang to see his father Jiang. Fan Jingang asked about Yang Ke’s movements again, but Zhu Suosuo was prevaricated by Zhu Suosuo, so he could not continue to ask.

Jiang Nansun took the initiative to borrow money from Jiang’s mother, but Jiang’s mother had no much savings at this time, and only two bracelets could be sold by her. In order to make Jiang Nansun proud, Zhu Suosuo borrowed money everywhere to help her settle Yuan Yuan.

On the other side, Fan Jingang handed over the IT department’s investigation results to Ye Jinyan. Because Yang Ke’s employees were very loyal, there was no clue.

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