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Like A Flowing River S2 大江大河2 Episode 21 Recap

Both Hongwei and Lei Zhengming asked Wei Chunhong to come to them if they had something to do. They were obliged to do so. Yang Xun played a family card and said that Lei Dongbao cared most about the company of Xiaolei’s family. Lei Zhengming and Hongwei went out to work alone and sorry for them. The two retorted that Xiaolei’s home is now in charge of the village, and they can’t do much when they go back. Wei Chunhong rushed to the kitchen to avoid suspicion.

Yang Xun gave the three-section counter to Hongwei and Lei Zhengming, hoping that they would stay at Xiaolei’s house. The rent was very cheap. As long as they guarded Xiaolei’s house, he could make them earn more money. Cheng Kaiyan came back, and Cheng’s mother was very happy to let Song Yunhui come back for dinner. Cheng Kaiyan quickly stopped. Song Yunhui hasn’t come back for dinner recently. After returning from Beijing, he has been working overtime in the factory. Cheng Kaiyan said he came to make this call.

Wei Chunhong was busy building a new restaurant and lost his temper. Song Yunhui came to pick her up to visit Lei Dongbao. He said that the provincial leadership was very open and would deal with it impartially. He had already told Yang Xun, and Wei Chunhong quickly sorted it out. a bit. Planning to visit. Zhao Xiaobo came to Yangtze Street and said that he would buy the market. Yang Xun did not want to bother and said that he had a next home. Zhao Xiaobo said that he had a problem with his qualifications. Yang Xun asked the lion for three million and moved Song Yunhui out.

Song Yunhui and Wei Chunhong went to visit Lei Dongbao. Wei Chunhong felt distressed when he saw that he had lost weight, and said that he had saved money for him, so he didn’t worry about it. Lei Dongbao was thinking about the affairs of Xiao Lei’s family in his heart, and Lei Shi couldn’t control things. Hong Wei and Lei Zhengming hadn’t managed to control the things after following him for so many years. Wei Chunhong didn’t know the specific situation either. They were all worried about Lei Dongbao, and they didn’t want to come, but they didn’t see him when they came. Only relatives could visit. Lei Dongbao asked if Song Yunhui had come.

Wei Chunhong said that he was outside and did not let in. Lei Dongbao almost became anxious when he heard it. Wei Chunhong went on to say that Song Yunhui was right against Lei Dongbao. He had done a lot in his affairs. Song Yunhui asked her to take care of Lei Dongbao and don’t complain. Only then did Lei Dongbao ask about the hotel’s move. Knowing that Wei Chunhong was hurt, he must have begged many people. Lei Dongbao asked Wei Chunhong to take out the money in his passbook first, and don’t let Lei Mu know. When the visiting time came, Wei Chunhong could only watch him go back.

Yang Xun rushed to Wei Chunhong and Song Yunhui to leave. Wei Chunhong said that Lei Dongbao would be sentenced in a while and the market could be sold. Yang Xun and Song Yunhui frankly confessed that Zhao Xiaobo and a director came to their own market to make trouble. They said that they were buying but it was actually the same as robbing them. Song Yunhui knew that Yang Xun definitely had no other way, and he didn’t pursue it.

Song Yunhui rushed back to the factory overnight, and Wei Chunhong was worried that Zhao Xiaobo would touch a nail at Yang Xun’s place, and he would use his brains to find Jiang Yang. Yang Xun was immediately alert that if he bypassed him and went directly to the county to buy him, there would be only a dead end. Wei Chunhong said that he would help him stare, and as soon as Zhao Xiaobo showed up, he would tell him.

Song Yunhui returned home, Song’s father and Song mother sent Song Yin to the Children’s Palace, and Cheng Kaiyan was planning to work overtime. Song Yunhui said to send her off, Cheng Kaiyan refused, and the atmosphere between the two was embarrassing. Song Yin acted like a baby and asked Song Yunhui and Cheng Kaiyan to take them to play.

Song Yunhui was a little embarrassed, but he was unwilling to make Song Yin unhappy, so he called Cheng Kaiyan. There was no movement on the other side of the phone. After returning home at night, Song Yunhui was still waiting for her, saying that Song Yin wanted to go to the children’s playground, and if possible, work less overtime and go home early to accompany her daughter.

On New Year’s Eve, Yang Xun went home, and Mother Yang took the children to deliver the rice cakes. She also said that they did not urge them to pay them back, so Yang Xun did not worry. Yang Xun left some money and planned to leave, but the fourth child took out two money, which he and Yang Li had saved for Yang Xun, but Yang Xun didn’t want it.

This year was not easy for anyone. Lei Dongbao spent time in prison. Lei Mu originally watched TV and had fun, but Yang Yang thought Lei Dongbao made her cry again. Wei Chunhong supported the family alone. The relationship between Song Yunhui and Cheng Kaiyan was still froze. Father Song and Mother Song already knew about Lei Dongbao, so they had to take the ribs to him. They thought they were a stranger. He is his own child after all.

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