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Invisible Life 这就是生活 Episode 27 Recap

Guan Yihe resolutely chose to resign, but Zhao Jinzi decided to follow him and wanted to ask Guan Yihe to work in Shengsheng Fruit Industry. But Guan Yihe is still hesitating whether he will go to Hunan. After all, Shenzhen still has family members, so he wants to keep a distance from Zhao Jinzi and hopes that Zhao Jinzi will stop pestering himself.

But the reason why Zhao Jinjin stayed next to Guan Yihe was because he wanted to be an excellent career elite like him. As for his previous feelings, he could not do anything that he could get involved in. Reluctantly, Ye Xiaobai insisted that Zhao Jinjin still had nostalgia for Guan Yihe, so he asked Guan Yihe to dispel the idea of ​​going to the fruit industry, otherwise he chose to divorce.

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