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Dear Missy 了不起的女孩 Episode 22 Recap

Lu Ke asked Guan Yue to think about how her drawings went to Jia Xiaoning. Guan Yue said that she handed them to him. Lu Ke became anxious when she heard that the drawings were the life of a designer. As for others, Guan Yue told her that Jia Xiaoning said he could help her make a sample. Guan Yue didn’t believe that he did it. She felt that Jia Xiaoning was very prestigious in the design world.

She was going to find him and was stopped by Lu Ke. Lu Ke said he was not afraid to confront her if he dared to copy. Guan Yue didn’t know what to do. Lu Ke said that Guan Yue was a contracted designer of Life Home, and she would definitely support her when she went to find Shen Siyi.

Later, Lu Ke went to Siyi, but Siyi said that they might not be able to help, because Guan Yue did not apply for a design patent. She felt that the two works were not exactly the same. The cunning Jia Xiaoning changed a few details. It is difficult to determine his infringement, and Guan Yue’s works are not protected by law if they are neither exposed nor patented. Lu Ke was very anxious after hearing this. Siyi felt that the only way now was to let Guan Yue’s work go online as usual, and they would push their own.

Guan Yue went to see Jia Xiaoning and asked how her work turned into a product that he released. Is there any misunderstanding, but Jia Xiaoning said that he did not remember to help her make a sample. Guan Yue was very angry and said he was not afraid that she would expose it to the Internet. ,

Jia Xiaoning asked her to see who everyone believes when she is free to see. Later, Guan Yue exposed his plagiarism on the Internet, and Jia Xiaoning asked public relations to bring the rhythm. As a result, everybody on the Internet was scolding Guan Yue for touching porcelain. In order to keep her home, Siyi wanted to remove Guan Yue, and Lu Ke quarreled with her.

Siyi told Lu Ke that if they didn’t withdraw, the word of mouth would be over, but Lu Ke thought that if she withdrew Guan Yue, then everyone would think that the life family tacitly agreed that Guan Yue was touching porcelain. Siyi said that she could only choose the living family between Guan Yue and the living family. They could not lose the entire forest because of a leaf. Lu Ke let Siyi give her some more time and she did not want to see Guan Yue being wronged.

Then Lu Ke and Guan Yue went to find a lawyer. The lawyer felt that the lawsuit was not easy to fight. Generally, designers used to split the product into parts and assign them to different manufacturers to assemble them by themselves, but Guan Yue directly Drawings to others. The lawyer asked her to find evidence that Jia Xiaoning had contacted her manuscript before publishing the work, and they had a chance of winning.

Lu Kejian accompanied Guan Yue to the factory to find Master Yang. Guan Yue begged him to testify for himself. Master Yang told her to stop embarrassing him. He had to live in the factory. They really couldn’t offend Master Jia. Lu Ke asked if the factory had surveillance. Master Yang said that the surveillance had been broken these days. Affected by Guan Yue’s affairs, other contracted designers from the Life Family also wanted to terminate the contract. Lu Ke and Zhang Mang went to appease but it was useless. Zhang Mang told Lu Kesiyi that what he said was right, and they had to keep their home.

When Lu Kezheng was upset by the matter, Siyi told Lu Ke that she had gone to Jia Xiaoning. He agreed to withdraw the lawsuit and settle the court case with Guan Yue, but only on condition that Guan Yue had to withdraw from the living room. Lu Ke asked why, Siyi said that Jia Xiaoning just agreed not to hold Guan Yue for infringing on his reputation, but did not agree to return the work to her. Lu Ke was so angry that Jia Xiaoning was shameless. At this point, Lu Ke had no choice but to agree to withdraw Guanyue.

Guan Yue was drinking in the bar. She told Lao Huang that she believed Lu Ke would help her, and then Lu Ke came. She told Guan Yue about the settlement outside court. Guan Yue was annoyed and said that she did not agree to the settlement. Lu Ke said that she gave the drawing to others, and now she is going to file a lawsuit with him. Guan Yue saw that Lu was not on his side and sad.

After that, Guan Yue signed the settlement paper out of court. Ye Zhou came back from a business trip to accompany her to eat hot pot. He didn’t expect that so many things had happened in the past few days. Guan Yue cried while eating. She felt that she had worked hard enough, and she didn’t understand why these things happened. Seeing that she suffered so many wrongs for this work, she sat next to her in Ye Zhou and took her in her arms. .

Lu Ke wanted to help Guan Yue organize a small exhibition to cheer her up, so that her works could be seen earlier so that they would not be copied again, but worried that she would resist it. Siyi said that she didn’t need to tell Guan Yue to tell Ye Zhou. That day, Ye Zhou told Guan Yue that he helped her to contact her for a solo exhibition, and he also arranged an interview for her. Guan Yue was very happy. Guan Yue went to see the reporter who interviewed her and found Lu Ke sneaking away. She knew that all of this was arranged by Lu Ke. She wanted to drive away from Jia Xiaoning. She had time to fall in love. Wouldn’t it be happier to meet good friends when engaged in creation? Lu Ke finally let out a sigh of relief.

On the opening day of Guan Yue’s exhibition, she seemed to be very happy with many people. Suddenly, she found that there was news on the Internet that Jia Xiaoning also held a work conference, and it was the chair she designed that she was very upset. After that, Lu Ke and Ye Zhou couldn’t find Guan Yue everywhere, and Lu Ke seemed to think that something was wrong.

It turned out that Guan Yue went to Jia Xiaoning’s new product launch. She scolded him shamelessly and said that the chair was designed by her. Jia Xiaoning said that she was anxious to be famous and touched his porcelain. He asked her to leave. Guan Yue turned and walked a few steps. Her uncontrollable anger made her lose her mind. She turned around and rushed towards him, asking him to know. What is the point of this chair?

At this time, the security guard came to stop her, and Ye Zhou rushed to push the security guard to protect her and leave the press conference. Guan Yue still wanted to rush back. Ye Zhou asked her to persuade her to learn to grow up. Guan Yue felt that she didn’t want to swallow, but was it wrong that she just wanted to return to her chair? She was wronged and angrily ignored Ye Zhou. gone.

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