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Dear Missy 了不起的女孩 Episode 21 Recap

Shen Siyi was busy frying eggs in the kitchen at four or five in the morning. Lu Ke heard the movement and saw her busy so early and asked her if she was okay. Siyi said it was okay. Later, when Lu Ke and Zhang Mang talked about it when they were having dinner, Siyi felt very strange. Zhang Mang felt that this was like a symptom after a broken relationship. Lu Ke thought it impossible. Siyi and Yao Yuan broke up like this. Zhang Mang said that this Bai Xiaochuan is simply the male version of Shen Siyi, how could she go so easily if she broke up with herself.

Lu Ke could see that Siyi had been playing games in the office, and wanted to ask for leave after two days without sleep, but Siyi said it was okay. Lu Ke said how she could be okay by playing games to divert her attention. Si Yi once swore that she would never love a man more than herself, but she did not expect to fall into Bai Xiaochuan’s hands.

Lu Ke complained that Siyi didn’t tell her so many things happened. Siyi felt that Lu Ke was leaving too, and she couldn’t tie her to her side. Seeing Siyi like this, how could Lu Ke feel relieved to go to London, she went to Zhang Mang to discuss whether he could not go to London. In fact, Zhang Mang knew that Lu Ke would not go after he learned that Siyi was broken in love. He put his arms around his neck happily and said he was so nice.

When Lu Ke came home, he saw Siyi packing the things Bai Xiaochuan had given in a box and was about to throw it away. What made Siyi angry was that she was so sad for Bai Xiaochuan but as if she was okay. She felt that she had lost in this relationship, so she decided that she would never lose if she did not participate in the future. Lu Ke said that the way to overcome her fear was to face it. Siyi laughed that she didn’t even dare to swim. Lu Ke said that she would go swimming on weekends. She learned to swim and Siyi would fall in love. At the weekend, Lu Ke learns to swim with Siyi, and Siyi does not teach her to play tricks on her in the water.

That day, Guan Yue and Lu Ke video showed her the chair model they designed. They also said that they were looking for a factory to make a sample. Lu Ke asked her if it would be okay to put it on the shelves next month, and Guan Yue smiled. After the video, she excitedly told Ye Zhou that the chair she designed would be online next month.

Yao Yuan saw that Xinxin still had the ring he painted on her hand, and couldn’t help wondering if she didn’t wash her hands these days. Xinxin smiled and said that she would draw it every day when she got up. She asked Yao Yuan if she had considered buying one for her. Really, she hurriedly said she was joking after seeing him not speaking.

When Guan Yue went to the factory to make proofs, the other party needed 30,000 yuan to open his mouth, and the deposit was 10,000 yuan. She had no choice but to sell the motorcycle, so she had to think of a solution for the balance. Ye Zhou complained that she would never save money. Guan Yue said that she was so annoyed by him why she was doing her. The two exchanged a few words with each other. Ye Zhou was angry and asked her to do whatever she likes. .

Xinxin was busy in the store this day, and Yao Yuan came and said that she had something to give her. He opened the ring box and was about to kneel on one knee and was stopped by Xinxin. The shop assistants next to him all booed and promised him. Xinxin smiled and asked everyone to work and then pulled him outside the store. She asked him what he was doing. Yao Yuan said that he must do it if he promised her. He put the ring on her, but he didn’t expect it to be a lot bigger. He planned to change to Xinxin and smiled. She put the ring on With her thumb up, she liked whatever he gave, and the two couldn’t help but embrace each other happily.

Guan Yue came to the factory with samples and said that what they did was different from the one shown in her drawings. The master said that the modification fee was 5,000 yuan. Guan Yue argued that they did something wrong. The master said that he wanted to change it for free and had to wait in line. Three months later. Then she took the sample and took the bus back in frustration. She did not expect to fall asleep in the car. When she woke up at the terminal, she found that the bag had been stolen and she was sitting in the opposite direction.

At night, she lost her way in the suburbs. She was scared to find a signal with her mobile phone while walking. She accidentally got her foot. Finally, she contacted Ye Zhou. As soon as she told him that he could hear the sound of a train, the phone went off. Tired and afraid of stumbling and walking forward, I suddenly heard the sound of a motorcycle behind him, and it turned out that Ye Zhou had found it.

Yao Yuan went to a bar to drink and met Si Yi. He thought Si Yi and her boyfriend had a good relationship. He didn’t expect them to break up. Si Yi said that the relationship would change. Yao Yuan felt that the only constant was her. She asked him when he planned to get married, and Yao Yuan said it was too early. He didn’t think so much.

Ye Zhou went home and wanted to borrow 30,000 yuan from his mother to help Guan Yue tide over the difficulties. When his father heard this, he asked him to come back and lend him the money when he said he didn’t need it. Ye Zhou hurried away. When Lu Ke and Lao Huang heard about it, they lent Guan Yue 30,000 yuan. She immediately went to the factory to make samples, but the factory had no time to do it. Jia Xiaoning came when she was worried.

He saw the drawing of the chair she designed and thought it was good, so he said he Can help her find a factory to make a sample, Guan Yue was very happy to hear that, and gave him the design drawing. She thought she had met Fuxing, but she didn’t expect fate to make another joke to her. Guan Yue received a call from Lu Ke that day that her work had been copied by Jia Xiaoning. Guan Yue was shocked when she saw the pictures Lu Ke sent.

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