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You Complete Me 小風暴之時間的玫瑰 Episode 37 Recap

Bei Xiaorong sent someone to put flowers at the door. Wu Dongna saw that Bei Xiaorong saw that Lin Wo was so good, so she persuaded Lin Wo to accept Bei Xiaorong’s love, but Lin Wo and Bei Xiaorong lacked a boyfriend and girlfriend. At this moment, Wu Dongna saw Lin Wo’s pants dirty and reminded Lin Wo. Seeing that the signing meeting was about to begin, Sun Miao quickly took Lin Wo to the lounge to get rid of the dirt on the pants. Wu Dongna asked Bei Xiao to take this opportunity to confess to Lin Wo.

Lin Wo saw Gao Shan being entangled with a woman she didn’t know. She pretended not to care, and walked directly beside Gao Shan. Sun Miao took the decontamination pen to Lin Wo and covered the dirt on the caravan of pants. Stopping Su Yuan who was about to participate in the ceremony, Su Yuan was very happy to see Gao Shan’s return.

Gao Gao asked Su Yuan to assist him in obtaining Lin Wo’s forgiveness. The signing ceremony officially began. Lin Wo responded to the bookstore owner’s questions very well. When the bookstore owner asked When she was in love, she hesitated for a while and asked everyone to find the answer in the book. At the fan question session, Su Yuan replaced Gao Shan and asked Lin Wo before Bei Xiaorong.

At this time, Gao Gao held a bouquet of roses and walked towards it. Lin Wo, Lin Wo told Gao Shan to give up the love between them, but Gao Shan was unwilling to give up, Lin Wo ended the signing ceremony ahead of schedule, left the scene, Gao Shan ran after Lin Wo, Bei Xiaorong hugged Lin Wo and warned Gao Shan did not want to harass his girlfriend. Gao Shan sadly dropped the roses and left Linwo. Linwo thanked Bei Xiaorong for helping him out and agreed to become Bei Xiaorong’s girlfriend.

Bei Xiaorong drove Lin Wo home and met Qin Shengsheng. Lin Wo went to the kitchen to cook for Qin Shengsheng. Qin Shengsheng asked about Lin Wo’s work. Lin Wo told Qin Shengsheng about the company’s development prospects. Qin Shengsheng discussed relationship issues with Lin Wo. He guessed that Lin Wo’s acceptance of Bei Xiaorong must be related to Gaoshan, so he went to the hotel to find Gaoshan.

Gao Gao received Qin Shengsheng, and Qin Shengsheng told him that he had gone to Switzerland to find mountains. Qin Shengsheng hoped that Linwo would be happy, and Gaoshan was the one who could bring happiness to Linwo. Unfortunately, Linwo had a misunderstanding about Gaoshan, and Qin Shengsheng let Gaoshan Untie Lin Wo as soon as possible.

As a book fan of Lin Wo, Gao Gao used the Internet to chat with Lin Wo. Lin Wo was disturbed by the nightmare and could not fall asleep, determined that Gao Shan would never disturb her life again.

Chen Hongyu, who was in the prison, called Bei Xiaorong to see him, and felt that Bei Xiaorong was also part of the responsibility for nearly killing Qin Shengsheng, and Bei Xiaorong was too scared to speak.

Lin Wo wanted to take Xiaobao to dinner. Before leaving the company, he saw Gaoshan. Linwo did not welcome Gaoshan. He asked Gaoshan to leave the mountain. Gaoshan took out the contract signed by Linwo and said that he was also a shareholder of Baibo. Lin Wo was here to talk about business. Lin Wo didn’t want to take care of Gaoshan. Xiaobao grabbed Linwo’s hand to make Linwo keep his promise. Linwo drove Deng Li and Xiaobao out of trouble. Linwo admitted that Gaoshan is Baibo. Shareholder, she wants to buy Gaoshan’s shares with money, but Gaoshan doesn’t want money.

Gao Gao invited Lin Wo to eat together. Lin Wo agreed. She refused to let Wu Dongna follow. Wu Dongna quietly put her phone in Lin Wo’s carrying bag, borrowed Deng Li’s phone to locate, and found Lin Wo’s place to eat. Love The person in charge of the Qin Fund, Lu Man, found Gao Shan who was eating dessert with Lin Wo in the dessert shop, and took the initiative to greet Gao Shan, pretending to be a Gao Shan girlfriend.

Lin Wo was very angry, and Gao Shan took advantage of Lin Wo to answer the phone. At that time, let Lu Man leave. Lu Man asked Gao Shan to tell the whereabouts of Han Siyang, but Gao Shan didn’t know where Han Siyang was. Lu Man felt that Gao Shan was Han Siyang’s friend and her former subordinate, so he offered to help Gao Shan solve the problem with Lin Wo Relationship problems.

Lu Man asked Lin Wo to talk about Gao Shan. Lin Wo said that Gao Shan is her past tense and doesn’t care whether he has a girlfriend now.

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