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Unique Lady 2 絕世千金完結篇 Episode 9 Recap

As soon as Lin Luojing returned to the house, he saw Zhong Wumei sitting in the courtyard drinking. The two looked at each other and Lin Luojing slowly walked towards him. Zhong Wumei broke the silence and said that the cherry blossoms were really beautiful, so he came to sit down. Lin Luojing was a little disappointed and offered to drink together. She fined herself three cups for the previous unreasonable, rude words, mistakenly treating him as a loved one, and deceived him to apologize.

After drinking three glasses of wine, Lin Luojing was drunk, Zhong Wumei came over to help her, and asked her she said that she mistakenly regarded him as a loved one, which means that what she said before was false, she was not him The princess. Lin Luojing leaned on Zhong Wumei’s shoulder, and smiled bitterly and said yes, no matter how you look at it, Wen Ruyu is more like a princess, right? She is just an insignificant medical girl, only because the prince is too similar to her beloved, so she will make a more aggressive move before.

Xiaoyu watched Yao fall asleep, Shan’er walked in and scolded her useless girl, let her leave, Xiaoyu had no choice but to leave. Walking out and met Wen Ruyu, Wen Ruyu wondered, isn’t Xiaoyu responsible for watching Zhong Wumei’s medicine? How did he leave? Lin Luojing’s people were too careless.

Wen Ruyu walked in, and she saw Shan’er pour something into the medicine, and she didn’t stop her quickly. Wen Ruyu asked Shan’er what it was, who gave it to her, and who instigated her. Shan’er explained that this was the will of the king of Beiyu. Only after taking this medicine can the prince truly belong to Wen Ruyu. For Beiyu, this is what she should do.

Wen Ruyu understood that Zhong Wumei’s memory loss was due to the medicine she gave. Shan’er went on to say that there are two doses of this medicine. As long as the prince takes this second dose today, Wen Ruyu’s position in the palace will be stabilized. Wen Ruyu disdain to do this kind of thing and disagree with what she did.

Shan’er went on to explain that this medicine would only control the prince, and would not harm his body. If they didn’t do anything, the palace would have no place for her. Wen Ruyu still disagreed with her proposal, and Wen Ruyu firmly believed that he could also move Zhong Wumei with heart and soul like Lin Luojing.

Lin Luojing and Zhong Wumei were drunk in the yard, Lin Luojing told him about his previous heroic deeds. Zhong Wumei smiled and watched Lin Luojing talk about those things, a little envious, he said he hoped that the person in the story was really him. The drunk two kissed perplexedly.

Wen Ruyu just came over to find Zhong Wumei, saw the two kissing, turned and left. Lin Luojing, who was awake, pushed him away and hurried away. Zhong Wumei stood up and wanted to catch up. Suddenly, his head hurt. He seemed to remember, and said his previous intimate address in the direction Lin Luojing had left.

After seeing the scene, Wen Ruyu was persuaded by Shaner and agreed to give Zhong Wumei the medicine. Wen Ruyu took the medicine to Zhong Wumei. As everyone knows that Zhong Wumei has recovered his memory, naturally he will not drink her medicine, and secretly pour the medicine on the ground, Wen Ruyu caringly asked how he felt.

Lin Luojing was hesitating whether to leave, Xiaoyu came to report Zhong Wumei and had a splitting headache early in the morning, and let her go and take a look. Lin Luojing was very worried, and hurried over to look at it, and saw the love scene of Wen Ruyu and Zhong Wumei. Wen Ruyu questioned her medical skills, and Lin Luojing retorted her.

Zhong Wumei furiously said that she was presumptuous, she had no respect and humiliation, and it was enough to despise him, and now she even dared to speak to the princess.

Lin Luojing knelt on the ground, her eyes flushed, she said that she had sinned very badly, so she came to say goodbye today. Zhong Wumei was shocked, and Wen Ruyu was threatening the prince. Lin Luojing said that he would leave Shengjing with Prince Qiyu, so that the business problem between Qiyu and Shengjing can also be solved, so why not do it.

Zhong Wumei squatted down and said to her that she would dare to threaten her. She left as long as she wanted to. He would never force her to stay, and sneered fiercely. Lin Luojing was angry and wronged, stood up and pushed Zhong Wumei, then turned and left.

Lin Luojing left the palace with her suitcase on her back. She said that the best way to avenge the scumbag was to spend his money. Lin Luojing went everywhere to buy, buy, eat, eat, drink, and have fun.

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