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Unique Lady 2 絕世千金完結篇 Episode 10 Recap

Xiaoyu came to report to King Jingyuan that Zhong Wumei had driven Lin Luojing out, and King Jingyuan asked her if they were acting every time. Xiaoyu didn’t feel like acting, Lin Luojing was still drunk in Wenxianglou and was extremely sad. King Jingyuan said that now he should wait for Lin Feiyu to win, and let Xiaoyu be more careful. Lin Luojing has already taken over, so she doesn’t need to take care of it.

Lin Luojing was generous and gave the clothes in more than thirteen garment shops to the girl in Wenxianglou. The girls thanked her for suggesting dancing to her. She said that she wanted to play something innovative. The girl said that she was different from other men. Lin Luojing remembered the sadness, the atmosphere fell into a downturn, and the girls didn’t know how to answer the conversation.

The girls broke the strange atmosphere and raised their eyes at the competition. When Lin Luojing remembered what happened with Zhong Wumei before, she lost her temper and lost her beard. The girls were shocked, remembered her identity, and left quickly. Lin Luojing threw the belongings on the ground, shouted, and bring you the best. The girls all left, leaving her alone, crying sadly.

Wen Ruyu was very happy to know that Lin Luojing was gone, and brought tea to Zhong Wumei. Wen Ruyu mentioned Lin Luojing. The prince said that Lin Luojing was a troublemaker. If Jiang hadn’t been expelled from the mansion as soon as possible, she would not know what disaster would cause and would not upset Wen Ruyu. Wen Ruyu asked Zhong Wumei to go to Jiang Xuanyu’s ready-to-wear shop to retrieve the seiko costumes, and he smiled and agreed.

In the empty wine jar in Wenxiang Building, Lin Luojing was so drunk that Xiaolan came to persuade her, but she would not listen. At this moment Liu Xiuwen came in and put the Qiyu treasured knife in front of her. Lin Luojing felt the knife and knew it was him. Lin Luojing told Liu Xiuwen what was in her heart, and she fell asleep on Liu Xiuwen’s lap.

Wen Ruyu greeted Zhong Wumei with exquisite makeup and prepared Chinese clothes. She is very active and wants to make up with Zhong Wumei. Zhong Wumei said that she was very beautiful tonight, and she also put on a beautiful costume for him, looking for a good day to let the people in the palace understand who the hostess of the Yuanzheng Palace is. Zhong Wumei drew her eyebrows personally, and said sweet words, Wen Ruyu was very moved.

Lin Luojing remembered what Zhong Wumei had said before, saying that she had no biological parental discipline, and only a few people who knew about it knew about it, and found that Zhong Wumei had recovered her memory. The system appeared again to confirm the matter, Lin Luojing was very happy, and the system gave her a hint. She knew that Zhong Wumei did this to protect her, push her away, and prevent her from getting involved in danger.

The system tells Lin Luojing that Zhong Wumei will encounter greater danger and needs her help. There are clues in the prime minister’s house. Lin Luojing didn’t hesitate, and told Liu Xiuwen that he was going to the Prime Minister’s Mansion, but he didn’t ask much.

Lin Luojing came to the old prime minister’s mansion and saw the wine jars and empty bowls on the table and the clues found on the ground. He guessed that the prime minister hired someone to make gunpowder, and then ignited it in the palace and hurried to find Jiang Xuanyu. . Jiang Xuanyu and Lin Luojing talked about Zhong Wumei’s recovery of memories.

Jiang Xuanyu said that after seeing her that day, he wanted to go to the palace to find Zhong Wumei and ask questions, but was stopped by the palace guards. He went back to the garment shop that day to work overnight. Zhong Wumei came to him in the middle of the night and said that he wanted to get Chinese clothes. Jiang Xuanyu showed a suddenly enlightened expression when he said that Lin Luojing had mistakenly wore the costume of Zhong Wumei’s mother. Zhong Wumei said that he missed his mouth, saying that this time it was not for Lin Luojing. Jiang Xuanyu knew that he had recovered his memory, Zhong Wumei had to tell the truth that he recovered his memory the last time he had a drink with Lin Luojing.

Lin Luojing asked Jiang Xuanyu’s guards outside the palace to lead him away, but Jiang Xuanyu used a lame excuse to fail and walked back in frustration. Lin Luojing’s inspiration came and found the hornet’s nest on the tree, and motioned Jiang Xuanyu to use this to lead them away. Jiang Xuanyu jumped up to stab the hornet’s nest, several guards went up to stop him, Lin Luojing seized the opportunity and sneaked into the palace.

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