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The Penalty Zone 黑白禁区 Episode 27 Recap

Tan Po said that Tan Biao was Lao Bai’s son, and did not dare to give him the surname Bai. To this day, Tan Biao does not know that Lao Bai is his father or that Tan Po is his mother. Tan Po heard that it was Gan Tianlei that hurt Lao Bai so badly. Lao Bai said that he used to think that he relied on ability to gain a foothold in the Tan family, but he didn’t expect it to be the young skin bag that pleased Tan Po, but Tan Po liked him Not a skin at all, but a heart. Tan Biao heard everything outside, and he felt that something was wrong since he was a child. He didn’t understand the truth until just now. Tan Po told Tan Biao that all the rumors about Lao Bai were false, and that he was an upright man. Tan Po asked Tan Biao to say a few words to Lao Bai. Tan Biao couldn’t accept this father for a while, but he was determined to avenge him.

Yang Xiaolei called Gan Xiao Nuan to ask about the situation and said that she and Gan Tianlei would go back soon. Third Sister She was missing her father, and her moustache came and said that everything that should be cleaned up was finished. Third Sister She said that she would not believe everything about Gan Tianlei and Che Lizi, and remember that when she was a child, her mother was very excited when she mentioned Tan Po, so she understood Lao She’s death must have nothing to do with the Tan family.

Moustache then provokes Third Sister She to Che Lizi and Gan Tianlei’s relationship. Third Sister She expresses sorry to Lao She’s people, she will not let them live. Gan Xiao Nuan gave Sister Wang a big-name lipstick, and then asked a person named Su Ling in the profile. She wanted to see her picture. Sister Wang asked her to check Lisa Su online, her name is Lisa. Lao Bai committed suicide, and Tan Po was immediately confused when she learned about it.

Third Sister She invited everyone out for dinner, and Dr. Niu wanted to talk to her about cooperating. Doesn’t Che Lizi just want them to do it together? Che Lizi stated that he wanted to revive Caesar’s prestige, and he would solve the money issue together with Gan Tianlei. Gan Tianlei was pulled in without saying a word. Third Sister She did not immediately agree to Che Lizi, saying that she would go back and discuss with everyone.

The monitoring police heard the teacher they were talking about and quickly took notes. The day after tomorrow was the 10th anniversary of Lao She, Che Lizi offered to go to Ercheng to pay homage to him. Third Sister She declined, but Che Lizi wanted Gan Tianlei to go with him, and Dr. Niu yelled to go with him. Che Lizi insisted on going, saying that he prepared a big gift for them in Ercheng, which was related to Caesar and the Tan family. Gan Xiao Nuan couldn’t open CR Group’s intranet and was very depressed.

Moustache called Tan Po to report that Che Lizi and Gan Tianlei were going to Ercheng with Sister She, and Tan Po asked him to stare at Gan Tianlei and get rid of him as soon as possible. Xiong Guoliang asked Hongwu to help them fish again. Hongwu refused. Xiong Guoliang said that as long as he had an appointment, he would sign his light sentence specification. Hongwu gritted his teeth and agreed. Gan Xiaonuan went to send information to Lu Mingsong, and asked Su Ling, Lu Mingsong said that she was his old classmate and one of the veterans of CR. Lu Mingsong said that Gan Xiao Nuan’s guess was correct. They were almost carved out of a mold, and Gan Xiao Nuan was very excited.

Xiong Guoliang and Ma Lie asked Hong Wu to call Chen Sidong again, threatening to report him anonymously. Chen Sidong asked him to meet at the abandoned farm in the eastern suburbs tomorrow. The other party still couldn’t locate, Xiong Guoliang had a headache. Chen Sidong didn’t even want to give Hong Wu money, but planned to kill him. Che Lizi had a heat stroke on the way to Ercheng. He had this problem, Gan Tianlei still remembered. When the police checked the car, they felt that they were familiar, and the spit and diarrhea caused the police to let them go. But all of this was under the supervision of Dao Yuhan and Yang Xiaolei, and they immediately rushed to Ercheng.

In the Ercheng Hotel, Cherries lay on the bed and shivered in the cold, but Gan Tianlei recalled the secret place here and Tai Yongfeng. That was the first time Gan Tianlei helped him. Tai Yongfeng took out a picture of him with Yang Xiaolei and Xiong Guoliang, saying that they talked about him every day, and said that he could help Gan Tianlei return to them to fight together.

This group photo made Gan Tianlei fall into memory, Che Lizi told him to pick up the goods tomorrow, Gan Tianlei thought for a long time or contacted Tai Yongfeng to tell him the news of the pick up tomorrow. Gan Tianlei burned down his information sheet at the police academy. This is his eternal memory. The waiter came to deliver water, and Gan Tianlei got the message from Yang Xiaolei and asked him to meet at 8 o’clock. Che Lizi still had some doubts.

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