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The Message 风声 Episode 12 Recap

Wang Tianxiang told everyone that Qiu Zhuang’s huge wealth should still be there. The owner of Qiu Zhuang died accidentally that year, and that ineffective young master dressed as a martyr to serve as a soldier. It is estimated that where is he begging now. Jin Shenghuo suddenly asked Bai Xiaonian Liu Squadron’s age and learned that he was 24 years old, Jin Shenghuo said it was right.

Li Ningyu understood and explained to everyone: Liu Kecheng of the Liu Squadron was the real murderer who killed Commander Qian. He was the young master who escaped from the Liu family. He was just right to hide on the ceiling at his age. ,

Liu Kecheng’s resume is 24 years old, which is exactly the same as his age ten years ago. Even a fictitious resume has real elements, and the age of twenty is in line with his physiological characteristics. Only this logic can explain everything. Commander Qian Liu Kecheng was transferred to Qiuzhuang to use this orphan to find the wealth left by the owner of Qiuzhuang, and Master Qiu could only use him to have the opportunity to return to his homeland to find the property left by his father.

This was also angered by Bai Xiaonian. The real reason for Commander Qian is that both Liu Kecheng and Commander Qian are embarrassed. Commander Qian can only find the money through Liu Kecheng, a young master, otherwise Qiuzhuang Wealth will not only have his turn to investigate, but may also be killed.

When the identity of Young Master Liu Kecheng was discovered, Commander Qian had to kill others in order to keep the secret. Gu Xiaomeng added that Steward Zhao was an old man left behind by Zhuangzhu Qiu. He could recognize the old young master, so he and Liu Kecheng were forced to join forces to kill Commander Qian.

Li Ningyu told everyone that there is another possibility, that Commander Qian found the clue alone, but he did not want to divide the dirty by one person, and the old butler who stayed at Qiuzhuang had been waiting for the young master to come out to protect him. He saw Commander Qian killed him. Xin, so joined forces with the young master to kill Commander Qian. Chief Li of Jin Shenghuo Xuanmian has helped Wang Tianxiang decipher the real culprit, and they can leave.

At this time, Wang Tianxiang told them not to leave Qiuzhuang. The real isolation review has just begun. At this time, Longchuan Feihara walked in and said that the five of them had made up a seamless lie within an hour, which made him believe how they successfully blamed Jin Shengxian on the code ship.

Longchuan Feihara officially introduced himself to the five people. Gu Xiaomeng asked him why they continue to be quarantined. Longchuan recognized Gu Xiaomeng as the daughter of the ship king and claimed that she was suspected of killing Morita Dazuo. Jin Shengxian was not the murderer of Morita at all. He is just a dealer selling information on the black market, but he admires that the testimony of the five people is perfectly coordinated.

Fortunately, the telegram from Qiuzhuang made him think of asking them to go to Qiuzhuang to solve the murder case of Commander Qian, so that he can teach them. Ability. Today, facing Wang Tianxiang’s interrogation, they once again performed the accident trick on the cipher ship, but they were clever instead of being clever. Li Ningyu pointed out that even if Jin Shengxian was not the murderer, it was because he first accused them of the five people first, and it was reasonable that they believed him as a suspect out of self-confidence.

Long Chuan praised Li Ningyu as a cryptographic genius and a master of logic. Since it was Jin Shengxian who framed them, why did Commander Zhang send Bai Xiaonian aboard after receiving the Qiuzhuang telegram? This shows that the person who sent the telegram was here. Among the five of them. He came to Qiuzhuang today not for the Morita case, nor for the death of Commander Qian, but to find out who among the five is the rape.

Longchuan Hihara announced: It was midnight on June 22, 1941. Because of the sealed telegram that they deciphered, the Germans had already acted against the Soviet Union. They successfully transmitted the information, but it was intercepted by other oriole. ,

Not only the intelligence line was broken, but also their important identity was exposed: the old ghost of the CCP spy. The oriole told them: the information was transmitted on the day the ship docked, and it was them who could have access to the information. Among them, Jin Shengxian had been detained, so they were going to catch ghosts in Qiuzhuang today.

At this time, Gu Minzhang was at home and his thoughts were chaotic. The housekeeper, Ms. Zhao, reported to him that the lady had gone out with Chief Jin. It was said that there was a warrant from Chairman Wang. Gu Minzhang had already foreseen that his daughter was in danger.

Li Ningyu pointed out that in addition to them, there are other intelligence experts who are also suspected. Longchuan said that this information was provided by their spy, the cardinal. He approached Li Ningyu and said that she did not use perfume and her heartbeat was normal, but he I think all five of them have the doubts of the old ghosts, especially the doubts of Li Ningyu.

She asked all intelligence experts to gather in the conference room to witness whether her deciphering was successful, and she usually did not use jewelry and perfume, indicating that she was not a woman who loves to express herself, but that she needed Morita’s consent to leak the information to everyone present at the time. Even if the information is leaked, they will become their own scapegoats. Li Ningyu did not agree with his guess. Long Chuan went on to say that Gu Xiaomeng’s doubts were also obvious.

She forged testimony that Wu Zhiguo and Bai Xiaonian knew the content of the intelligence. Forging passwords is a felony in the intelligence system. Jin Shenghuo cannot be removed in the presence of Bai Xiaonian and Wu Zhiguo. Secret telegrams, Gu Xiaomeng did this only to expand the scope of the informants and prove that all five of them are suspected of leaking secrets.

Long Chuan then said that Jin Shenghuo’s suspicion was that he was too uninitiated. From the beginning, he resolutely left the game. He kept himself out of the situation, as the supervisor of the confidential department, and avoided the task of deciphering. This is abnormal. Jin Shenghuo explained himself. He was afraid that he would kill the donkey. Long Chuan said that the deciphering failed, and he would inevitably die. Jin Shenghuo said that he believed in Li Ningyu’s ability.

In addition, Gu Xiaomeng’s father was Chairman Wang’s guest, so he judged that Gu Minzhang was saving his beloved daughter and would also rescue the other two. Long Chuan pointed out that since he knew the way out, why did he need to forge the secret telegram. When Li Ningyu pointed out that this was the second-generation Enigma machine, Jin Shenghuo changed his mind again.

Based on his analysis of the strategic situation, he guessed the secret telegram. It should be related to Germany’s military actions against the Soviet Union, so he concocted a fake secret message. Even if Li Ningyu could not decipher it, she also guided her thinking. If it is deciphered, she can grasp the content of the real intelligence without revealing a trace.

Bai Xiaonian pointed out that he only got on the ship after the information was deciphered, so the old ghost could not be himself. Long Chuan claimed that Bai Xiaonian could not leak secrets in terms of time, but if the old ghost is two people, one is him and the other is Wu Zhiguo, then Qiuzhuang’s telegram is sent by Wu Zhiguo, and only Wu Zhiguo has professional killing methods and hiding ceilings. Physical strength. And Wu Zhiguo knew that after he sent out the intelligence, he would inevitably fall into Bai Xiaonian’s hands.

Once he had an accident and the intelligence was not transmitted, Bai Xiaonian would continue to complete the task. So as long as one of them leaves alive, the information can be passed on. Wu Zhiguo said he was nonsense. Longchuan announced that they can rest now. As long as the old ghost is found, everyone else is safe, but after seven days, if the old ghost is not found, they will all die.

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