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The Message 风声 Episode 11 Recap

Li Ningyu saw that the painting in the living room was a hellish change. Jin Shenghuo said it was unlucky and asked Wang Tianxiang to replace it. When he twisted the door lock, he discovered that there was a fire outside the room and the door was locked. The five people worked together to secure the door. After opening, Wang Tianxiang’s leader was already waiting outside.

Six people were sitting around the table. Jin Shenghuo asked Wang Tianxiang why they had to burn them. Wang Tianxiang explained that he just wanted to know if they could get out without the key. Wu Zhiguo had no patience and got up to leave. Wang Tianxiang announced that their secret mission tonight was to track down Qian Huyi’s murder. Gu Xiaomeng believes that this is not the responsibility of the few of them, and Jin Shenghuo also believes that Commander Qian is not murder.

Wang Tianxiang said that although the evidence at the scene showed that Commander Qian died by stabbing his chest with a knife in his hand, he suffered a gunshot wound to his right arm in his early years, so it is impossible to use his right arm if he commits suicide. Bai Xiaonian pointed out that this house uses top German locks with only one key. Commander Qian personally locks the door every night before going to bed.

When the accident happened, the only key was still in the room, and all the windows were closed. In this case, it is more difficult for him to break into the room to kill him than to commit suicide with the pain. Wang Tianxiang took out another key, and said that the one on the table just now was actually the key of the west building opposite. Since the Commander Qian entered Qiuzhuang, he had been ensnared and wanted to know Qiuzhuang’s secret.

Sleeping in the living room, trying to find clues, that night was a dinner hosted by Chairman Zhou, Commander Qian was drunk, but the housekeeper Zhao confessed that he personally handed the key to Commander Qian, but in fact he handed it to the west building opposite. The key, the real key has been replaced by Lao Zhao. At this time, the murderer came in naturally.

He had something to ask Commander Qian. Later they had a conflict and the other party killed Commander Qian by one move, and then had to lock the door. Jin Shenghuo suggested that on the night of the accident, the key was in the hands of Commander Qian. Wang Tianxiang explained that it was Lao Zhao who took advantage of the accident to put the key in Commander Qian’s hand after the accident.

Wang Tianxiang said that he had deciphered the method of killing Commander Qian, but the murderer and the motive of the murder need to be deciphered by them. Jin Shenghuo pointed out that he did the key replacement for Lao Zhao, but Wang Tianxiang has investigated Lao Zhao’s gambling game that night, and several old gamblers can testify, so Lao Zhao is entrusted to change the key, and that talent is the murderer. .

Gu Xiaomeng made a fuss about going home, saying that in this case, Chief Wang said who was the one, Wang Tianxiang said that the murderer was among the five of them. Jin Shenghuo laughed, saying that he had done something to make real evidence, and Wang Tianxiang promised that there would be no unjust, false and wrong cases in Qiuzhuang.

Jin Shenghuo was the first to confess, saying that Commander Qian took good care of himself. He had no motive for killing. Wang Tianxiang said that Jin Shenghuo was for power. He was an old man in the army. At that time, Commander Qian was his subordinate. The position was vacated, so he had a motive for murder, and he was Dai Li’s number one agent at the time, and he also had murder methods.

Three days before Commander Qian was killed, Jin Shenghuo made a huge sum of money into the HSBC bank account. The money was later taken away by the housekeeper, Zhao, who disappeared without a trace that night. This method was nothing but gold. Bai Xiaonian said that if anyone is likely to be the deputy commander, whoever has the motive, then Wu Zhiguo has the motive. Wang Tianxiang said that Bai Xiaonian was the filing cabinet of the headquarters.

The motive for the murder might not only be for profit but also to avoid harm. Five days before Commander Qian was killed, why did Captain Liu, whom he had always trusted, transferred away? Bai Xiaonian explained that it was Jiming Temple. Wang Tianxiang smiled and said, why bother with Jiming Temple. The murderer was fatal with a single knife that day, and Wu Zhiguo quarreled with him in Commander Qian’s office that day, and even took out a gun.

Only Wu Zhiguo could do this. Gu Xiaomeng heard that it was all about men, and it didn’t matter to him and Colonel Li, they could leave. Wang Tianxiang said that the murder does not necessarily have to be done by himself. Gu Xiaomeng has a wealth of money and can buy murder. It is also said that six months before Gu Xiaomeng entered the job, Commander Qian had to match her with her own younger brother.

Gu Xiaomeng hated him for this. . Wang Tianxiang turned to say that Li Ningyu was able to enter the key points because of the wisdom of Commander Qian, but he heard that Li Ningyu once helped Commander Qian to suck snake venom from his thigh, and that Commander Qian was heroic and Li Ningyu had died.

Two husbands, Wu Zhiguo couldn’t help it anymore, and clamored to kill Wang Tianxiang. Jin Shenghuo also said that what Wang Tianxiang was talking about was to catch the wind and catch the shadows. Wang Tianxiang ordered them to use the ability to find out Jin Shengxian on the cipher ship and find the real culprit who killed Commander Qian. Their time was 56 hours.

Jin Shenghuo confessed again: he did send a sum of money to Commander Qian’s butler, Lao Zhao, but it has nothing to do with Commander Qian, because Lao Zhao is not Commander Qian’s butler, but Qiuzhuang’s butler, and the first owner of Qiuzhuang. His name is Qiu Zhengen, and it is said that there is a huge treasure in his family.

Later, after the Japanese occupied Luning, they moved around the house several times and got them into the hands of Commander Qian. He sent the money so that Steward Zhao could help him find Qiuzhuang’s young master and his nemesis. Because Qiu Zhuangzhu’s death had something to do with him, 10 years ago, Dai Li asked himself to arrest the CCP’s number one spy, Lu Xunzhang.

This man was very good at blasting, deciphering, and disguising his ability to escape, and he loved expressing himself. The most famous escape magician in Europe at that time made him make a mistake in his performance deliberately, and then lured Lu Xunzhang into the magician’s box to throw himself into the net, but he never expected that his plan was completely disrupted by a mysterious spy.

Later, this Lu Xunzhang was also arrested by their people, but it took two months to speak before he could speak. At that time, the guest in the second floor box became his own surrogate. This person was Qiu Zhengen, the owner of Qiuzhuang. Jin Shenghuo became involved with Qiuzhuang ten years ago. The ring on his hand is also Qiu Zhengen’s.

At that time, there was another person in the box who was a young man from Qiu Zhuang. He saw the murderer, so Jin Shenghuo wanted to find the central agent who shot through Qiu Zhuang butler, because he was a top expert. So I couldn’t find his file at all. Some time ago, Steward Zhao said that he had found the young master, but couldn’t see himself for a while, and then a murder case occurred, and Steward Zhao also disappeared.

Bai Xiaonian went on to say that he inadvertently found a debriefing registration document in the headquarters, which was altered in the column of hometown. Later, he checked the person’s resume and found several minor loopholes. He was Commander Qian’s confidant loves Squadron Liu. Later, Bai Xiaonian couldn’t help but tentatively questioned Squadron Liu. Unexpectedly, he committed the taboo of Commander Qian. Jiming Temple personally ordered the transfer of Squadron Liu. Commander Qian He also warned him to kill the cat.

Bai Xiaonian guessed that Liu Squadron had no qualifications and no background but was loved by Commander Qian. It might be because of this reason that they shared a secret. At this time, Gu Xiaomeng asked Liu Squadron’s name. Bai Xiaonian told him that it was Liu Kecheng. Only then did Gu Xiaomeng understand that Commander Qian was not his brother, but Liu Kecheng as a matchmaker.

Wu Zhiguo went on to say that the reason Commander Qian was arguing with him in the office that day was because he asked himself to kill Liu Kecheng, pretending to be the National Salvation Army in a dense forest, and ambushed Liu Squadron. Wu Zhiguo refused, so Commander Qian was very angry.

Li Ningyu confessed that Commander Qian transferred himself to the headquarters for the password. What he asked himself to decipher was the code of the dead in Qiuzhuang. Commander Qian believed that Qiuzhuangli’s wealth did exist, and that the code was hidden in a corner of Qiuzhuang. Here, he repeatedly asked Li Ningyu to carefully examine any objects in the room that might hide the password. That time, Li Ningyu told him that he had seen all of the Qiuzhuang Donglou. There was no password he said. Commander Qian was very desperate after hearing this, so he I was looking for this huge sum of money before I died.

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