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My Best Friend’s Story 流金岁月 Episode 7 Recap

Jiang’s mother went to Zhang Anren’s house to inspect the situation. Although she was reluctant to give her daughter to him, given the current situation, there was no better way, so she had to rent a house next to Zhang Anren.

Fan Jingang saw Zhu Suosuo at the company, and he heard from colleagues that Yang Ke handed over important customers to Zhu Suosuo, and decided to report the matter to Ye Jinyan. Who knows that Ye Jinyan doesn’t care about this matter, and I believe Yang Ke can handle it. Properly.

Seeing that the complaint was invalid, Fan Jingang had to lock Zhu Suo out, hoping that she would leave Jingyan Group, lest Yang Ke knew that she was the former girlfriend of the horse driver. Zhu Suosuo immediately dialed the phone to inform Yang Ke of the incident. Instead of blaming her, Yang Ke admired her abilities.

Jiang’s mother told Jiang Pengfei’s mother and son that Jiang Nansun had moved out. Jiang was angry that Jiang’s mother would indulge Jiang Nansun. Jiang’s mother had to threaten to divorce. Sure enough, Jiang Pengfei’s mother and son stopped preventing Jiang Nansun from moving out.

Zhu Suosuo visited Jiang Nansun and saw Zhang Anren’s house on the walls. He was worried that Jiang Nansun would not be able to live. Jiang Nansun thanked Zhu Suosuo for his contribution. Zhu Suosuo thought he could endure hardships, but Jiang Nansun was a princess and could not become Cinderella. Zhang Anren next to him decided to buy vegetables to cook for the two of them. Zhu Suosuo deliberately teased him for not knowing how to eat a good meal and not letting him eat and drink. Jiang Nansun hit the round immediately.

When Zhu Suosuo saw Yang Ke line up to buy coffee, he took the initiative to invite him to drink coffee. By coincidence, Ye Jinyan also came to the coffee shop to line up. Zhu Suosuo decided to invite him to drink coffee, but Ye Jinyan reminded Yang Ke to abide by the rules and line up and not mess with the rules. On the way to work, Yang Ke reminded Zhu Suosuo that no one in Jingyan Group would dare to invite Ye Jinyan to drink coffee.

Then Wu Di, a colleague on vacation, came over. Yang Ke immediately introduced Zhu Suosuo to Wu Di, but the security guard informed Wu Di of mandatory vacation. It turned out that Wu Di said After a few words that were not conducive to the company’s development, Zhu Suosuo lamented the company’s wolfish management.

Zhang Anren received a call from his instructor and learned that he might not stay in school, so he asked Jiang Nansun about Wang Yongzheng’s situation in the Songjiang Hotel project. Jiang Nansun believed that Wang Yongzheng paid attention to principles, but he did not purchase the specified brand paints in accordance with the purchase order. But the brightness of the replacement paint is indeed closer to the drawing.

A few days later, Zhang Anren shared the news of her stay in school with Jiang Nansun, and believed that she could give her a bright future. Jiang Nansun learned that Zhang Anren was able to stay because he reported Wang Yongzheng, and was angry that he would use whatever means to achieve his goal. Zhang Anren thought that he was fine with his words, and Jiang Nansun hoped that he would have a clear conscience in his life and work, and apologized to Wang Yongzheng for this matter.

Ye Jinyan received a call from Xia Qian and learned that Jiang Nansun’s best friend was working in her company, and asked Xia Qian to send her name and department to Fan Jingang, and she would take care of her. When Fan Jingang got the news that it was Zhu Suosuo, he couldn’t help being a little worried. When he came to the sales department, Zhu Suosuo happened to be out to discuss business.

Jiang Nansun’s mother and son were worried about their daughter’s suffering outside, and brought a nanny to come to the door. Zhang Anren believed that he could take care of Jiang Nansun without a nanny. Mother Jiang left behind the BMW car key and a card he bought, hoping that her daughter could live a better life. Zhang Anren’s self-esteem was frustrated, but she did not dare to attack her mother. After Jiang’s mother left, he kept the car keys heavy. Threw it on the table.

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