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My Best Friend’s Story 流金岁月 Episode 6 Recap

Jiang Nansun did not go to bed early, nor did he wake up late. He often left before Zhu Suosuo woke up. He occasionally said hello one day and complained a few words about the construction site. There was no way to wear Zhu Suosuo at the construction site. Own beautiful clothes. Zhu Suosuo knew that Jiang Nansun was very busy, but she let it out in advance and agreed to have dinner together in the evening.

At this time, Wang Yongzheng came to the construction site early, but there was also Lilian who was soft and hard to him. Even if he learned that Wang Yongzheng already liked the goddess of literature and art, it was still the digging force to break the casserole to the end. Wang Yongzheng was overwhelmed and simply said that he liked Jiang Nansun, but it was a pity that the other party had a straw boyfriend, but Jiang Nansun happened to hear these words, so she turned her head and left.

The banquet appointment suddenly arrived. Regardless of why Jiang Nansun got off work early, Zhu Suosuo took her to consume as much as he wanted, massaged and then ate, and even promised at the table that if Jiang Nansun wanted home-cooked meals in twenty years, he would find Zhang Anren. Find yourself for a gluttonous feast.

Due to the content of the conversation he heard earlier, Jiang Nansun considered repeatedly and decided to keep a distance from Wang Yongzheng, and then went to Professor Dong to withdraw from the Songjiang Hotel project. Zhang Anren worried that this matter would affect Jiang Nansun Kaobo, so she advised her not to give up.

As a result, the two came to the door of the office and found that the person who opened the door was Wang Yongzheng. He apologized to Jiang Nansun, frankly confessing that because he rejected Lilian, he would use her as a shield.

Lilian brought the Songjiang Hotel’s souvenir book to Wang Yongzheng. Zhang Anren found that Jiang Nansun’s name appeared on the title page of the souvenir book, and then learned that Wang Yongzheng had asked for it.

Zhang Anren perceives his shortcomings, and the inferiority complex in his bones drives him to want to behave in front of Jiang Nansun, so he lied to persuade Lilian to add Jiang Nansun’s contribution. As a result, Jiang Nansun was silent for a while after hearing this, and then took out the souvenir book to show it. The scene was immediately extremely embarrassing, and Zhang Anren’s performance was like a joke.

Wang Yongzheng sent the actual decoration picture to Jiang Nansun and told her to send it to Dai Qian. Jiang Nansun thought of the memorial book, so he decided to come to thank him personally. It happened that Aunt Suguan brought a gift from a girl and asked her to transfer it to Wang Yongzheng.

Jiang Nansun heard that the girl’s hair was in the gift box and scared her to put it directly at the door. Wang Yongzheng gladly accepted Jiang Nansun’s gratitude and asked her to throw away the present before leaving. Jiang Nansun secretly opened the gift box and looked at the love surrounded by his hair and the card filled with words. He couldn’t help feeling creepy.

After a short break and adjustment, Zhu Suosuo went to interview Yang Ke in good spirits and successfully joined the sales department of Jingyan Group. Yang Ke took Zhu Suosuo to familiarize himself with the work environment, and his colleagues warmly welcomed him. In private, he was discussing Zhu Suosuo’s gossip about replacing Yang Ke’s girlfriend.

Ye Jinyan trusts Yang Ke more, so he didn’t go to see Zhu Suosuo, but let him take full responsibility for entry matters, as long as he felt appropriate. Fan Jingang didn’t know that the new employee was Zhu Suosuo, so he reminded Yang Ke not to be tempted by beauty, and then told about how Master Ma was deceived some time ago.

Zhu Suosuo’s work problem has been solved here, but Jiang Nansun’s private life has suffered another setback. The greatest gift the Jiang family can give to their daughter is to give Jiang Nansun the freedom to make friends, so she and Zhang Anren can communicate, but if it comes to marriage, Jiang’s father will not only not agree, but will take the initiative to find her husband and son.

That night, the Jiang family took their daughter to the dinner. Jiang Nansun, who had been kept in the dark at first, immediately understood the purpose of the dinner after entering the hotel box. The man who is comparable to a good match is called Li Yifan. Regardless of his status, status and stock trading methods, Zhang Anren’s height is unattainable. It is a pity that he is a second-married man with a son under his knees, and he can be Jiang Nansun’s uncle at an age.

Jiang Nansun bluntly disclosed the fact that he already had a boyfriend, and then called Zhu Suosuo and asked her to bring Zhang Anren to the rescue. Fortunately, Li Yifan was generous and did not add embarrassment to this meal. He said on the spot that he would simply talk about the economic situation and leave early.

After the dinner, Wang Yongzheng waited at the door for a long time and greeted everyone warmly and generously. Jiang Nansun immediately agreed, took the initiative to hold Wang Yongzheng, and behaved intimacy with him. It was not until after he got in the car that he learned the ins and outs from Zhu Suosuo. It was because Zhang Anren was not in school, Zhu Suosuo brought Wang Yongzheng to “hero save the beauty”.

In fact, Jiang Nansun has no hostility towards Li Yifan. There are two reasons why she is so resistant. One is already in love, and the other is because of Jiang’s father. Thinking about it carefully, Father Jiang made almost no contribution to the family, even squandering the family wealth greedily, never considering the feelings of his family.

Faced with his daughter’s outspoken contradiction, Jiang’s father became furious, and the dispute with her became more intense. There was even the sound of Jiang’s father beating Jiang Nansun with a whip. This is not the first time, but it may be the last. Mother Jiang felt sorry for her daughter, so she insisted that Jiang Nansun move to Zhang Anren’s house. Zhu Suosuo saw Jiang’s mother’s good intentions and was moved by her greatness.

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