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My Best Friend’s Story 流金岁月 Episode 5 Recap

After playing that game, Zhang Anren learned a lot about Wang Yongzheng from Lilian, so he went to Wang Yongzheng on the grounds of playing skills, and took the initiative to mention the school’s quota. Facing Zhang Anren’s hypocrisy, Wang Yongzheng was as indifferent as ever, and even repelled in his heart.

As a result, this scene fell into the eyes of Jiang Sunnan, and it was logical to make a subjective conclusion that Wang Yongzheng was ignorant of good and bad and planned to take the opportunity to rub his spirit, but Zhang Anren comforted Jiang Nansun not to care about Wang Yongzheng anymore.

The old grandmother found that the bird’s nest was not in good condition, so she knew that Jiang’s father used the money for stocks and used it as shoddy. It just so happened that Zhu Suosuo came back from outside. Jiang’s father asked her to help inquire about the company’s internal situation. Zhu Suosuo said that he did not know Ye Jinyan, and then found an excuse to avoid Jiang’s father, and gave the pre-prepared rent to the old grandmother. .

Zhu Suosuo met with Fan Jingang and promised to return the gifts as many as possible, but when she returned home in the evening, she suddenly saw Mr. Ma guarding downstairs at Jiang’s house. At first, Mr. Ma still expressed his love affectionately on his face, but later he directly stated his intentions, hoping that Zhu Suosuo would return the gift to preserve his work. Even though Zhu Suosuo had agreed to Fan Jingang, she still disgusted Mr. Ma’s true face, so she resolutely refused the other party’s request.

Jiang Nansun stayed upstairs alone, did not disturb the conversation between the two downstairs, until Zhu Suosuo angrily went upstairs, which showed that Mr. Ma had left. Zhu Suosuo has a strong personality, so his choices on many things are simple and firm, so Jiang Nansun is not worried that she will be devastated.

The two good sisters revisited the past, and they had some differences in the concept of mate selection. Jiang Nansun always liked the weak scholars. Only Zhu Suosuo used to be lively and cheerful, but now they lower their requirements, only hoping that the other party can give them a home.

Jiang Nansun participated in the Songjiang Hotel project, but the person in charge of the project was Wang Yongzheng. Because Wang Yong found that there was a problem with the quality of the project during his inspection, he asked the foreman Wei to reinstall. Old Wei relied on the old to sell the old, and refused to obey Wang Yongzheng’s arrangements. Instead, he believed that he was picking faults and simply taking the workers away.

Wang Yongzheng ignored their rash strike, and instead called Jiang Nansun to disassemble the spotlights. Considering the large amount of disassembly work, it is impossible to complete it on time, so Jiang Nansun personally invited the workers to dinner, and said good things in front of Old Wei, persuading him to take everyone back to work.

Although Lao Wei focused on Jiang Nansun’s face and temporarily compromised and reworked, Wang Yongzheng didn’t appreciate it and even thought that Jiang Nansun did not solve the problem, but created hidden dangers. The two sides broke up in an uproar, Jiang Nansun was anxiously planning to leave, but Wang Yongzheng threatened her with Professor Dong to stay and continue working.

After that, Zhu Suosuo went to Jingyan Group alone, and under Fan Jingang’s pass, he met the rumored boss Ye Jinyan as he wished. Don’t look at this old man with gray hair, but he has a bookish air, sitting on his desk with half butt crooked and reading documents, not caring about who is coming and how much “stolen money” has been made up.

While Fan Jingang was still questioning Zhu Suosuo’s false account, thinking that she was deliberately inflating the amount, he didn’t expect that Ye Jinyan didn’t hesitate to arrange for Fan Jingang to transfer the gift money to Zhu Suosuo’s account. Seeing Ye Jinyan so refreshed, Zhu Suosuo looked at Fan Jingang with triumphant eyes, happily leaving, leaving Fan Jingang standing there feeling that Zhu Suosuo was too monster, no wonder Mr. Ma would stumble in front of her.

Leaving the chairman’s office, Zhu Suo locked in the company lobby waiting for the financial transfer. Sales manager Yang Ke was attracted by her young and beautiful appearance and hurriedly handed over her business card to invite her to work in her department. In view of the previous experience of being deceived, Zhu Suosuo was cautious and asked the front desk to verify Yang Ke’s identity in private.

At the same time, Zhang Anren personally sent Jiang Nansun home, and happened to meet Jiang’s father at the door. Jiang’s father wanted Zhang Anren to make a choice, either waiting for him to become famous in a few years before marrying Jiang Nansun; or selling his house and stocks to register his marriage next year. Zhang Anren did not hesitate to choose the answer Jiang Nansun hoped for. He believed in this relationship and also believed that his career could be gathered into a tower.

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