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llustrated Book of Beauty in Martial Art 武林秘案之美人圖鑑 Episode 2 Recap

Li Jingyi asked how he guessed it was him, and Chu Yunxiao gave out his reasons and basis. He was suspicious from the moment she was holding the hairpin to kill herself. In addition, Li Shou’s injury was not caused by him, but he actually admitted that he was the murderer, thus protecting Li Jingyi. He was just an accident. Li Jingyi’s other identity was actually the owner of Baihualou, and Li Yisan was her father after all, why did she kill Li Yisan so much. Li Jingyi said that Li Yisan is not her biological father. He went to Luofu Town earlier that year and spent twenty-two taels to buy her back as a daughter in order to cover up.

While they were talking, the old bustard in Baihualou was sealed with a sword by the masked man in black, and he then handed a bottle of medicine to Li Jingyi. Before Chu Yunxiao could react, the man in black escaped invisible, and Li Jingyi also drank the poison and died. Before she died, she told Chu Yunxiao that she was unfavorable in doing things, and Lord Ghost would definitely not keep her alive. Then, Baihualou was sealed by Yingwanli.

Hu Wanhua got news that the beauty picture will be auctioned at Chonghuan Pavilion three days later. Chonghuan Pavilion is a high-end auction site. Since its establishment, no buyer’s identity has been leaked, and Chonghuan Pavilion is in order, and not everyone can enter.

People in the arena and in the imperial court like to patronize Chonghuan Pavilion, which makes it difficult to get a ticket for Chonghuan Pavilion. Hu Wanhua is a knowledgeable person. He talked to Chu Yunxiao about the origin of the beauty picture. It is said that it was a cult called Shenshui Palace. He collected many treasures and secret books and claimed it for himself. After being annihilated by the court, the beauty picture was missing.

According to legend, All martial arts cheats can be found on the beauty map. Although Chonghuan Pavilion was difficult to enter, the omnipotent Hu Wanhua got the invitation from Chonghuan Pavilion. Leng Xingchen was invited to the Shangguan Zhuangzhu for treatment. Shangguan Zhuangzhu smelled the medicine on her body and mistaken her for his mother. It happened that day was his mother’s death.

Chu Yunxiao saw Leng Xingchen at the auction. He and Hu Wanhua followed up on the second floor. Only then did Hu Wanhua realize that Leng Xingchen was a girl. At the beginning of the auction, Chu Yunxiao discovered a woman Qiuniang who had seen him in Baihualou, perhaps Chonghuan Pavilion was also related to Lord Ghost. Meirentu was bought at a high price. This person is generous and would like to share it with everyone. The beauty picture appeared in front of everyone. The woman in the picture danced lightly, very similar to Leng Xingchen.

Strangely, after the lights were on, Leng Xingchen’s mask fell off, causing everyone to think that she was related to the treasure. Qiu Niang stopped them, Ji Xuanyuan came forward to rescue them, and Chu Yunxiao left with Leng Xingchen.

More and more people came towards Ji Xuanyuan, and later Shangguan Zhuangzhu dispelled these people for him. Leng Xingchen suspects that the woman in the painting is her own mother. Although she has never seen her mother, she is very impressed by the gemstone necklace worn by the woman in the painting. Ji Xuanyuan returned to the guesthouse to look for Chu Yunxiao, but only saw the letters he left behind. In the letter, Chu Yunxiao asked him to meet Hu Wanhua and investigate the buyer behind the beauty picture. He went to Piaoyun Town with Leng Xingchen and would return in a few days.

Leng Xingchen took Chu Yunxiao home to find the necklace, but found nothing, Leng Xingchen no longer planned to look for the necklace. She thought about continuing to practice medicine to save people. As for the beauty picture, she could only let the flow go. Ji Xuanyuan asked the group of people who had settled in the mountain temple and rushed to rescue the tied-up Hu Wanhua from the man in black.

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