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llustrated Book of Beauty in Martial Art 武林秘案之美人圖鑑 Episode 1 Recap

For many years, mysterious legends have been circulating in the rivers and lakes. There is a picture of a peerless beauty. The beauty in the painting can not only dance like a real person, but also guide people to find the treasures of the previous dynasty. However, the legend is a legend after all. Although it has been circulating for many years, no one has ever found the treasure. As time passes, few people believe this legend again.

There was a young man named Chu Yunxiao who accidentally heard that Fangcun Villa had got a beautiful picture. Out of strong curiosity, he sneaked out of the house without telling his father, just to get a glimpse of the beauty of the beautiful picture. This journey started a journey of legend.

When Chu Yunxiao visited Fangcun Villa at night, he accidentally ran into the man in black and killed Li Zhuangzhu. He and the man in black had a few tricks. Seeing the coming person, the man in black stopped fighting and fled. Chu Yunxiao hit him with a stone on the shoulder and chased him out. But the other party’s skill is good, Chu Yunxiao no longer chasing him, he knows the truth about the poor. Chu Yunxiao turned and went back to the house and pushed open Leng Xingchen’s door. Leng Xingchen in the room was taking a shower. Hearing the movement, he immediately flew up and dressed in a thunderous manner. Chu Yunxiao didn’t see anything. To. Leng Xingchen recognizes Chu Yunxiao, and of course he also recognizes Leng Xingchen.

Someone came from outside the door, asking Leng Xingchen if he had seen an assassin. Leng Xingchen glanced at Chu Yunxiao and denied it. Chu Yunxiao smiled slightly and left her room. The guards in Fangcun Mountain Villa only saw Chu Yunxiao while patrolling, and mistakenly thought that he was the one who assassinated the master, but Chu Yunxiao did not admit it. When Miss Li of Fangcun Villa saw her father’s body, she cried with pears and rain. Chu Yunxiao said that the murderer had used his fingering magic, and she must not be far away.

Pursuing him at this moment will surely bring him to justice. But Miss Li and the guard didn’t trust him, Leng Xingchen stood up to prove his innocence. When Miss Li heard what she said made sense, she immediately arranged for someone to go west to pursue the murderer. Chu Yunxiao, who was suspected of not getting rid of her, was also restricted.

Leng Xingchen was a doctor who practiced medicine everywhere, often showing others as a man. Chu Yunxiao accidentally discovered that she was a daughter and had her handle in his hands. Leng Xingchen also knew Chu Yunxiao’s identity, and the two reached an agreement that they would not reveal each other’s secrets. Ji Xuanyuan broke into Baihualou early in the morning and asked Hu Wanhua about Chu Yunxiao’s whereabouts. Hu Wanhua missed his book and Ji Xuanyuan knew that Chu Yunxiao had gone to Fangcun Villa.

The guards of the villa searched all night but did not find the whereabouts of the murderer. Chu Yunxiao told Li Jingyi that the murderer was seriously injured and he must be still in the Fangcun Villa. Leng Xingchen felt that Chu Yunxiao was right. Ying Wanli from the government office came to Fangcun Villa. He met Chu Yunxiao. After discussing with him, Chu Yunxiao devised a strategy.

With the purpose of choosing a good guard, he found out the real murderer, Li Shou. Li Shou was exposed, and Li Jingyi was furious. Just when they wanted to continue to ask about the whereabouts of Beauty Picture, a man crawling on the roof stabbed with an arrow. After the death of Li Shou, Yaoyao escaped. Ji Xuanyuan just came to the gate of Fangcun Mountain Villa, chasing the man in black to the bamboo forest and lost his track. The town began to spread that Chu Yunxiao had a picture of a beauty in his hand, and a group of people surrounded him, but was defeated by Ji Xuanyuan with a few moves. Hearing that Hu Wanhua said that Baihualou was also spreading this story, they planned to go to Baihualou to find out.

Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon in Baihualou, those brothel women wanted to get confused by Chu Yunxiao, but he calculated them instead. The young man came to tell Chu Yunxiao that his master wanted to meet him. Chu Yunxiao went out and saw the masked man, Chu Yunxiao suddenly realized that she was Li Jingyi. Li Jingyi also stopped acting and took off her mask.

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