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Like A Flowing River S2 大江大河2 Episode 20 Recap

Song Yunhui went to see Old Xu. The two hadn’t seen each other for two years. Old Xu asked Song Yunhui to stay for dinner. Song Yunhui told him about Lei Dongbao’s affairs. Old Xu did not expect him to do so many stupid things. Song Yunhui also sighed. Lei Dongbao did make a mistake, and it was a lesson to suffer some suffering in it. Song Yunhui worried that Old Xu would have some inconvenience because of Lei Dongbao.

Old Xu said that the guests he invited were the parents of their hometown, but only hope Song Yunhui could tell them how Lei Dongbao led Xiaolei’s family out of poverty and become rich. Song Yunhui immediately Thank you very much. Old Xu said that Director Lu talked with him on the phone last night and wanted him to persuade Song Yunhui to give up his idea of ​​cooperating with Japanese companies, but Old Xu was not prepared to persuade him, he supported Song Yunhui. And said that you can find him at any time if you have something.

When the guests came, Old Xu told Song Yunhui to truthfully tell Lei Dongbao’s problems and achievements, and not to exaggerate. Yang Xun was released. Xun Jianxiang and Yang’s mother came to pick him up. Yang Xun saw that Xun Jianxiang was coming and asked him what to do in the market. Xun Jianxiang stopped the East China Sea first, and Yang Xun quickly asked about other situations.

Yang’s mother said that she went door-to-door and explained the situation to the creditor clearly. They knew that Yang Xun was implicated, so they didn’t come to urge her. Wei Chunhong wanted to inquire about Lei Dongbao’s situation with Yang Xun, but Yang Xun now remembered to go to Xiaolei’s house to sell the Jinzhou market, and there should be no problems!

Mother Yang brought them some tea eggs for them to go to Xiaolei’s house, and went back to say hello to Wei Chunhong by herself. On the way, Yang Xunhuan swallowed a few tea eggs. He and Lei Shigen had a stalemate that day, so he wanted to ask Lei Zhengming and Hongwei to have a meal together. Xun Jianxiang said Lei Zhengming would not do it, and advised Yang Xun not to do it. Too anxious, take a bath and sleep first. The market cannot be left unattended. Xun Jianxiang intends to take the car back and leave the car to Yang Xun, and also prepare some money for him.

Xiao Lei’s family suffered a terrible loss, and his four eyes persuaded Lei Shigen to stop the village welfare and protect the factory. Lei Shigen thought about nothing but decided to do what he said. Yang Xun came to Lei Shigen with a smiling face and said Lei Dongbao had something to bring to him. Lei Shigen was still very wary of him. Yang Xun was also not angry. He said that Lei Dongbao was most worried about Lei Shigen’s uncomfortableness, and thought that he had no money to pay the village welfare, so Lei Dongbao asked him to pay the three-year management fee to Xiao Lei’s family for emergency. .

Lei Shigen didn’t dare to believe it at first, but when he thought that this was the life-saving money of Xiaolei’s family, he believed it again, and hurriedly knelt down to thank him, Yang Xun quickly helped him up and said that he couldn’t get the money, but he could find a way. Get money. Yang Xun took out the contract and said that he would sell the Golden State Market to him for three-year management fees. At that time, the Donghai Market would still be linked to Xiaolei’s house, and the three-year management fees would be paid sooner or later. Lei Shigen asked Yang Xun to add one to ensure that he would pay management fees after selling the market.

The new town chief came, and Lei Shigen quickly stuffed Yang Xun into the house and said that he couldn’t let him know that he had money for him. Lei Shigen and Chu Township Chief were crying poor, but Chu Township Chief thought that the biggest problem of Xiaolei’s family was the management problem. He said that Lei Shigen had no management ability, and Lei Shigen was very wronged. He had said that he was unable to manage Xiaolei. Home, yelling to quit. Siyan also quickly explained the situation. Township Chief Chu said that he was helping them to get back the money owed to Xiao Lei’s house. Lei Shigen and Siyan were very excited.

The mayor of Chu went on to say that Lei Zhengming and Hong Wei’s decision to go to the sea was very firm, so he had contacted a few people, and he would be in place after a year. Lei Shigen hurriedly stopped. Xiao Lei’s business had never been taken over by outsiders. He couldn’t agree. If Lei Dongbao came back and knew that Xiao Lei’s business was taken over by outsiders, it would definitely not work. The mayor Chu was so angry at his attitude that he wanted Siyan to be the village director. Siyan was naturally unwilling.

The head of Chu township scolded them that they had no Party members’ consciousness and wanted to reorganize the Xiaoleijia Village Committee Department. Four eyes opened the financial room and found that Yang Xun was shocked inside. Yang Xun smoothly came out to talk to the mayor of Chu, but the mayor of Chu reached out to the Yang Xun market again, saying that he was a collective enterprise of Xiaolei’s family and wanted to send someone management. While pacifying Lei Shigen and the mayor of Chu, Yang Xun Tonglian Lianhua explained that Dengfeng’s goods were not owed by him, but those owed by the merchants.

The mayor of Chu wanted to take over the property of Xiaolei’s family, but Yang Xun praised him as a good one. The head of the township, a kind person, kept putting a high hat on him, and then said that the Xiaolei family still needs people from the Xiaolei family to take care of the property. He has a way to get Hongwei and Lei Zhengming back, and let them run in arrears within one and a half months. The householder put together 200,000, and the mayor Chu agreed.

Wei Chunhong closed the county restaurant and moved it to the city. After Lei Dongbao’s accident, the old customers did not come. Hongwei, Lei Zhengming, and Yang Xun came to her to find out about this.

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